hawk perch


one of the things I was most excited about when I got a drone was the ability to see some of my favourite places from a new angle. The very first night I was over at my favourite barn at sunset. 

only thing is there is a massive hawk that likes to perch on the edge of the barn at sunset and look for dinner. I don’t want my drone to be dinner. 

so I went back, and I went back, and I went back. four separate sunsets gambled (and mostly spent) on this place and when I rolled up last night there wasn’t a single hawk on the perch. 

there were two. 

I pulled in to turn around because I’m not going to purposely scare an animal out of it’s dinner hour just so you kids can see pretty pictures but a huge monster truck went by right then (i’ve never had anything good happen around one of those souped up pickup trucks till now) and they took off for deeper fields. 

I flew for a single battery, getting some photos and video then heard them screeching around in nearby trees and packed it in. 

worth it. 

Klance Birds Soulmate AU

Okay, so I actually thought of this a few hours ago with my friend, and it was really just a little conversation at first before gOD it exploded into something else, so here we go.

- This is an AU where everyone has a certain bird that defines their personality, and that bird then follows their soulmate around everywhere until they finally meet

- Birds typically appear by suddenly flying onto a window sill or something around the age of 15

- Keith is woken up by this horrible, screeching sound outside his house and blindly opens the window

- Only to freak out and scream as he realizes a fucking peacock flutters in and eyes him with scrutiny before puffing up its tail feathers and walking away to preen itself in front of his bathroom mirror

- And this peacock just pisses poor Keef off so much

- It squawks and screeches for his attention constantly and for some reason glares at his hair all the time???

- It’s also so v a i n because it demands at least two hours of preening a day, and his feathers annoy Keith to hell because the bird keeps poofing them up and showing them off proudly to him

- “Yes, I - you’re a very pretty bird - fucking - STOP SHOVING YOUR FEATHERS IN MY FACE, GODDAMMIT!”

- “Keith?”

- “Yeah?”

- “Is that…. a peacock?”

- “…”

- “Why is it looking in a mirror????”

- And poor Lance almost has a heart attack when he wakes up on his fifteenth birthday to find a fucking hawk perched on his window sill and just. Staring at him

- The thing is fucking huge but still stubbornly insists on digging his sharp-ass talons into his shoulder so he can sit there

- Lance notices that some of its feathers are ruffled weirdly and it kind of reminds him of a mullet, which for some reason seriously annoys him

- It’s easily irritated but also super awkward and doesn’t know what to do so usually it just sleeps the whole day and watches Lance sleep (which is a little creepy)

- Lance is also scared when he catches the thing multiple times just staring at his kitchen knives

- Like fu ck what if his soulmate’s some serial killer or something???

- Lance always tries to hide the knives because of that

- When he goes outside most people are too nervous to actually approach him because of a giant ass bird hanging off his shoulder and giving a death glare to anything that moves

- The first time he came outside with it nearly had poor Hunk and Pidge screaming because holy sHIT LANCE WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON YOUR SHOULDER

- And one day Lance is in a cafe and what the shit where is his dumb bird going? So he follows it and nearly runs over a - a peacock??? And meets Keith

- The hawk lands on Keith’s shoulder and the peacock struts over to Lance

- They look at each other

- And

- “Are you a serial killer?!?!? No one should be that obsessed with knives man”

- “Why the heck would you need so much time in a freaking mirror?!”

- and then they start dating, get married, and live with a hawk that carries knives and a peacock that steals lotion :)))))

- the end!

safer. (part 1)

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» bodyguard!wonho x princess!reader
» ROYALS!AU; slight angst
» 3.908 words
» summary: after an attack to your father’s life, he decides to assign you a personal bodyguard. and while you don’t like it one bit, you can’t deny the fact that the man chosen to protect you is rather handsome .

a/n: i put it under a read more because it got quite long, lmao. i’m actually quite nervous about this so i hope you all will enojy it!

prologue | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

“I swear to God, [Y/N], I don’t know why you are complaining so much” Jennie whispered while leaning over her elbow. You rolled your eyes and ignored her, mechanically typing out the professors words without actually listening to them. It had been a month and half since the attack and Wonho had been spending every single day attached at your hip, following every single move you made like a hawk perched over your shoulder.

“He’s so hot” added Lisa on your other side, she glanced for a second over her shoulder where, in the back of the class, Wonho was standing, clad in his black suit. A dreamy sigh escaped her lips and you rolled your eyes “I swear, I’m going to ditch both of you if you don’t stop-”

“You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it, he’s like a god on earth” you buried your face in your hands and finally gave up taking notes, it was impossible to concentrate when Jennie and Lisa kept up with their excited whispers about how hot Wonho was and how much of a lucky bitch you were.

You, on the other hand, could only sigh. It was already difficult dealing with the fact that it was impossible to stay mad at Wonho, or even trying to treat him bad, without them reminding you just how dazzlingly handsome he was, a thing that made your stomach churn and your cheeks blush uncontrollably every time he smiled at you.

Wonho was nice, almost too nice, and so charming, with his gentle smile and boisterous laugh. But you really could not stand the fact that he had to follow you around, reminding everyone and you of your position, your title and all the obligations that came with it.

It was not a secret to those who knew you personally, that being the princess and the only heir to the throne was for you just as constricting as an actual cage. It had never really touched you during your childhood, some years you even had dreamed about being the next queen and ruling in a bright dress and high heels like your mother. But everything had started to change during high school, when your own aspirations had started to emerge and build, making you see a different future for you outside of the palace’s shiny walls. Attending dinners and meetings, dressing properly, behaving, even your own room had slowly started to make your skin hitch. You could not stand the halls full of paintings, the corridors and the armors, the thick curtains and the Arabic carpets.

Your parents had never really forbid you anything and it had probably been partly their fault if, now that you were older, you did not want to attend political events and avoided the subject of getting married to a nice duke. But you could read it on their expressions that they were not happy and were expecting you to get on the right track, sooner or later.

And despite looking like an actual angel, Wonho was just a constant reminder of that part of your life, a sign that linked you indissolubly to the throne and the crown, something that you wanted to ignore as long as you could.

Shuffling of papers and chatting filled the class and you snapped out of your thoughts. Your eyes wandered among the faces of students, stealing glances at you, whispering behind hands and looking at you with widened eyes. There had always been people looking, people trying to be friends with you or just hoping to get a little conversation going with the princess, but those things had became much more rare when people had started to get accustomed to your presence. However, after the attack, the whispering and ogling came back, more marked, if anything. It was almost like that simple even had struck their mind, reminding them that, in fact, you were part of an elite, of the people that ruled their nation.

And you hated it.

You shut your laptop closed and stalked out of the room, Jennie and Lisa right behind you. A few steps back was marching Wonho and the other two guards that were part of your outside escort, Shownu and Jooheon. People parted in the hallways when you passed, a glint of fear in their eyes, of you or your guards, you didn’t know. And while Jennie and Lisa really were not paying attention to that shift in behavior, you could not bear it for long.

You put a hand on Lisa’s shoulder to get her attention “I don’t feel well, I’m going home”

Jennie must’ve sensed your worries, she gave your arm a reassuring squeeze “Things are going to get back to normality in a few months, don’t worry”

“I really hope so” you smiled and waved goodbye. Wonho, that usually stood two steps behind you, was now standing at your side while Jooheon stood behind.

“Are you not feeling well, your highness?” asked the blond man, glancing at you with concern.

You shook your head and looked away, always surprised by Wonho’s sincere worry for you “It’s nothing”

The guard nodded, he did not say anything else but you knew that he had something on his mind by the way he lingered at your side for a few seconds before getting back behind you. You did not ask, he was going to tell you if it was important.

Shownu was already at the front entry with the car ready. Jooheon sat in the front, while you and Wonho got in the back seat. The ride was quite for the most part, you leaned over the obscured window with your head and closed your eyes.

“If I may speak, your highness” Wonho suddenly spoke up, making you jerk your head to his side. The man was looking in front of him, where a black divider separated you from Shownu and Jooheon, his legs comfortably crossed one over the other. You noticed how he was waiting for you to give your consent for him to keep going, so you lightly nodded with your head “I think miss Jennie is quite right. People are shaken about what happened to His Majesty, the King, after all this has always been a pacific kingdom” he turned to give you a gentle smile and you shyly nodded, he was so charming even with a simple gesture as turning his head. You prayed you were not blushing too hard.

“It is going to fade exponentially and die as soon as the culprit is punished” his hands fell on your knee by instinct, his own caring nature taking over him before he could stop himself at what was considered acceptable from his position as a simple guard. He wanted to comfort you and hold you close, it was a futile attempt at easing the pressure he knew you were experiencing, it was what his body told him to do. His thumb drew a circle on your exposed skin and you did not know what to say. You felt your heart thumb loudly in your ears, you wanted to grip his hand and squeeze it. Feeling his warm skin gave you a strange sense of relief but before you could do anything, thank him for his kind words or even just smile, he retreated with a sudden move.

His eyes avoided yours when you tried to look at him and his hands were now tightly latched in front of him “I apologies, your highness, I should’ve asked-” his words came out like a staggering mess, he was obviously uncomfortable because of his own actions, seeing as he was allowed to touch you only when it was needed for your protection. He was probably afraid of what you could do to him for acting so daringly.

You frantically waved your hands in front of your face, trying to mask just how much you were blushing “You don’t have to apologies and please, stop calling me your highness when we are alone. It makes me feel old …”

“I understand” Wonho bowed his head and you just wanted to tell him to cut off the bowing and politeness too but you had reached the place and someone was already opening your car door.

You quickly mouthed a thank you to Wonho and quickly slid out of the car, swinging your bag over your shoulder. You greeted the front guard that bowed to you and then raised your gaze over the high ceiling painted with smiling cherubs and adorned by a sparkling chandelier. You always felt a strong sense of oppression when looking up at the Baroque decorations. All the gold decorations, yellow flowers, little angels with bows, everything felt so heavy, so opulent that it made your stomach drop.

With a frown, you locked your eyes on the screen of your phone and sprinted to the kitchen, stuffing your mouth with food always helped making you forget that you were, more or less, locked into your own house.

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Finally something Throne of Glass! Requested by @rowaelinfirenice!

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“Pardon, Evangeline? What did you just say?”

Aedion looked at his pseudo-daughter in shock. She can’t have possibly said what he thought he heard. There was no way his beautiful sixteen year old just asked if she could bring a boy home to meet him.

“Please? I really want to introduce him to you, he’s really nice! I think you’ll really like him.”

Her citrine eyes pierced into Aedion.  She had chosen a good time to ask him, and he was sure that she knew that.

Currently he was sitting at his desk in his home in Orynth, slaving away over re-assignment orders for the refugee camps and enrolments for the Bane. It was a heavy task, one that made him weary and susceptible to the whims of females.

“Does Lysandra know about this?” He asked her.

“Of course! You know how snoopy she can be.” Evangeline rolled her eyes at him, a gesture he found both irritatingly familiar and endearing.

She crossed her arms over her chest and jutted her chin out, awaiting an answer. She tapped her foot impatiently, a quality she had inherited straight from her guardian.

“Did you have a day in mind?” He conceded.

She squealed in delight and skipped around the desk so that she could hug him. She clung to his shoulders and kissed his cheek.

“I’ll bring him for dinner tonight! Oh, you’ll love him. I’m so excited!” she exclaimed.

And she was. He could tell from the slight shaking in her hands and the heat coming off her face. Her smile was so bright it could light up a room.

If this boy hurt her he would kill him. Rowan would help.

Gods forbid what Lysandra or Aelin would do.


As soon as the boy walked into the dining room Aedion knew that he was going to be a problem.

The family sat around an oval shaped dining table in the extravagant – what else could you expect from Aelin’s castle? – Dining room. Aedion sat with Lysandra to his left and Aelin opposite from him. Rowan was next to her and next to him was Ren.

Ren had become as protective of Evangeline as Lys and Aedion had after the time he spent looking after her with his grandfather before the war. Now that his grandfather had passed away all the love and affection Ren had for him passed onto Evangeline. Aedion was grateful for it. It wasn’t until Evangeline met Ren that she truly embraced the scars slashing her face, even if they were there for the greater good.

This boy was a problem, and every male in the room knew it.

He was tall and walked as though he was a king. Arrogance shone on his face and his black hair was slicked back in a fashion that suggested he was too good to rough it with the rest of them. He gave them all a smirk as he swaggered into the room.

Lys stood to greet him and pulled Aedion with her. They were all dressed in finery, with the exception of Aedion. He hadn’t time before the dinner to change and nearly snarled when the boy gave his attire a disapproving look.

“It’s lovely to meet you,” Lys said amicably, “please, take a seat.”

The seats that were available were the ones next to Rowan and the one at the head of the table. The smile Rowan gave the boy was purely animalistic.

“Sit here - we can talk,” he said softly.

Aedion knew from experience this voice was often followed by bloodshed.

The boy nodded eagerly, misunderstanding Rowan’s tone to mean he was welcome.

He sat next to Rowan and Evangeline sat at the head. She smiled excitedly towards Ren and offered a thumbs up to Aedion and Lys.

Okay, so it didn’t begin that well but this boy had time to improve. Aedion would make a conscious effort to be more patient with him.

“At any point today are you going to introduce yourself, or are we just going to have to keep guessing?” Aelin asked. The look she gave him was innocent, but there was nothing innocent about what Aelin was doing. In fact, it looked like she was three seconds away from growling at him.

“Also,” Aelin continued, “when one enters a room with their queen its courteous to bow, or show even a little bit of respect. So get that shit eating grin off your face.”

Evangeline let out a squeak of pure mortification. The boy’s ears turned red at the tip and his cheeks tinted pink. 

“I’m sorry, your majesty.” He apologized. Suddenly he realised his proximity to Rowan was no accident and tried – and failed – to subtly move his chair more towards Evangeline.

“So are you going to tell us your name?” Aedion interjected.

Aelin shot him a feline smirk which he matched. Under the table Lysandra put her hand on his tight and dug her nails in.

Be good, the action said.

In reply Aedion quickly kissed her cheek.

“Oh, my name is Georgius. I was named after the late Queen of Adarlan.” The boy – Georgius – said.

Aelin hummed in reply.

Aedion saw Evangeline’s gaze dance around the room – she was assessing everyone’s reactions to the boy she had brought home.

“He grew up in Adarlan and moved here after the war with his father,” Evangeline was trying to prompt the conversation. They still had time to fill before the food was served, Lys wanted to make sure that they had enough time to get to know the boy.

“Really?” This piqued the interest of Aedion. “We were in Adarlan for quite some time. Are you from Rifthold?”

Georgius cleared his throat.

“Ah, yes. My father is a wealthy merchant so we lived in close proximity to the glass castle. When it was destroyed and so was the Wall he decided to get my family and leave. Of course, he was conscripted into the war and afterwards he didn’t want to return.”


Aedion thought it was rather curious that the family had decided to leave Rifthold immediately after it became one of the safest places in Erilea. King Dorian along with his second, Chaol, had been massively successful in their recovery efforts. Moving had nothing to do with the boy in front of him, if he was the same age as Evangeline then he wouldn’t have had a say in the matter.

“How old were you when you came to live in Orynth?” Ren was trying to make an effort, it was clear, but it was also obvious that this boy wasn’t his favourite.

“Eighteen.” He answered.

Lysandra looked confused at his answer.

“If you came here after the war… How old are you?” Suspicion was written across her face and it was solely aimed towards the boy – man? – next to the most important thing in her life.

“I’m twenty-three.”

Rowan, who had just taken a drink of wine, gagged and tried not to spray it everywhere.


Lys was pacing back and forth in their room, so furiously that it looked as though she was going to wear the rug.

The dinner had not gone well. Aedion had met many a men in his time and Georgius was one of the most arrogant and self-centred. The way he spoke to people dripped with contempt and disrespect. Unless it was Aelin. Aedion was surprised his eyes didn’t bug out of his head he stared at her so much. Aedion was surprised Rowan didn’t gauge out his eyes he stared so much.

“Oh Gods, I hate him. He’s despicable. He’s a twenty-three year old man-child trying to take advantage of a girl. What can we do? What can we possibly do that won’t make Evangeline hate us or think we’re being too intrusive?”

Aedion didn’t reply. He was too distracted by the sight of her long legs and short night gown.

She paused and looked at him. At the look on his face she humphed and put her hands on her hips.

“Don’t give me that look, this is serious!”

Aedion lightly laughed at her and burrowed deeper into the blankets.

“We can’t exactly judge the age difference, not when there’s three hundred years between Aelin and Rowan.” At least there was that.

Lys still looked tortured. Aedion sighed and got out of bed. He went to his wife and gently placed his hands on either side of her face.  He leant forward and kissed her lips softly.

At the touch, Lysandra seemed to relax – even if it was only a bit.

“I don’t want him to hurt her.” She wrapped her arms around her husband.

“She’ll move on. Everyone has a first love, and a last love.” At his words Aedion kissed her again, this time harder and for longer.

“It would kill me if he broke her heart. She’s been through so much. I don’t understand why she’s even attracted to a boy like that – not when for the last five years she’s had such wonderful men to set an example for how a woman should be treated. If… if Aelin hadn’t paid our debt and we were still in Rifthold then I might understand if Evangeline didn’t know how men should and shouldn’t be acting. But she does!” Lys groaned in frustration.

She hit her head against Aedion’s bare chest in annoyance.

“Stop that,” He snorted.

She pouted at him and he grinned back.

He had a plan to take care of this Georgius fool, but for now all he planned to do was pleasure his wife.


“Do I even want to know what you’re doing? Lurking in the bushes watching a young woman on a date is awfully creepy, don’t you think?”

Rowan and Aedion jumped at the sound of Aelin behind them.

It was true, they were hiding behind the main pillar in the court yard watching Evangeline and the Idiot. Rowan was in his hawk form, perched on the shoulder of Aedion, but both males still looked guilty at being caught.

“Oh you two, honestly.” Aelin huffed.

“We have to do something-”

“I wasn’t judging you for doing this. I was judging you because you didn’t ask for my help.” Aelin interrupted. “He’s a buffoon. The type of guy who thinks women are nothing but property. I want him gone.”

Aedion nodded and Rowan quietly squawked.

Aelin explained her plan to them. It was a strange plan, but Aelin’s plans had rarely failed in the past.

Rowan, who by now had transformed back into his usual fae self, added in his opinion when he felt necessary. Amazingly, a miracle really, Aelin listened to him and slightly altered her plans to suit him.

“Now all you two have to do is stand around looking pretty and be the territorial bastards I know you are.”

With that, she sauntered off in the direction they had seen Evangeline and Georgius walk.

“Think this’ll work?” Aedion asked Rowan.

“I bloody well hope so. That boy has one hell of a nerve thinking he can act like that when he’s dating the heir to Carravere. Actually, I believe that’s the only reason he’s interested in her.”

“Also because she’s a fantastic young woman.”

“Yes. Also because she is fantastic. Did you hear Aelin laugh? I believe that is our cue.”

Without his fae hearing it would have been impossible for Aedion to hear his cousin’s laugh, but blessed with the senses of the immortal he could hear it clearly.

He and Rowan, very casually, subtle as a bird in the wind, quite as a leaf falling in autumn, burst into a scene of Aelin laughing with the two young lovers.

Aelin had also, super casually, wrapped her arm tightly around Evangeline.

Evangeline was laughing at some joke Aelin had said and welcomed the embrace of the older female.

“Would you mind coming with me, Evangeline? I don’t want to steal you away but I don’t think you want to talk about his in public.” Aelin whispered the last sentence into Evangeline’s ear.

Evangeline must’ve had a feeling Aelin would steal her away for a womanly talk as her face went bright red. The queen had already told Aedion and Rowan that she planned to distract her with conversations about various protective tonics, and the two males agreed it would be not only a suitable conversation but also a good enough reason to steal the young heir away.

“Oh, um, I wouldn’t want to leave Georg-”

“Don’t you fret,” Aedion walked closer and kissed her red forehead. “Rowan and I can entertain him for a while.”

“Okay,” She gave him one of her bright smiles and walked away hand in hand with Aelin.

They waited patiently for Aelin to tell Rowan through the bond that she and Evangeline were safely inside and well out of hearing distance before slamming the Dick onto his back.

Rowan and Aedion loomed at the Shit, who was now sprawled on the dirt path. He tried to get up but one foot to his chest, curtesy of Rowan, stopped any attempts.

“I-I,” he sputtered.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing with Evangeline?” Aedion demanded.

“Nothing, I swear! I haven’t touched her!” The Imbecile was very obviously panicked, and it made a shot of delight whiz itself up Aedion’s spine.   

“So you’re telling me that your intentions with her are pure and you don’t have any other motives by courting her? Hmm?” Rowan questioned.

Aedion revelled in the fact that Rowan had never used that voice on him. If he had when they were younger… Well, it would’ve been rather unmanly of him to shit himself.  

“Yes, yes! Please just let me go!” The scared Georgius begged.

“And if I don’t?” Rowan leaned down so that their faces were at eye level. “What will you do?”

Aedion could see the ragged breaths Georgius was taking to try and calm himself.

“If you don’t let me go Evangeline will hear about this!” The Fool said it like an order. Like he had any authority whatsoever.

“Maybe you should let him stand, Rowan.”

At his words Rowan lifted his foot from Georgius’s chest. Georgius scrambled upright and faced off against the two fae.

“I see you’ve come to your senses,” he had the audacity to tell them.

Rowan scoffed but Aedion levelled him with a gaze.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll ask you one question about Evangeline and if you answer correctly then we’ll let you near her. If not, then if we see you again we’ll feed you to Fenrys and Connall.”

“Okay,” Georgius agreed.

That cocky grin returned to his face, the same one he had on when at dinner he discussed how, honestly, the late King of Adarlan wasn’t that bad. Dorian was much more radical.

“What is her surname?”

He opened his mouth then shut it.

Then opened it.

Then shut it.

He was gaping like a fish out of sea. It was clear he had no idea.

Aedion and Rowan didn’t need any further confirmation that Georgius was not with their precious one for the right reasons and although Evangeline was fully capable of making sound decisions the men already in her life only wanted the best for her.

Aedion approached Georgius so quickly that he had no time to retreat before the General grabbed him by the lapels and snarled in his face.

“If I ever see you with her again you’ll be without your favourite part. Understood?”

The Fucker grimaced in confirmation.


The next day Aedion walked in on Lysandra in their room with a crying Evangeline in her arms. Both woman were in their pyjamas and chocolate wrappings were surrounding them.

“I just don’t know why he won’t talk to me! I can’t believe I didn’t see what an ass he was before!” She sobbed.

He approached the two woman sitting on the bed, Lysandra mouthing a silent thank you as he did.

“There’s many more men out there, my little lady. This is the first of many, I’m sure of it.” He assured her.

She looked at him, eyes rimmed in red with a sticky face from her tears.

“Are you really sure?” She asked in the tiniest of voices.

Aedion sat next to her and stole her away from his wife.

“You are the most beautiful girl in Erilea. Any man would be lucky to have you, but only the best deserve you.”


Hnossa, the child of Freya and the lost Odur, was the youngest of all the Dwellers in Asgard. And because it had been prophesied that the child would bring her father and her mother together, little Hnossa was often taken without the City of the Gods to stand by Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge, so that she might greet Odur if his steps turned toward Asgard. 

In all the palaces of the City of the Gods little Hnossa was made welcome: in Fensalir, the Halls of Mists, where Frigga, the wife of Odin All-Father, sat spinning with golden threads; in Breidablik, where Baldur, the Well Beloved, lived with his fair wife, the young Nanna; in Bilskirnir, the Winding House, where Thor and Sif lived; and in Odin’s own palace Valaskjalf, that was all roofed over with silver shields.

The greatest of all the palaces was Gladsheim, that was built by the golden-leaved wood, Glasir. Here the banquets of the Gods were held. Often little Hnossa looked within and saw Odin All-Father seated at the banquet table, with a mantle of blue over him and a shining helmet shaped like an eagle upon his head. Odin would sit there, not eating at all, but drinking the wine of the Gods, and taking the food off the table and giving it to Geri and Freki, the two wolves that crouched beside his seat.

She loved to go outside the great gate and stay beside Heimdall, the Warder of the Rainbow Bridge. There, when there was no one crossing that she might watch, she would sit beside Heimdall and listen to the wonders that he spoke of.

Heimdall held in his hands the horn that was called the Gialarhorn. He would sound it to let the Dwellers in Asgard know that one was crossing the Rainbow Bridge. And Heimdall told little Hnossa how he had trained himself to hear the grasses grow, and how he could see all around him for a hundred miles. He could see in the night as well as the day. He never slept. He had nine mothers, he told Hnossa, and he fed on the strength of the earth and the cold sea.

As she sat beside him day after day, Heimdall would tell little Hnossa how all things began. He had lived from the beginning of time and he knew all things. “Before Asgard was built,” he said, “and before Odin lived, earth and sea and sky were all mixed together: what was then was the Chasm of Chasms. In the North there was Niflheim, the Place of Deadly Cold. In the South there Was Muspelheim, the Land of Fire. In Niflheim there was a cauldron called Hveigilmer that poured out twelve rivers that flowed into the Chasm of Chasms.  

"Ginnungagap, the Chasm of Chasms, filled up with ice, for the waters of the rivers froze as they poured into it. From Muspelheim came clouds of fire that turned the ice into thick mists. The mists fell down again in drops of dew, and from these drops were formed Ymir, the Ancient Giant. 

"Ymir, the Ancient Giant, travelled along by the twelve rivers until he came to where another living form was standing in the mists. This was a Giant Cow. Audhumla was the name of that cow. Ymir lay down beside her and drank her milk, and on the milk she gave him he lived. Other beings were formed out of the dew that fell to the ground. They were the Daughters of the Frost, and Ymir, the Ancient Giant, married one, and their children were the Giants.

"One day Ymir saw Audhumla breathe upon a cliff of ice and lick with her tongue the place she breathed on. As her tongue went over and over the place he saw that a figure was being formed. It was not like a Giant’s form; it was more shapely and more beautiful. A head appeared in the cliff and golden hair fell over the ice. As Ymir looked upon the being that was being formed he hated him for his beauty.

"Audhumla, the Giant Cow, went on licking the place where she had breathed. At last a man completely formed stepped from the cliff. Ymir, the Ancient Giant, hated him so much that he would have slain him then and there. But he knew that if he did this, Audhumla would feed him no more with her milk.

"Bur was the name of the man who was formed in the ice cliff, Bur, the first of the heroes. He, too, lived on the milk of Audhumla. He married a daughter of the Ancient Giant and he had a son. But Ymir and Ymir’s sons hated Bur, and the time came at last when they were able to kill him.

"And now there was war between Ymir and Ymir’s sons and the son and son’s sons of Bur. Odin was the son of Bur’s son. Odin brought all his brothers together, and they were able to destroy Ymir and all his brood–all except one. So huge was Ymir that when he was slain his blood poured out in such a mighty flood that his sons were all drowned in it, all except Bergelmir, who was in a boat with his wife when the flood came, and who floated away on the flood to the place that we now call Jötunheim, the Realm of the Giants.

"Now Odin and his sons took the body of Ymir–the vastest body that ever was–and they flung it into the Chasm of Chasms, filling up all the hollow places with it. They dug the bones out of the body and they piled them up as the mountains. They took the teeth out and they made them into the rocks. They took the hair of Ymir and they made it into the forests of trees. They took his  eyebrows and formed them Into the place where Men now dwell, Midgard. And out of Ymir’s hollow skull they made the sky.

‘’And Odin and his sons and brothers did more than this. They took the sparks and the clouds of flame that blew from Muspelheim, and they made them into the sun and the moon and all the stars that are in the sky. Odin found a dusky Giantess named Night whose son was called Day, and he gave both of them horses to drive across the sky. Night drove a horse that is named Hrimfaxe, Frosty Mane, and Day drove a horse that is named Skinfaxe, Shining Mane. From Hrimfaxe’s bit fall the drops that make the dew upon the earth.

‘’Then Odin and his sons made a race of men and women and gave them Midgard to live in. Ugly Dwarfs had grown up and had spread themselves over the earth. Odin made them to go live in the hollow places beneath the earth. The Elves he let stay on the earth, but he gave them the tasks of tending the streams and the grasses and the flowers. And with the Vanir he made peace after a war had been waged, taking Niörd from them for a hostage.

‘’Bergelmir, the Giant who escaped drowning in Ymir’s blood, had sons and daughters in Jötunheim. They hated Odin and his sons and strove against them. When Odin lit up the world with the sun and the moon they were very wroth, and they found two of the fiercest of the mighty wolves of Jötunheim and set them to follow them. And still the sun and the moon, Sol and Mani, are followed by the wolves of Jötunheim.

Such wonders did Heimdall with the Golden Teeth tell Hnossa, the youngest of the Dwellers in Asgard. Often the child stayed with him by the Rainbow Bridge, and saw the Gods pass to and from Midgard: Thor, with his crown of stars, with the great hammer Miölnir in his hands, with the gloves of iron that he used when he grasped Miölnir; Thor in his chariot drawn by two goats and wearing the belt that doubled his strength; Frigga, with her dress of falcon feathers, flying swiftly as a bird; Odin, the All-Father himself, riding upon Sleipner, his eight-legged steed, clad all in golden armour, with his golden helmet, shaped like an eagle, upon his head, and with his spear Gungnir in his hand.

Heimdall kept his horn in the branch of a great tree. This tree was called Ygdrassil, he told little Hnossa, and it was a wonder to Gods and Men. "No one knows of a tune when Ygdrassil was not growing, and all are afraid to speak of the time when it will be destroyed.

Ygdrassil has three roots. One goes deep under Midgard, another goes deep under Jötunheim, and the third grows above Asgard. Over Odin’s hall a branch of Ygdrassil grows, and it is called the Peace Bough.

You see Ygdrassil, little Hnossa, but you do not know all the wonders of it. Far up in its branches four stags graze; they shake from their horns the water that falls as rain upon the earth. On the topmost branch of Ygdrassil, the branch that is so high that the Gods themselves can hardly see it, there is an eagle that knows all things. Upon the beak of this eagle a hawk is perched, a hawk that sees what the eyes of the eagle may not see.

"The root of Ygdrassil that is in Midgard goes deep down to the place of the dead. Here there is an evil dragon named Nidhögg that gnaws constantly at the root, striving to destroy Ygdrassil, the Tree of trees. And Ratatösk, the Squirrel of Mischief–behold him now!–runs up and down Ygdrassil, making trouble between the eagle above and the dragon below. He goes to tell the dragon how the eagle is bent upon tearing him to pieces and he goes back to tell the eagle how the dragon plans to devour him. The stories that he brings to Nidhögg make that evil dragon more fierce to destroy Ygdrassil, the Tree of trees, so that he may come upon the eagle and devour him.

There are two wells by the roots of Ygdrassil, and one is above and one is below. One is beside the root that grows in Jötunheim. This is a Well of Knowledge, and it is guarded by old Mimir the Wise. Whoever drinks out of this well knows of all the things that will come to be. The other well is by the root that grows above Asgard. No one may drink out of this well. The three sisters that are the holy Norns guard it, and they take the white water from it to water Ygdrassil, that the Tree of Life may keep green and strong. This well, little Hnossa, is called Urda’s Well.”

And little Hnossa heard that by Urda’s Well there were two beautiful white swans. They made music that the Dwellers in Asgard often heard. But Hnossa was too young to hear the music that was made by the swans of Urda’s Well.

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CW: Violence

A little fluff/a little angst/a little Hawke being a badass/sfw

Hot, metallic blood ran from Hawke’s forehead and into her mouth. She grimaced at the taste of it; the familiar tang only told her that she had been hit. Hard.

“Anders!” she yelled at her fellow mage, who was standing a few yards behind the rest. “A little help would be great!

Anders nodded her way, and before she knew it she felt the cool touch of healing magic against her temple. Not as effective as it would have been if he was standing closer, but helpful nonetheless.

The four of them had been ambushed. Aveline had sent for Hawke, and the younger woman was on her way to Hightown with Fenris, Anders, and Varric when a massive group of Carta Loyalists descended on them.

“Good thing I never travel alone! And you boys call me ‘codependent,’” she had joked at the time.

Now, the situation looked much more dire. Each of her companions was bloodied to some extent. Hawke stood in the middle of the pack, not the ideal place for a mage.

She shot a fireball at a group of three dwarves and sent them to their feet. “Thin out the pack that’s coming from that alley, Varric!” she shouted. Her request was met with a hail of arrows flying over her head.

It wasn’t the skill or strength of the attackers that worried Hawke; they weren’t all that adept, and she knew her friends would be able to deal with them under normal circumstances. It was the sheer number of them that frightened her. They hadn’t had time to set up an attack formation, and now they couldn’t get on top. There were too many of them.

Hawke and her friends had been in enough street fights to know they needed signals. Luckily, and much to Hawke’s chagrin, Aveline had insisted that they come up with a cue to retreat. Hawke wasn’t one to back away from a fight, but today was different. They weren’t equipped, they weren’t prepared, and they had taken too much of a beating at the front end of the attack.

A quick glance around the area told Hawke that everyone was in close enough proximity to fall back. Anders was still situated behind the rest as he cast healing spells at an unmatchable pace. Varric and Bianca worked at taking out one Carta member at a time; he struggled to reload her without getting overrun. Fenris, his height, strength, and finesse with a sword always a beacon to their enemies, was surrounded on every side. He swung his weapon in a wide arc and knocked three dwarves straight to their feet. He looked over and grinned at Hawke, but not before she noticed yet more enemies approach him.

She sprayed a cone of ice out of her staff to paralyze the three rogues closest to her. It did little to slow them down; she was out of energy and out of lyrium potions.

She let out a sharp whistle, three different notes, that signified it was time to escape. She stepped back, quickly, in Anders’ direction. Her eyes were trained on the mess in front of her – dead bodies were scattered everywhere. Blood seeped into the cobblestones around her feet. Fenris and Varric tucked their weapons closer to their sides, in a defensive position. There were only six or so Carta members left alive, and it didn’t look like any more were on their way. Hawke turned on her heel and sprinted towards Anders.

“Broody?” Varric called out.

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Seeing Stars - Ch. 7

Rating: Mature
Words: 6,816 (30,129 total)

A/N: Hey! I know it’s been a long while since I updated, but I hope all those still interested in this fic enjoy the chapter! Last chapter + epilogue will hopefully be done soon (can’t guarantee anything really quick though :O) Thank you everyone who has been so patient and supportive ^^

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originfire  asked:

Top 5 birds

jfc a hard one right off the bat, we’re not even gonna go by groups of birds we’re going for the big one. I’m just gonna go with what comes to mind first because otherwise I’ll be here all day weighing my avian affections and appreciations.

1. Shy Mollymawk: That’s what my URL used to be, until I changed it to the genus that it and the other mollymawks belong to. Albatrosses in general are my favorite birds and the laysan is very high up there for my affections, but obviously there’s something special about Thalassarche cauta. It breeds on just three Australian islands, and someday I really hope to see one in person.

2. California Scrub Jay: I miss these monsters a lot from when I lived in California and it’s strange to me that the blue jays where I live seem so shy and subtle in comparison to the grinding-metal upward call of the scrub jay. Plus I once saw one work very hard at picking up three in-shell peanuts at a time to fly off with and I have to admire that dedication.

3. Kakapo: Not to get all hipster but I loved these weird flightless vegetarian sweet-musky smelling parrots before gifs made them popular, but I’m glad they got attention. The fact that there are so few of them left in the world that each one (aside from very young chicks) has a name… Well, that really drives it home.

4. ‘I’iwi: I can’t describe what it was like to see this beautiful native Hawaiian bird after several days on Maui surrounded by non-native birdlife. It was in Hosmer Grove on the slopes of Haleakala, it was cloudy/misty, and these bright fiery splashes of red were there in the trees. The fact that a Pokemon was made from them thrills me even more.

6. Anna’s Hummingbird: Honestly there’s a ton of hummingbirds I love but when I lived in California I had these guys year-round and I grew incredibly fond of them. Not only do they have a wild courtship display where the male does a dive so fast that his tailfeathers whistle, but I personally witnessed one harass the heck out of a red-shouldered hawk that dared to perch on the fence within five feet of the nectar feeder. Hummingbirds are tiny collections of air and light and color and sparkle and fury, don’t let anyone tell you that they’re sweet or gentle.

Spellbound: 02 “Special Class”

Main Characters: Matsui Jurina, Miyawaki Sakura

Pairings: JuriSaku, WMatsui, JuriMomo, NanaSaku (and more).

Summary: Matsui Jurina is the immovable ace of St. Hildegard’s School of Magic. Considered a protégé by many Wizard Saints, her technique and mastery is second to none. Enter Miyawaki Sakura, talentless, unrefined and socially awkward. Her golden ticket for admission into the elite school is her late father’s legacy.  

What happens when Sakura suddenly gets transferred to the Special Class because of a lottery? Will the mysterious ace take interest? (Magic School AU).

CHAPTER: 01, 02, 03, 04

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I’ve been wanting to get photos of the hawks that perch on the power lines on my way to work but until recently haven’t had a decent lens to do so. This time on my way home from work I was able to park close enough to one but not spook it. Unfortunately I learned that 1/250s is just too slow. Next time. Next time.

I live in the country and there’s not much to do here, so when I’m bored I like to go for evening drives. Here’s what I saw on my drive today: 

  • a pasture full of goats watched over by a gentle (yet ferocious) guard llama
  • a house with three big friendly sheepdogs in the yard! (boof)
  • twenty-two red-tailed hawks perched sequentially on twenty-two fenceposts (what does it mean???)
  • big, dark rainclouds rumbling and rolling above the fresh new snow on the mountains
  • a field, nearly empty, except for one blooming cactus all by itself
  • another field with a broken abandoned trampoline in the middle
  • one of those perfect farmhouses that you look at and say to yourself, “if I never live there, my life will be a waste” (with chickens in the yard, and baby ducks)
  • a wild cottontail rabbit darting across Conejo Lane (get it? conejo is Spanish for rabbit)  
  • the sweet sanguine sunset splashing springtime songs across the sky (singing the stars to sleep
  • houses with their curtains open and the lights turned on (so that if I drove by v e r y s l o w l y I could take a peek inside)
My strange bird

The possibility Watson called Holmes by a bird-related pet name, and Holmes reciprocated –

Watson in print compared Holmes to a bird.  Holmes had piercing, gray eyes, “gleaming and deep-set like those of a bird.”  He had a hawk-like nose.  Holmes perched.  Over his microscope, he looked like “a strange, lank bird, with dull grey plumage and a black top-knot.”  

Privately, maybe Holmes was this “strange bird” to Watson.  Or from their shared reading, a beautiful bird of Hafiz, a little bird of Petrarch, or Meredith’s lark as Holmes tra-la-la-ed in the sitting room.  Was Watson missing Holmes as he found company in “one great gray bird" over the lonely moor?

In turn, Holmes teased.  He joked he and Watson were petrels when they showed up before crimes like birds before storms.  Holmes, dramatic and funny, may have preferred the names of exotic birds as endearments-in-kind for Watson (having come up with more metaphors from trips to the zoo than the flamingo feather cloud and serpent blackmailer about which Watson told us).  

But Holmes also told Watson he imagined flying.  He shared with Watson his dream that they could hover over the city, together and free. 

Hawk’s Perch - October 2017

Recently we were able to share positive news that for the second year in a row, overall enrollment at DSU is up. Enrollment at DSU peaked in 2009 and declined every year, for six years, until fall 2015. In the State of the University address, DSU shared data illustrating the impact of falling enrollment on tuition and appropriated revenues. As part of a four year plan for fiscal health, DSU has outlined aggressive goals for student admission and retention.

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