hawk pun

tfw your gf thinks she’s being funny

fenris: the inquisitor should lock you up for this, hawke.
hawke: no! please don’t put me in the pun-geon
hawke: unless i can bring varric, in which case it becomes the fun-geon
fenris: stop.
hawke: cassandra? if we can get her to flex it’ll be the double-gun-geon
fenris: [walks away]
hawke: looks like you’re getting none-geon tonight then

(i heard it’s fenhawke week)


HAWKE: Fenris, talk to me. What happened back at Haven? What was it like?


FENRIS: Everything was… bigger than me.

Best part of Dragon Age 2

Asking companions to open locked chests when they can’t. The reactions are priceless and now it is my headcanon that yes, Hawke does ask them to try and pick locks ALL THE TIME

Anders cracks magic jokes. “I’m a mage, not a miracle worker” and “what? Do you think I’m magic?”

Carver is all “since when can I do that?” And “you think so? Not likely.” And “stop joking, I’m not doing it.” (You can HEAR the irritated, are you serious sibling voice lol)

ghostori  asked:

I hope im not ruffling your feathers by being in your inbox... this is pretty hawkward... but i noticed that you're a featherly pleasant person (but toucan play at that game, im featherly pleasant too)! It must be pretty lonely being tumblr famous, because you're owl alone against a flock of fans. Good luck! Have aviary good day!



“Abomination? Abomelettenation - geddit?”

“That's bad, love. Even by my standards. And my standards for puns aren’t high.”

or: the story of how Hawke was banned from the kitchen (and egg-related puns) forever.

its canon that anders loves puns, he’s used to everyone groaning and threatening to murder him, but hawke responds with another pun. and then anders makes another pun. and it just keeps going. but then fenris. fucking fenris, he’s fluent in three languages, and u literally cant top his puns, its some real next level shit. a lot of them work in two or more languages. cant compete.