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Loghain in the Fade, probably
  • Loghain: Look, Inquisitor, I'm totally willing to stay behind and cover your escape.
  • Loghain: I'm a Warden and this is what I signed up for.
  • Loghain: And I've always been willing to die for my country.
  • Loghain: But
  • Loghain:
  • Loghain: Can I let it destroy Orlais first?
Some stupid shit Hawk did while drunk

Singing “CRAWLING IN MY CRAWLLLLL” while crawling across a couch

Trying to play pool, and surprinsingly being better at it while drunk

Drawing stuff for this blog and the crossover with AFAC and forgetting to save it..losing all the files in the process, gg

Being more clumsy than usual

Uh..cry…a lot, more than the usual Hawk

Speaking Spanish….yeah just..that doesn’t matter if you dont’ speak it

Calling my American friends’ names by their Spanish version.

Posting on this stupid blog how drunk I am and then regretting the next morning for the lack of professionalism


Ladynoir July Day 3: Explosive.

They blow things up and then wa-alk awaa-yy.

I think this prompt was probably meant to let people mix in some spice but instead I brought memes.

How in the hell did Bioware team design Reyes (as in physically sculpt him to look🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  ), write him the way he did (charming, elusive, mysterious, a badass pilot, and a big softie!), and then hire Nicholas Boulton for the voice (who already did a sexy af job for m!Hawke) and think…

“Uh yeah, he’s probably not gonna be a popular romance, so let’s not make more than 20 minutes of content for him.”

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Can I ask what your warden/hawke/inquisitor look like in game? <3

I sadly didn’t take any picture of my Warden! But she looked nothing like my drawings. I tend to get a little frustrated with game character creators because I rarely can do everything I want with them

I wanted Elaheh to have a flat nose (because I REALLY love elves’ nose in DA2) and her hair is pretty specifc too (the right side of her head is shaved too). I would have needed to create my own mod so it would fit what I had in mind but I don’t know how to do that so…

As for Hawke, no problem! I went for default male Hawke (I totally fell in love with him the moment I saw DA2 trailer where he fights against the Arishok)

The only issue I had with him was his body but you can only change his face in character creator mode

It made me laugh to make him that way because mages are always pretty thin so there were a lot of jokes about him not looking like one. AT ALL. He was always mistook for a warrior or nobody would realize he was Garrett Hawke because they only heard about him and MAGES AREN’T BUILD LIKE BRICK SHITHOUSES?

So yeah my Hawke is default male Hawke + fat + muscle + some more inches (I’m talking about his height here)

As for my Inquisitor, ALLELUJAH! I have a LOT of pictures of her because she was super cute and lovely to look at!

I don’t have much to say about Oshalia since I’m satisfied with the result. Cheers, girl!

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for the prompt thing - Gabriel/Nathalie, Role Reversal AU?? <3

ooooooooooh!!! i love this prompt! thank you!!! ❤️ 

Nathalie looked up from her desk, her ears catching the sound of footsteps just outside in the hallway. 

Her assistant Gabriel waltzed in, tablet in hand. Nathalie took off her glasses in exasperation, her eyes catching the time on her wristwatch. 

“Gabriel,” she sighed, “I thought I told you to go home an hour ago…” 

“Yes, Ms. Sancoeur…” he answered stiffly, “But I was just looking over next season’s projections and—” 

“We can discuss it tomorrow,” she said, interrupting him as she thumbed the brooch on her blazer, the lighting in her office made it flash black. “For now you should be at home with your son.” And with that she turned back to her sketchbooks, grabbing a loose piece of paper and a few swatches of fabric.


“Goodnight Gabriel.” Nathalie added firmly, not even sparing him a glance from her work.

It wasn’t until she heard the sound of the door closing and heard his retreating steps that she finally stood up. 

“Nooroo…” she called, “it’s time.” 

This is way longer than 3 sentences, but eff it ITS NATHALIE! and 3 sentences is so smol!

Thanks for the prompt! I really love the AU and everyone seems to already be running with ideas for it XD amazing! 

Send me a pairing and a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence drabble!!


I’ve been slowly dipping my toe back into reading fic after something of a very long break. A little while ago, I saw that @tetrahedrals had posted the last chapter of their fic, April Come She Will. It completely slipped under my radar, but the beginning of the chapter seemed really promising when I caught it on my dash (I think I didn’t realize it was a final chapter at first!), so I opened in in a tab to “read later.”

Later took a little longer than anticipated, but I finished the story today and…

I don’t want to give anything away. I really don’t. It’s predominantly Varric POV, talking about the events of DA2/DA:I (especially regarding Hawke). No matter where you fall on the “these are my usual/not my usual pairings” spectrum; no matter how you usually envision Hawke; no matter what Inquisitor you played, please give this fic a chance. It is brilliant. Varric’s voice as narrator is spot-on. It is full of absolutely gorgeous character moments and just plain beautiful language.

And the emotions.

When I got to the end, I was so overwhelmed by my emotions, I couldn’t actually process them. Really. No exaggeration (or hyperbole).  @w0rdinista thought there was something wrong with me. (There was. Emotions.) I had to lie down on the floor. (The dogs were confused.) My hands were actually shaking. I felt like the world was closing in around my ears. I couldn’t actually form whole sentences.

April Come She Will is that emotionally powerful. It is a story, I think, that will haunt me. It’s definitely one I will read again. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Bravo, @tetrahedrals. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Truly.


Cal’s gonna help me. 

Hugh Dancy as Cal Roberts, Kyle Allen as Hawk Lane, The Path - The Father and the Son (S02E03)


 revolutionaries by musique de nuit, inspired by the book I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson.

“I love you,” I say to him, only it comes out, “Hey.”
“So damn much,” he says back, only it comes out, “Dude.”

A mix for Noah and Brian

(Artwork: “Hug” by James R. Eads, edited by me)

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It's a weird double-standard some people have. I've seen charisk blogs where Frisk and Chara are opposite genders, and ones where they're both girls, and no-one seems to care about that. You're the only one I've seen where they're both guys, and the only one I've seen that has had people try to magic-anon Frisk or Chara into a different gender. Just don't worry about them, Hawk.

Yeah idk people are weird

Don't judge me 'cause it's 1am

But does anyone find it ironic that Hawk Moth designs clothes, but m o t h s e a t c l o t h e s