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“Fenris! We’re finally reunited!”

“It would have happened sooner if someone gave clear directions to this place.”

“Eh? But I wrote it out in my last letter: Let’s meet at A Non-Descript Tavern on the road to Ostwick!


;’) A very sketchy sequel to this.

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The LI's watching a drunken Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor talk endlessly to the other tavern-goers about how much they absolutely adore their lover; how wonderful and perfect they are, how incredibly blessed they are to have them. When a patron gets annoyed/bored and walks away, they just start all over with another patron.

Alistair: He’s extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing. He lets them run through two people before he drags them off to bed. “No, no. You’re embarrassing me! And you’re drunk. Just get some rest. It’s fine.”

Zevran: He’s sitting right next to the Warden the whole time, talking over them about how wonderful they are. He thinks it’s a great joke and tries to say increasingly outrageous things, hoping that the Warden will rise to the challenge, just to see the patrons’ faces.

Leliana: She thinks it’s sweet, and she’s just drunk enough to watch it all play out with a dreamy smile. For hours. Until the Warden passes out midsentence. That’s okay, though. It was lovely.

Morrigan: She claps her hand over the Warden’s mouth the moment it becomes clear that they have no intention of stopping. She’s not going to allow that. Random people in a tavern don’t deserve the Warden’s attention. And she really doesn’t want every random person in a tavern to know all that.

Fenris: He freezes up for a while, unable to figure out what to do as Hawke just babbles away to anyone who will listen about how amazing he is and how much they love him. When Hawke moves on to a fourth patron to slur at he finally manages to go over to them and get them into bed. “I love you, too, Hawke,” he says softly once they’re snoring away in bed. He wouldn’t admit it, but it was actually really nice to hear all that.

Isabela: She laughs and creates a stage out of a table and a couple of chairs and sits Hawke in the center of attention. “Yes, love, tell everyone how great I am!” She’s watching the whole thing with a grin. She loves it.

Anders: He’s pretty uncomfortable with it, but it takes him a little while to figure out what to do. In the end, Hawke rambles away to two people before he collects them and takes them home. “I love you, too, Hawke, but the tavern really isn’t the place for that.”

Merrill: She’s vibrating with both anxiety and happiness as Hawke tells anyone who will listen how much they love her. She bounces up and down in place, hands pressed to her mouth and eyes wide as she listens. Finally, she throws her arms around Hawke. “Oh, Hawke, I love you, too!” she tell them, her face buried in their shoulder. No one has ever cherished her the way Hawke does, and she loves it.

Cullen: The second he hears that the Inquisitor is in the Herald’s Rest talking about their relationship, he goes to collect them. He’s the Commander and they’re the Inquisitor, and that sort of behavior really should be allowed in public. His entire upper body is beet red when he collects his drunken lover, but he keeps his spine straight as he send them to bed.

Josephine: She’s blushing and lets it go on just a little longer than she really should just so she can hear it, then takes her lover to bed. With a glass of water right beside them, she tucks them in and kisses them goodnight, secretly pleased with what happened.

Cassandra: She smacks the Inquisitor to get them to stop, then takes them someplace quiet and private and lets them ramble about how much they love her. She wants to hear it, but she doesn’t want anyone else to hear it.

Iron Bull: He thinks it’s great fun! He keeps the Inquisitor’s cup full and lets them talk until they’re hoarse. The Chargers tease him mercilessly, but it’s all worth it!

Blackwall: “Now, my lady, that’s really improper,” he tries to say, but the Inquisitor just talks louder. After a while, he just scoops them up and sends them to bed. It’s sweet, but he’s not comfortable with it.

Sera: It’s great! Well, she knew it all already, but to hear Inky just keep talking is great! She’ll correct them sometimes or add things. And she makes sure the drinks keep coming!

Solas: He wasn’t in the tavern when it was happening, but hears the next morning that his vhenan was drunk and talking non-stop about how much they love him. He says nothing about it, not to anyone. When he sees the Inquisitor, hungover and sheepish, he kisses them lightly and makes a hangover cure, but otherwise doesn’t comment. He can’t deny, privately to himself, that he finds it oddly compelling.

Dorian: He’s right next to his amatus, and just drunk enough to let it go on without comment, his chest bowed out with pride. They laugh about it the next morning, both hungover with their limbs tangled together in the sheets.

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In The Moment Kiss, Breathtaking kiss. (Yes I will take two please. In Fenhawk.)

She lies on a bed not her own. On her side, hand under her pillow, the other playing with the loose threads of the blanket. It’s the third night in a row she’s turned down Varric’s offer of drinks. Did you think you mattered, Hawke? She sits up in the bed, runs a hand through her hair. She rests her elbow on a raised knee. She reaches out, over the nightstand, and the candle flickers to life underneath her palm. She rolls her hand back forth, lighting the candle and snuffing it out, lighting the candle and snuffing it out. Did you think anything you ever did mattered?

Carver was getting anxious, itchy, restless to be back with the Wardens. It had taken so much convincing to get him to leave in the first place. Aveline had practically thrown him over her shoulder. You couldn’t even save your city. She chews at her thumb, biting the loose skin. Lit, unlit. She tastes iron, looks at the blood pooling around her nail. Lit, unlit. How could you expect to strike down a god? She’d need to get to Adamant quickly, make sure that those Wardens were safe from Corypheus’s influence. Make sure that they could never fall prey to such a thing again.

Her hands drop to her lap as she crosses her legs, leans against the headboard. The candle stays lit this time. She’d have to write home, and soon – before leaving Skyhold. Fenris is going to die, just like your family, and everyone you ever cared about. Her hands fist in the blanket around her ankles. She bites at her bottom lip and straightens her back. She’d need to be away from him for longer. She slips from the bed, wraps arms around herself as she begins to pace. You’re a failure, and your family died knowing it.

She leans against the wall, cold stone at her back, sinks to the floor. Pulling her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs. One foot over the other, making herself as small as possible. Her chin rests in the space between her knees, her fingers pull at her tunic. Almost ten years without having not been without him for more than a day or two. Even after… after – they had done their best to see each other. Awkward and fumbling, but still wanting. Still needing.

That feeling has never left. It’s a void in her chest, an ache where her heart should be. Anxious, itchy, restless to be back at his side. Carver’s letters sit on the desk, still waiting for her reply. She’d have to find more parchment, their fastest runner. Not to where she’s hidden Carver in Antiva, but to Fenris in Kirkwall. She stretches out her legs as far as they’ll go, slumps where she sits, palms against the floor. She can picture his face. His reaction to her letter.

He would have that knot between his brows, the one that tells her he’s thinking. His nose would scrunch together as he makes up his mind. His mouth souring downwards as he finishes it. His ears would twitch in his anger, go flat in sadness. She jumps to her feet at the knock at her door. Panicked and hurried things, “I know you’re not sleeping,” Varric’s muffled voice says, “open up!”

Hawke hurries to the door, undoes the latch, pulls it open. Varric immediately doubles, his hands on his knees, panting as he catches his breath. “Tavern, Hawke. Time to go to the tavern!” Hawke shakes her head.

“I already told you Varric, I’m not in the mood –”

“Not up for debate,” he says as he grabs her hand, tugs her forward. In naught but an old tunic and leggings with hole at the knees, Hawke’s bare feet pad along cold stone. Skyhold wind sweeps around her, unleashes a rash of gooseflesh on her skin. Her breath fogs in the air and she races to keep up with Varric. Only at the door of the tavern does he let go of her hand. With a flourishing sweep, he pushes it open.

It’s what she expects. Loud laughter, people talking over one another, the band in the background. Drink upon drink, spilling on the floor. Brightly lit, warm and cozy. Varric has to practically push her in. “I found her!” He calls out. The tavern goes silent as people look over their shoulders, looking at her. She shrinks under her gaze, and only Varric’s hand on her back keeps her from turning and running.

A chair creaks as it moves backwards, sliding against the floor as he stands. “They didn’t know what room you were in,” Varric says, “I found him wandering the grounds. It’s all the yelling guards that got my attention.” He’s wide-eyed and staring at her, just as she is frozen to the spot she stands. He needs a haircut. Did he buy a new cloak? Where did the cut on his chin come from?

“Fenris,” she says. They both move at the same time. The chair clatters backwards as it falls, pushed away from him, rounding the table, running towards each other with arms outstretched. She practically leaps into him, winding her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck. He catches her, hands splayed on her back, spinning her around with him. They have their eyes closed as they cling to each other amongst whoops and yells, the sound of tankards hitting wood, cheering from the crowd.

Fenris squeezes her tightly. “I couldn’t wait,” he whispers to her, “I had to see you.” She sinks back slowly to her feet, her fists still wound in his cloak. Looking at him, she finds all her breath is snatched away. He reaches upwards, wipes the tears from her face as she breaks into a smile, and begins to laugh. Bouncing on her feet, shaking him with her. He’s swept up in the laughter as he cups her face in his hands, plants a messy kiss against her lips. Again and again, noses pressed together, catching laughter in each other’s mouths.

The others are hollering, Sera cupping her hands to shout, “get a room!” Hawke is instantly turning, pulling him along with her as she runs towards the door. She doesn’t need to be told twice. They spill out into the night, the tavern door closing behind them, leaving the fires and people behind. She stumbles in her steps, takes him down with her into a snow bank. Laughing as he pushes himself up, white hair like snowfall around him.

She looks at him, the green that shines. She reaches up with cold fingers, with that fogged breath between them, brushes thumbs against his cheeks. “It’s really you,” she says. He smiles as he leans down, forehead touching against forehead. He settles his weight against her, and she doesn’t even feel the snow. Underneath all those stars he kisses her, steals her breath away for the second time that night.

  • Cassandra: You, Dwarf. Go drag Hawke out of the tavern. He challenged The Iron Bull to a drinking contest and now neither of them can move...
  • Varric: Sure thing sweetheart.
  • Cassandra: ...
  • Varric: ...
  • Cassandra: the FUCk diD YOu jUSt cALL-
  • Varric: I MEANT SEEKER.
  • Cassandra: *throws table into the fireplace*
  • Varric: *terrified screaming*

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DA2 Companions react to reuniting w/ hawke in skyhold ? :0 [platonic or romantic im trash either way]

Sorry this took so long, one of the other mods had volunteered to do this one originally but I’m doing it now so it won’t stay in the inbox forever. I hope you all enjoy this and I’m so sorry that I didn’t included Sebastian again. I haven’t played enough with him to know his character well enough but I apologize for always excluding him. 

Anders: It was a miracle that the letter from Varric even made it to Anders after everything that had happened. He didn’t know if he should go there after everything that he had caused but he wanted to see Hawke again. More than he was worried about his safety as he walked into the rising force that was the Inquisition, he wanted to see Hawke again. Once he arrived at Skyhold, he was actually able to find Varric before he finds Hawke. “Blonde, you’re here….” Varric says in surprise when he sees him but then takes Anders to see Hawke. Instead of actually greeting Hawke, Anders instead chooses to hug him from behind. He missed them so much and he sighs when he wraps his arms around them. “Anders….” Hawke begins but doesn’t know what else to say, but that’s okay for Anders. He didn’t need an apology for leaving or even an explanation. Right now, seeing them and holding unto them again was enough.

Aveline:  Varric’s letter detailing where Hawke was, with the Inquisition, gave her a sense of uneasiness. They don’t really have the best history with authority and that was coming from her, the captain of the guards.It seemed that the only way to ease her restlessness would be to visit Hawke in Skyhold. Of course the first place she finds them is in the tavern, playing Wicked Grace with Varric and other members of the Inquisition. Some things never change, she thought as she sneaks up behind Hawke while they are telling a story about one of their adventures in Kirkwall. “Still not a good of a storyteller as Varric are you Hawke?” She teased them with a smile and maybe she did miss some of havoc that Hawke was constantly dragging her into just a little.

Bethany: After Aveline had taken Bethany away from the chaos, she didn’t exactly know what to think. She knew that her older sibling had something to do with it, but she was a little mad that they decided that for her. Once she got a letter from Varric telling that they were in Skyhold with the Inquisition, she decided to go see her older sibling. Seeing them working with the Inquisitor brought her back to Kirkwall and how they always were a leader. It was something she always admired about them and wanted to be like. “Big brother/sister, hard at work I see.” She greets them and gives them a hug before they could question her presence.

Carver: After Aveline had taken Carver away from the chaos, he didn’t exactly know what to think. He knew that his older sibling had something to do with it, but he  was pretty mad that they decided that for him. Once s\he got a letter from Varric telling that they were in Skyhold with the Inquisition, he decided to go see his older sibling. Seeing them working with the Inquisitor brought him back to Kirkwall and how they always were a leader. It was something he always kind of resented about them and wished he would be allowed to help. “Big brother/sister, hard at work I see.” He greets them sarcastically, but still gives them a handshake as well in a mutual sign of respect.  

Isabela: Isabela had planned to reunite with even before Varric’s letter came telling her that Hawke was in Skyhold but they planned to leave for Weisshaupt soon. She informs her raiders that she will be gone for a while before taking off for Skyhold. Seeing Hawke in the tavern in Skyhold brings her back to Kirkwall and she slicks up behind them. “Hello there cutie, come here often?” She leans over and whispers in their ears before wrapping her arms around their shoulders. When they turn to look at her, she immediately gives them a kiss that’s full of passion.

Merrill: Working with the elves was great for Merrill but she missed Hawke. When Varric told her that they were at Skyhold, she was willing to make the journey, plus she missed Varric’s fun stories as well. It took her a while to find the castle but when she got there she was happy to find Hawke. She greeted them with great enthusiasm and a happy hug since it had been quite some time. She was happy to see them unharmed and she smiled widely. Later when she and Hawke were alone and they weren’t meeting with the Inquisitor, luckily the Inquisitor didn’t get mad at her interruption of their meeting, Merrill asked why they left without her. She couldn’t help but call them silly when they explained that they didn’t want to endanger her because as long as she was with Hawke, she didn’t care.

Fenris: Varric’s letter that told Fenris where Hawke was, with the Inquisition in Skyhold, was rather welcomed. He had been somewhat mad when he had woken up to find Hawke had disappeared without a word and no amount of hunting down slavers seemed to calm him down. He quickly journeyed to Skyhold and found Hawke once he was there. It wasn’t a joyous reunion that anyone except, at least not at first. Fenris still possessed some of that anger from them leaving without him and so the first thing he does upon seeing Hawke is punch their arm. The punch wasn’t full strength and he knew that they had enough muscles that it didn’t really hurt them. When they stared owlishly at Fenris like they couldn’t believe he was there, he knew he couldn’t hold onto that anger and he simply say, “Leave a note next time, idiot,” before giving them the hug they deserved.

Varric: Even though he was in almost constant contact with Hawke and protecting them from Cassandra, seeing Hawke in person was always great. His best friend had and as had not changed much from what they were like in Kirkwall. First thing Varric does when he sees Hawke is buys them a drink from the Herald’s rest and takes them to the battlements. He didn’t want Cassandra to see them just yet so the two of them sat up on the battlements, trading stories of what has been happening. The two of them would speak business with the Inquisitor later but right now, Varric wanted to just spend a little time with his best friend.

-Direct From Orzammar

Imagine a remake of “Dragon Age 2″

And Bioware decides to write tavern songs like in DA:I

  • They would sing about the warden and the fifth  blight
  • Song changes depending on your choice in DA:O (How was the outcome? Did the warden died? What was their story?)
  • Maybe about Alistair and how he became king
  • If you win against the Arishok you unlock a new song and they start to sing about the Champion of Kirkwall
  • Maybe (just the bards in Kirkwall) They will sing about Anders and his healing/helping hands. Not openly about his magic, but about how he helps the poor ones
  • They could make songs based on the characters of DA:O, and maybe Hawke & Aveline recognise those songs, because they originated from Ferelden
    (making them feel a bit closer to home?)

Idk I am just really emotional about tavern songs and there is so much you can do with it

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Oh god, please write the Dorian meeting Fenris at Skyhold thing. Please. I would explode. In a good way. Explosions can be good, right? Your writing fills me with glee and I've been spending the past few days trying to imagine Fenris meeting Dorian. *paws* I will literally mail you cookies. (I've mailed a cake before. I think I confused the post office.)

I am partial to chocolate chips. ;)

(But seriously, though, you don’t have to send me cookies.)

Inspired by this post



Fenris didn’t even know what he was doing there.

He had not heard a single word from Hawke since Kirkwall, nor did he seek contact. Their parting had not been on the best of terms. While he fought at her side to protect the mages from the Rite of Annulment, he did so only under a strained sense of loyalty to the woman. He could not comprehend why Mariah had chosen the course that she did; to support the mages was an injustice in itself. Orsino’s inevitable surrender to blood magic was proof enough of that. He should not have been surprised that she’d let her lover live, but the fact that she stayed with him, ran away with him, dedicated herself to protecting him – it was a step too far. Fenris wanted no part of it. Once the dust had settled, he left. Cut off all contact and tried to push the foolish woman from his mind. He followed his own pursuits, tracked and hunted the slavers drawn like vultures to the bloated and rotting corpse that was the southlands during this rebellion of Anders’ making. Anders and Hawke. The pair were in this together, whether Fenris liked it or not.

Yet all it took was a single letter from Varric and he came running to Skyhold like some obedient dog.

He did not understand the hold Mariah Hawke had on him and in no small way, he detested himself for it. Seeing her again did nothing to lessen this. Despite her pleasantries, her genuine desire to rekindle the friendship they had once shared, he could not let go of his disdain. It colored the words shared between them and she had taken the hint, maintaining a comfortable distance. Even now, sitting in the tavern, Hawke occupied herself at a table in the back, deep in conversation with the elf who, by all accounts, was running this organization. Fenris brought the wine bottle to his lips once again, throwing more of the familiar, bitter liquid across his tongue, his eyes narrowing. He should not be surprised by Hawke’s interest in the woman. Another mage, one whose words concerning Circles and freedom and tyranny sounded sickeningly familiar to him. Mariah’s eyes lifted to meet his and he turned away, righting himself in front of the bar. He did not need to test the bottle in his hand to know he was nearing the bottom of it, the tips of his ears already feeling the well-known warmth of drunkenness. He began in the hopes that drink would soothe some of his aggravation, knowing that it was, in part, unwarranted. Every sip seemed to drive his irritation further and now he drank more out of spite than anything else.

“Ah, I see you’ve tucked into my supply of Aggregio Pavali.” Fenris fixed his glare on the man who slid into the seat beside him, the stranger smiling broadly. “I had that shipped in as a special request. Not that I mind sharing in the slightest. I find the southern wines to be so dry and unimaginative on the tongue, myself. It is good to indulge in the flavors of my homeland from time to time. My compliments to your tastes.”

Fenris said nothing, staring at him icily, noting the staff affixed to the man’s back. The stranger seemed only mildly put-off by the lack of a warm reception, putting out his hand. “Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Dorian Pavus, if I may be so bold as to introduce myself.”

“I did not say that you could.” Fenris muttered darkly, refusing the handshake. Pavus. The name sounded vaguely familiar. Not one of Danarius’s close associates, certainly, but not a name that was unknown to him.

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percabeth dragon age AU just to continue the bioware theme

Just after the Deep Roads, but before everything else—a time Percy liked to refer to fondly as Before my life went absolutely tits up before the Maker—he and his wayward friends sat in the Hanged Man and drank and played Wicked Grace until dawn. Technically it was before a lot of things, but he liked the way he remembered it then: the low, warm fires in the grates late at night, the soft music, the usual drunkards at their tables, Norah and Corff barking orders and bussing tables and being kind enough to add ever more drinks to his tab. “You need some stew?” Norah always asked him when he dragged himself through the door and sat down, and, Andraste bless them, because they both knew the stew tasted like mabari ass dragged straight up from Darktown, he still said yes.

It tasted foul, but it was warm and sat heavy in his belly, and wasn’t that a comfort? Annabeth stole a bite as she found her seat next to him soon after, watched, with sharp eyes, as Grover dealt the next hand of cards. “Long day in Darktown?”

“As always.”

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Fenris follows Hawke to Skyhold and Hawke has to awkwardly introduce him to everyone. Including the cocky, Tevinter, mage.

Fenris took a spot next to Hawke in the small tavern, sweeping his gaze across it as he did. There was an air to the Herald’s Rest that Fenris had noticed throughout Skyhold, but it felt stronger here as if it were the source. There was a sense of community and belonging all these people seemed to have, the way they interacted, the revered and excited glances they gave to those in the Inquisitor’s inner circle, and the simple nods Fenris had received from strangers when their eyes met. Months of being alone prickled down his neck, but he was sure that wasnt the only reason he felt like an odd one out.

Hawke slid a tankard to Fenris, gripping his hand in the elf’s reassuringly. “It’s not that bad is it?” Hawke asked with a smile. Fenris narrowed his eyes at him, still sore about Hawke making him stay behind when he first left.  

Fenris took a sip of the drink, pleased to find their ale wasn’t as watered down as he expected. But he shrugged at Hawke’s question, “It’s freezing.” He said quietly, he still couldn’t feel his toes and he refused to wear the clunky fur boots Hawke got for him unless he was scaling down the mountains and rolling in the snow. “Everyone here is fanatically following someone with a fade-controlling thing on her hand. And there’s a quinari that has already worked out five ways he could take me down.”

“No he didn’t” Hawke interrupted, turning in his seat to look over at Iron Bull, who was engaged in an animated conversation with his chargers in the far corner of the tavern.

“Oh he did.” Fenris smiled, The Iron Bull was probably the only inquisition member he had met that he had understood and didn’t immediately distrust. The two elves were both mad, in opposite and troubling ways. The first enchanter was avoided entirely, as was Cullen and Cassandra. He didn’t need to meet them to know how those conversations would have gone. The warden they had was a broken man, slumped shoulders and evasive eyes. And the farther the demon stayed away from him the better, he didn’t like it when it talked. Fenris thought Hawke had a knack for collecting misfits but this Inquisitor was giving him a run for his money. 

Fenris turned at the sound of squealing chair legs and heightened voices across the tavern. He couldnt quite see what had caused the seemingly uncharacteristic disruption at the other end of the room but could distinctly hear Varric’s voice hissing something to another patron. At least that felt familiar, even if it called back to memories that felt over a lifetime ago. Hawke squeezed his hand, as if to call his attention away, Fenris turned to him to see an expression on the man’s face that he couldnt quite pick appart.

Well.” A voice announced, Fenris felt himself tense before he put his eyes on the approaching, slightly drunk, Tevinter. Oh, of course the inquisition had a Tevinter mage on their roster. “Regardless of what Varric and-” he pointed to Hawke, flourishing his words with ease that was clearly not just from the drink, “the Champion of Kirkwall have to say it would be a shame for us not to meet.”

Fenris set his jaw, held eye contact with the man, it had been a long time since he heard a Tevinter accent, especially one from a tevinter noble. “I’m sure.” Fenris almost growled, shaking his hand from Hawke’s increased grip.

“Dorian of House-,” The man started before breaking into a smile, “Oh look, you’re already bristling aren’t you? That’s quite alright, I’m sick of that introduction myself. Doesn’t impress much around here.”

Fenris looked at Hawke, who was making a face across the tavern to Varric who had his hands up in defeat. They had been trying to keep them apart, of course they were. 

“But I thought you ought to know,” Dorian continued, a disappointed gaze sweeping over the fur-lined cloak Fenris had taken to bundling in, “That you are still a popular topic back in Minrathous.”

“Oh.” Fenris raised a brow, feeling curious as to where this was going despite the discomfort the conversation brought him. 

“Oh yes.” Dorian almost gushed, smartly grabbing at Hawke’s arm for support as he wobbled, instead of Fenris’. “All those magisters shaking in their jeweled boots, whispering about the slave that killed every hunter sent after him, slaying his master before engaging himself with the Champion of Kirkwall. Wonderful, the stories get more and more grand over time. Quite the cautionary tale of why you shouldn’t infuse your slaves with lyrium, the last version I heard was that you chased Danarius all the way to Rivain and cut his head off in the streets.”

Fenris smiled, could almost feel Hawke’s confusion at his side. “That is a bit of a departure.” He could almost see Dorian relax at the comment, the mage as on edge as he was. 

“Between us,” Dorian cocked his head, leaning closer by only an inch. “Danarius was an ass. I’m glad you rid us of his presence, if only it was as easy to toss half of the magisterium with him.”

Have you ever imagined Anders and Hawke stumbling into a tavern somewhere far away where they may not be recognized, and the local bard singing “Enchanters”, because I have and it makes me both happy AND sad.

Those beautiful black and white Anders portraits made me want to paint one myself. ^^ Maybe one day I’ll try and color it but this is not that day.

ETA: edited the bottom just a smidge my glasses + the surrounding colors make the pictures edges glow and I didn’t notice the ugly bits. xD

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Yarrow Hawke/Fenris <3 please

Yarrow - cure for a broken heart 

Who’s surprised that yet again, a Hawke/Fenris prompt ran away from me? :D


In time-honored tradition, Hawke spends the first few hours after Fenris leaves her sobbing in a bathtub. Never before has she been so grateful for her magic; it lets her heat the water without having to wake Orana, and keep it hot until her tears have run dry. 

After that, she rises, dresses, and sits at her desk until the dawn comes, conjuring tiny thunderstorms in the palm of her hand. 

What did she think would happen, really? This careful dance they have shared for the past three years could only have ended one way: broken, like everything else she touches. 

Fine, Hawke thinks, not wincing as miniature lightning stabs her palm. Then I will touch no more. 


Easier said than done. 

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AU idea

What if instead of going to Kirkwall Fenris had joined the chargers? :O

Then one day Hawke walks into Skyhold and see this handsome elf in the tavern and Hawke is all “Maker’s breath, Inquisitor who’s that?”

Then the Inquisitor and Hawke go talk with Bull and Hawke can’t stop staring at Fenris and Fenris just glowers back.

One day when Hawke is leaving Skyhold, they say: “Don’t worry, I will be back and we will have a nice chat” 

Fenris just rolls his eyes. But he waits expectantly