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“Oh Hawkie Boy, what secrets do you keep?”

It was quite fortunate that amongst the Kirkwall gang that Varric was the one to ‘chronicle’ and tell their story, for you see - Varric lies. 

Hawke had learned early on that love would never be for him. He had loved his father, his brother, his sister, and his mother. He had loved and lost and learned that every now and then a hero is needed who will sacrifice all else for his duty. Hawke knew he had to sacrifice love. 

Love was not for him. He had to leave his first home, leaving his childhood sweetheart. He had to leave Kirkwall, knowing the days of the Hawke gang were over. And now he has to leave Skyhold. But even though love was not his destiny, that didn’t mean he couldn’t keep a secret - the true stories Varric didn’t put in his book. 

The first was the notebook he found in Carver’s room with ‘Merrill and Isabella Hawke’ doodled all over, with what looked like a very muscular stick figure in the middle of two busty figures with little hearts all over. 

The second was the whispers he heard coming from Anders and Fenris’ tent one night while out on a quest. “I’m sorry I snapped at you today, Love. I just… I’m just so tired of feeling like I have to fight all the time.” - “I know Amatus, fighting and running is all either of us knows.” - “But you’re free now, Fenris. Danarius is dead. Me? I can never be free, I can never stop running. Not unless…” - “Shhh Amatus, not tonight.”

The third happened just after his arrival at Skyhold. While strolling the battlements he heart shouting and a crash coming from the armoury. He peeked into the window just in time to see the Inquisitor step between a harassed looking Varric and a fuming Cassandra. The Inquisitor being a peacekeeper was nothing of note, what was happened just after when Varric meekly came back. “Why Varric? I thought we had no secrets? If I cannot trust you to tell me the truth how can I trust you with my heart?” - “Shit Cass, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, my dear.” 

The fourth and probably the most entertaining was when he decided to pay Cullen a visit. He raised his hand to know when he heard a muffled “Maker’s breath!” followed by a gasp and a “Kaffas!” He couldn’t resist, he gave two quick knocks and strode in with a ‘Hey Curly!’. His prize was scantily dressed Tevinter Altus falling off the desk with a yelp as an equally underdressed Commander jumped to his feet. Both quickly righted themselves as Dorian casually remarked that they had simply been playing chess, and decided to bet clothes as neither had any money on them. Hawke decided not to mention that there was no chess board in the room. 

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Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.

| HAWKE SIBLINGS | DA2 | Legacy |

“…I ask only that you learn to accept yourselves, regardless of flaws or strengths inherited. That you allow yourselves to love and to be loved, for it can breed wonderful things. That you keep each other safe from harm; the Hawke name means little if there is no one left to bear it. Yet know that, should conflict arise, I would prefer your happiness to my legacy each and every time.”