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Just imagine how differently things would have gone for the companions without Hawke there, though?

Aveline dies beside Wesley, fighting the darkspawn while protecting the tainted corpse of her husband to the last breath.

Varric goes down to the Deep Roads with Bartrand. If they aren’t all killed by darkspawn without Hawke there to defend them, then Varric faces his brother’s betrayal alone, locked behind the stone walls of an old, silent thaig.

Fenris continues running from Danarius, always looking over his shoulder, always living as prey to the tiger at his back. Eventually, his master catches up with him, and he returns to slavery as a memory-less wraith once again.

Anders goes to the Chantry alone. He fights the Templars there, and doesn’t care, doesn’t bother with healing this time when they put a sword through his heart, because all he can see is that fucking sunburst where it should never be.

Isabela goes to the Chantry alone, too. But instead of Templars, there are pirates, and no one’s at her back to keep the knife from sliding into it.

Merrill is sent away from her clan to Kirkwall, where there are no friends to keep her naivete with city-living from leading her to the Templars’ doorstep. Even if she does manage to avoid them, manages to rebuild her Eluvian - her demon-possessed mentor ends up killing her, in the end.

Sebastian hunts down his family’s murderers. But he is alone, and he is only one man, and he is cut down as he grasps for one more arrow in his empty quiver.

I just. I have a lot of feels about the Kirkwall crew and Hawke.


My favorite character in the series is Fenris because we’re both angsty, grumpy & broody. I just wish I could have a friend like Hawke who can listen to my angsty rants because my friends/family won’t listen to what I feel.  

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Hang in there Confessor. Im sure there are followers here who understand and would love to be your friend. :)

stuff they cut from the graham norton show:

  • benedict pronouncing meme “mem”
  • eddie showing us the way he created newt’s walk 
  • eddie talking about how he calls benedict every time he has a ‘famous person’ problem
  • benedict and eddie talking about maintaining their relationship with steven hawking after working with him for their films and eddie talking about how hawking’s family are obsessed with benedict 
  • a red chair story so boring benedict literally yawned

Eddie Redmayne wins Leading Actor BAFTA - The British Academy Film Awards 2015 - BBC One  

“Felicity Jones you are a wonder..”

Che emozione io ero li’ fuori……l’avevo incontrato un paio di ore prima sul Red Carpet

What a thrill I was out there  …… I’d met him  a few hours before on the Red Carpet

Eddie Redmayne talks backstage at the 2015 BAFTA Awards. The Theory of Everything          Jon Hornbuckle  

trans man hawke headcanons


(originally intended to be specific to my hawke but ur welcome to reblog & tag ur own hawke/add ur own headcanons the more the merrier)

  • bethany is the first person hawke tells, when it’s just the two of them, and she helps him cut his hair. it’s an utter disaster and when she sees, leandra immediately flies into action to save the terrible haircut while malcolm watches and laughs.
  • hawke waits a while to tell the rest of his family because he’s so nervous. he knows his parents love him but what if they only love him as a girl? bethany holds his hand under the table while he tells them, and hugs him right after. it’s still scary, but she helps.
  • malcolm understands at once, but leandra has never come across this before. it takes her a long time to stop ‘mourning her daughter’ and realise she is hurting her son.
  • when carver discovers he isn’t the only hawke son, he locks himself in his room. he emerges rather sheepishly several hours later and offers some of his clothes to hawke for him to try out.
  • he asks people to call him ‘hawke’ because he knows he wants to change his name before he knows what he wants to change it to. ‘hawke’ is an easy middle ground, and it sticks.
  • there’s a gaggle of kids who give hawke a hard time when he goes into town, laughing at his short hair and his boy’s clothes. hawke grits his teeth and ignores them, but he comes home crying more than once. carver disappears one day and returns with a split lip and a grin. the kids don’t bother hawke again.
  • malcolm stumbles over pronouns at first, and hawke is too nervous to correct him. but bethany is always there to step in and gently remind their father for him, and soon malcolm is always getting it right.
  • leandra doesn’t remember so well, and finally hawke ends up crying when she forgets and misgenders him yet again. malcolm finds his son out in the barn and sits with him, tells hawke how brave he is, how proud they are of him, how much they both love him. when they come back inside, leandra cries her way through an apology and promises to do better.
  • the family has to move once because a man deliberately misgenders hawke and bethany sets his trousers on fire. their parents are angry at her for putting herself in danger, but her brothers stand up for her. leandra can’t help thinking this is the closest she’s ever seen the siblings.
  • the first time hawke hears leandra refer to him as ‘my son’ to someone, he can’t stop smiling all day.
  • helping hawke choose a new name becomes something of a family ritual while preparing for dinner, batting names around the room. bethany picks names from romance novels, carver suggests the names of his heroes, and malcolm invents outrageously long and ridiculous names that invariably involve terrible puns.
  • leandra is upset at the thought of hawke changing his name - they named him after malcolm’s mother - but eventually even she joins in, drawing on family naming traditions in her suggestions.
  • sometimes hawke worries whether it was worth putting his family through all this trouble, changing his relationship with them for ever. but then bethany calls him her brother, or leandra calls him her son, or someone refers to ‘the hawke boys’, and it just feels so right and he feels warm inside, all over again.