Rifftrax: Hawk the Slayer (1980/2014)

From Rifftrax:

If you took a Dungeons & Dragons adventure written hastily by an 8th grader during study hall and turned it into a movie, you’d wind up with something a lot like Hawk the Slayer. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how they actually got the script. But this movie has something that no D&D adventure can claim: Jack Palance. A whole lot of Jack Palance. Specifically MEGA-EVIL Jack Palance, playing a character named Voltan. He yells, kills, yells, whisper-threatens, whisper-yells, kills, and mostly just yells his way across the countryside. Seems no one can stop him until his brother Hawk - yes, his brother, despite being about 40 years younger - gathers an elf, a dwarf, and a giant to take him down. Not as much dignity as a Fellowship of the Ring, more of a… Crew of the Stuff.

Keen-eyed fans may recognize the dwarf from our release Prisoners of the Lost Universe. Also, the actor playing Hawk went on to portray Jack’s dad in Lost – hmmm, Prisoners of the LOST Universe, LOST, time to dig up your old Lost conspiracy theories because there’s something happening here, IT’S ALL CONNECTED.

Join Mike, Kevin and Bill for a heaping helping of Jack the Palance and Hawk the Slayer!

Do you like adventure? Do appreciate frightened nuns? Do you enjoy prog-rock soundtracks? Do you like ‘Carry On’ star Bernard Bresslaw in almost non-comic roles? Yes. YES YOU DO. You can slay your own hawks immediately, either by finding a blind bog witch and sitting in the middle of some floating disco hula-hoops, or by going straight to Rifftrax and downloading it in the most handy-dandy format to fit your… format… needs. 


Hawk the Slayer is our latest VOD!

Hawk the Slayer

How is this not Gauntlet: The Game: The Movie? Believe it or not this movie is supposedly getting a sequel. I really can’t fathom why though.

Same style as Conan the Barbarian, same effects as Excalibur. I particularly like the “lightning fast” archer effects, where they just cut out the pieces of film showing him reloading. The glowing pommel is a nice touch but unfortunately gives your enemies a target and/or reference point to better defend your attacks.

Hawk the Slayer sequel is in the works and you can help

Hawk the Slayer sequel is in the works and you can help

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We recently featured an interview with Hawk the Slayer director, Terry Marcel. As well as talking about the original film he spoke about the sequel, Hawk the Hunter. The Kickstarter is now live and you can head on over to help get the film made. (more…)

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Hawk The Slayer Movie Trailer (1980)