hawk tower

The Tower

Fenris/f!Hawke, Rapunzel inspired AU

“I’m Hawke. Is this your tower?”

He is too perplexed to be on guard and just shakes his head. She musters him for a few seconds and then actually starts making her way up the tower, despite the height, despite the thorns.

“I’ve never left here.”

Fingers clenching, expecting shock or worse, pity. She just shrugs.

“This is the first time I’ve left my village, too. And the first thing I did was get lost in the woods and it’d just figure that the person I’m asking for directions has no clue either.”

Just like that, she makes them equals. Until now, he’s only ever been lesser.

She returns, more than once, further nurturing the little flame of hope that he’s desperately tried to squash.

“I brought you pastries.”

Casually, she brushes off some of the glazed sugar that sticks to his cheek. He flinches. She apologises and refrains from touching him after that. He wishes she would.

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important things;

vivienne de fer being close friends with the inquisitor, coming up to their chambers with a bottle of wine after their first time judging someone “I thought you could use something nice tonight, darling.”

vivienne having increasingly complicated banter with solas, where they test each other’s arcane knowledge companionably

vivienne rolling her eyes at sera’s brashness and grating personality, but at the same time putting in a quick good word to the bar maid she’s been shyly eyeing for the past week

vivienne using ice magic to repair a small hole in the food storage she found when she first walked through skyhold, rather than tell the already-strained builders about it

vivienne writing to orlais to gather more information about the red jenny’s

vivienne being rather impressed with how effective they are, and gently urging the inquisitor to continue to use them as a valuable resource

vivienne and a mage!hawke discussing experiences with tower life; hawke talking about bethany, and vivienne relaying her own story, offering to see if she can get bethany transferred to a more civilized circle if she wants

vivienne being humanized and the fandom actually talking about her

Blackwall mentions at one point in Inquisition that Cullen has seen the best and worst of the world and struggles with where that leaves him; @ravenstag asked me when Cullen saw the best of the world because before Kinloch Hold he was naive.

I think Cullen saw the best of the world in 3 different people. 

The Hero of Ferelden, who saved him from a broken tower.

Hawke, who saved him from Kirkwall.

And the Inquisitor, who saved him from himself.


There’s still some touchups to be had, but I’ve finally completed (or at least gotten very close to) completing the set of three tarot cards for @luciferesque’s DA heroes. I haven’t been able to wait to post these since forever, and it’s so amazing to finally see them all side by side. It was a great job, Zee is a great client, and these are probably my favorite player character OCs i’ve ever met. And Zee’s characters are so strong and vibrant that you do really feel like you’ve met them.

In order; Warden Commander Aeres Surana as Justice, Lyra Hawke as the Tower, and Inquisitor Zaida Lavellan as the Chariot.