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Chaol likes boys!!!

Yes, you read that right. The (not at all) long-awaited analysis of why my eldest son, Chaol Westfall, is a gay has finally arrived.


Do you mean to tell me that telling another person you love them, giving up your entire life for them more than once, leading a rebellion for them, making their protection your first priority, and being devoted to them for ten years is merely platonic? That Chaol is just like a super good friend? Because I really don’t think that’s true. Chaol has a bond with Dorian that is soooo much stronger than what he has with Nesryn atm, or even what he had with Celaelin.

Exhibit B: Aedion!!!!

These two were so gay for each other in HoF and with canonically bi Aedion sjm could come into my house right now and tell me they never fucked and I would laugh in her face. They shared a BOTTLE OF WINE on a ROOFTOP how does anyone not see gay implications here jesus christ!

And Chaol’s description of Aedion like every time he sees him? I reread their first meeting recently and you know what he says? “Aedion was not so much handsome as overwhelming.” Like this boi is not straight!! Take it from a lesbian (i.e. ACTUALLY not attracted to guys). When I see a hot dude, I think “wow he’s aesthetically pleasing,” because believe it or not, lesbians can find someone attractive without actually being attracted to them. Mindblowing, I know. But I’m not ~*~overwhelmed~*~ by anyone’s attractiveness unless it’s a GIRL because I am attracted to GIRLS. Like look at Adonis Bosso. I firmly believe he is one of the most beautiful human beings alive (he’s also my personal Chaol fancast I’m not biased at all haha what) but I don’t have a heart attack every time I see a photo of him. What I’m getting at is I don’t think anyone becomes ~*~overwhelmed~*~ by someone at first glance if they aren’t at least somewhat attracted to them.

Exhibit C (I can’t believe I have to type this with my own two hands): rowan.

Listen, I try to skip anything that puts this guy in a positive light, but I couldn’t help reading Chaol’s reaction because it was just so hilarious. Like the first thing he says about our resident hyper-masculine fae prince is that “aelin neglected to mention how handsome he was.” Then he proceeded to stare at velvet wrapped steel and be flustered the entire time he was there. Honey, your gay is showing. I’m aware this was supposed to be

i. showing how “OMG so hot and perf” hawkboy is, but no one else reacted like this when they first saw him. Sure, people recognized he was hot, but no one flipped tf out and could barely look at him anymore.

ii. showing Chaol’s jealousy and that he’s still not over aelin! *vomits* I mean what? But yeah at this point Chaol has been manipulated by aelin about a billion times and they’re always fighting, I’m pretty fucking sure he hates her.

iii. showing Chaol’s fear of the fae? Maybe? But when you’re scared of something your first thought isn’t going to be “well hot damn that’s an attractive guy.” Like the way it’s worded really looks like attraction more than fear.

In conclusion, my boy is a beautiful flowering bisexual man and if anyone tries to tell me otherwise they will be ignored :)

IronHawk (Part One) (Clint/Tony ABO AU)

Hey Everybody! Welcome to IronHawk :)

ABO AU with Alpha!Clint and Omega!Tony. I don’t have a “timeline” for this fic, obviously sometime after the original Avengers but it doesn’t really affect anything. I just make up battles and happenings… it’s a good time.
Also, Clint has wings because… he’s Hawkeye and he’s a BAMF. Tony struggles in this fic, lots of ups and downs so be prepared and please don’t hate me during the rough parts :(

I seriously love this fic guys. It was the first one I ever wrote and rewriting/re-editing it has been so fun :) I hope you love this as much as I do!

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Additional  Chapters HERE!

Clint landed on the railing lightly, his wings folding behind his back and melting against his skin until they disappeared entirely.
Rolling his shoulders, he frowned at the slight ache. Even months after the frankly outrageous battle for Asgard, the blow that had nearly severed his left arm from his body still caused him pain. Maybe Thor had some magic laced potion to completely heal his arm. Really it was the least he could do, considering Clint had been dragging his demi- godly ass to safety when a rampaging Titan had tried-and thankfully failed- to end his life.

And as thanks for saving the Asgardian Prince, the All-father himself had gifted Clint with actual wings, so he could hunt and fly as well as the fierce birds he was named for.

Clint had to smile at the memory.
He had been terrified to stand in front of Odin. Whether he had particularly believed in gods before that moment was strictly relative now because no one could argue with the giant man occupying the golden throne, and the booming voice that made Thor sound as if he was still going through puberty.

Clint had been awed, and humbled, when Frigga had approached, wrapped her slender arms around him, and whispered soft magic into his ear.

Almost instantly, wings had sprouted from his shoulder blades, and opened wide in the Great Hall. Feathers of dark brown and burnt gold caught a slight breeze and ruffled, sending shivers down his suddenly over-sensitive back.

The whole team had stared in disbelief, Nat with her hand over her mouth, Thor grinning proudly. The Captain shaking his head, still struggling with the whole idea of other realms and deities, much less one of his friends sprouting giant wings. Even Tony had had a hard time looking away, the ever present smirk on his face giving way to a look of respect.

Clint frowned, pulling himself from his thoughts, specifically the thoughts about Tony. It never did him any good to think about the omega. For all the Iron Man blustered and bitched and postured, the Alpha in Clint wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms (and wings!) around the genius and give him a safe place to relax. A safe place to be Tony. A safe place to just be whoever the omega was in his quietest moments.

Tony despised his omega biology though, and actually kept it a secret from all but the Avengers and a few select others. He had been on suppressants longer than Clint had known him, longer than even Pepper had known him. He simply refused to be anything other than Tony Stark, Iron Man, billionaire genius and player of hearts.  His secondary gender was of no use and therefore of no concern. He would throw Clint out a window if the alpha so much as looked at him in interest, so Clint kept his alpha pheromones, arms, wings, and looks to himself.

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