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stuck in a bed with kang daniel

for my lovely ariane; @deepdickdaniel - happy bday boo

daniel x you

bullets as usual,,,,


a/n: sry i havent written in so long! and i forgot how! haha

prompt: ‘you’re pretending to be my significant other so my mum gets off my case only she’s assuming we’re going to be sleeping in the same bed together oh dear’ au

gif creds: me / pic creds: to respective owners. 

  • “daniel, stfu,,”
  • “just take your damn pills and go please” you muttered as he rambled about god knows what this time,, 
  • probably relentlessly thanking you
  • again
  • you hand the vitamin supplements to daniel
  • whether they’re vitamins, gummies, weird cat gadgets, or tiny stuffed plushies
  • everything. daniel. orders. ends. up. delivered. to. your. mailbox. or. door.

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Let me Hear your Battlecry Part 2

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Steel clashes violently, ringing out across the battlefield and utterly drowned out by the crescendo of noise that comes with war.

To begin with the marines had tried to stop him. 

Zoro had cut through them with less resistance than a knife through melted butter. Like skating across ice, they hadn’t slowed him even slightly. He’s left the shitty cook back on the ship (Zoro’d been on the right ship, it’d been the shitty cook that’d climbed aboard the wrong one) because there was one person here that he could take on that the others cannot. There’s one person here who he can entertain and thus, remove from the battle.

Hawk Eyes.

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The Narrow Gate (Part 3)

Summary: Father Barnes and [Y/N] have a tendency to let tension build, to leave words unspoken, and to harbor unresolved feelings.

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words:  1716

Warnings: Just your good ole’ priest kink. 

A/N: Must be awkward having sexual feelings towards such a sexy priest? And if he returns them… gosh. Hashtag conflicted. Read part 2 or see my Masterlist.

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Chapter 3: A Broken Wing

Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray so that you will not enter into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”

The ventilator in her small office was giving [Y/N] a headache. The way that thing droned on endlessly, moving from side to side, and barely provided her with any cold comfort in this scorching heat, made her uneventful work life at the local school even more unbearable. She supposed she should be happy. Her former favorite teacher, Mrs. Pratt, had recommended her for this job. What else was there for her without a proper college degree? Waitressing? In this heat? Now that would have been unbearable. [Y/N] put her hair up in a messy bun, walked to the teacher’s lounge and grabbed her small lunch box from the refrigerator, and walked outside. Hopefully there would be a bit of a cooling wind out in the shades.

“Father Barnes? What are you doing here?” She asked after she closed the door, and walked towards him in the schoolyard. He looked handsome as ever, always clad in his dark clothes, even in this heat, and the clerical collar never let her forget how off-limits he was.

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Even if we can’t find heaven 

I’ll walk through hell with you

Inspired by this post, lyrics from the Rachel Platten song, Stand By You.



A/N : This is a request from @paladin-alby Clint Barton x C.I.A. Male Reader i don’t know if you like it, if you do help me share it please? And @mrgrant9559-blog my first request what do you think?

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The first time you stepped your foot in Langley is when you were just 19 and barely graduating from your college. Extraordinary ? Yes because you never know ordinary in your life. Born and raised in fairly respectable not to mention, rich family makes you never experience even the slightest of uncomfortability. Your family shower you with wealth, anything you want you just need to ask and it will be there by the seconds. For some people maybe you’re living the dream, but for you life can’t be more of a boredom than it already is.

Your family never expect you to do something great. Because great is in yor blood as they like to say. And that’s what irritates you growing up. You went to school dilligently, maintaining your high scores and even cut a few years of it. But compliments only came from other people that tiredlessly licking your footsteps. Saying how fortunate you are, living in wealth, having a brain like not many other human, and you have the look. Yeah they never forget to mention the look. How in the world that peole only seems to care about what they could see outside ? Even your family did that too.

Then at the end of your college year right before you turned 19, you told them that you decided to join C.I.A’s Internship. And for the first time ever you see a real reaction from them. Your family was furious about it, stating how they wanted you to continue your family’s bussines only to be let downed by you choosing to join C.I.A. And because of that, you were more driven in joining the program more than ever. Giving your parent assurance wasn’t easy, especially your father. But he made a deal with you, be the top of everything or comeback home and take over the bussines like they want you to. And being the cocky little shit you are you agreed. And oh boy how you were wrong. The group of interns that you were assigned to are bunch of einsteins. Genius hacker, a doctor that could diagnose her patient’s illness just by looking, stupidly brilliant engineer, and there’s you. You thought you were genius, always top of the class in school, finished college at the age of 19, but here you’re just like anybody else.

The Internship proved to be harder than you imagined. You thought you’re just going to be trained in solving cases, paperworks maybe? not being a sandbag for the field’s agents to beat and threw around the mat like this. Self deffense, espionage, and weaponery ussage. They said that it’s a standard that every “agents” should be able to deffend themselves from any possible threat of their assignment. And that’s for you is a bullshit. But then, you promised your parent that you’ll be in top of everything, so you worked your butts of.

Few months after training each of the interns were assigned to their respective divisions, but not you. You were sent to the Camp Peary or what people in C.I.A called “The Farm”. And here  you are the top in every trainings they gave you, and surprisingly you held the best score amongst any other sniper ever trained here. You were happy that you could finaly find what you really master at and be happy about it. Not that shool lessons are bad, but this is something that actually interesting enough for you to say that you’re good at.

The last month of the training is when you choose a weapon to be your special skill set. Most of the trainees chooses to be a sniper, or close range combat expert with knife. Again, being the cocky little shit you are, you choose a weapon that nobody cares to even look at. Bow and arrow. Yup reading Hunger games and your obsession towards Orlando Bloom’s Legolas is the reason behind it all. After all you were pretty good at it, given the medals you got from archery in highschool. And that’s when you were 13.

At the trial, the other trainees looking at you as if you are crazy. Side glances and the cynical smirks they gave you were quick to replaced with slack jaw after your trials. None of the target saved from your arrow, and none of your arrow wasted away in failed attempt. And you think to yourself as you passed them outside the trial ground “How’s that sons of bitches?” And unbeknowst to you your footage of the trials were streamed live somewhere in D.C at S.H.I.E.L.D headquarter.

S.H.I.E.L.D headquarter

Clint and Nat just got back from extraction mission in Timbuktu where H.Y.D.R.A held captive a geological profesor for God knows why.

“Wanna go out and grab a shot tonight ?” Nat asked as they walked down the hall to report to Fury.

“I don’t know, my legs are killing me” Clint complained

“Getting old already Dad ?”

“Don’t call me Dad!” He said as they reach Fury’s door. He knocked twice and then entered the room after Fury gave them the clearance.

“Agent Barton, Romanoff, How’s Timbuktu ?” Furry asked without turning from the big screen in front of him.

“Timbuktu’s fine, the profesor kinda freaked out but non harmed. Barton complained about his legs…” Natasha smirked after telling Fury the last part. Looking at Clint and got a hiss from him. “What’s with the TV ? Anything interesting?” She asked

“You’re in time for the interesting part actually.. Sit down..” They watched as the screen shows them a live feed of people which they assumed are trainees.

“Is that The Farm?” Clint asked which earned him a ‘wtf’ look from Nat that soonly giving Fury the same look.

“Wait we’re scooping C.I.A now?” Nat asked

“Not in general, but you’ll see something that I know you know that I like..” At this ambigous answer Nat and Clint shares a look and Clint just shrugged.

They watched as a trainee called Rick or Mick guy entered the trial field. He had a gun straped on his thigh, and knife clutched in his hand. From the stance, Nat, Clint and Fury knows exactly what kind of things that they would see. And they were right, the Rick guy apparently is pretty good in combat. Millitary styled, with a bit of taekwondo and jiujitsu in it. He took down most of the bot coming toward s him in a motions that is so fluid like a water. He took ahit few times, but nothing serious enough that could threaten his life. When the time’s up, the amount of the bots he took down appeared on the screen. 21 in 300 seconds, so aproximately he tookdown one / 14,2 seconds not bad.

“Is he the guy you wanted us to see ?” Clint asked to Fury, but get nothing as answer except for a nod signaling to the screen. When he looked back to the screen, his eyes wide out of surprise.

There you stand at the entrance of the trial field holding a bow with bags of arrows on your back, gun strapped on your right thigh, and knife on your left. He was to shocked and glued to the screen wnd failed to notice that both Fury and Natasha gave him a ‘gotcha’ smirks. They looked back to the screen as the timer start. As soon as the bots are out you retract four arrows at a time, pulling the string of your bow with it, and release it to send them embed in each bot’s chest right to the sensor to deactivate them. You spun to the right and shoots another four arrows and this time it went straight to the bot’s heads. You turn to the right shoot, turn to the left shoot, run to the stone take cover from the firing bots. Pull few arrows, came out from behind the stone shoot. Turn to your back shoot, climb the stone, jump then kick two bots approaching, swing your bow to slap the other, pull out a gun shoot the bots in the head one, two, three, four, till  you ran out of bullet. You pulled your remaining arrows then shoot at the bots coming from your front. And when the time is nearly up, one particular bot that has arrow in it’s chest sensor spring back to attack you only to be knocked out with your bow sending it’s head spinning. The sirens goes off, and the score is plastered big on the lower right corner of the screen.

48 fucking 48 means you took down a bot every 6,25 seconds. If Clint were surprised at first his jaw is on the floor by now. Not only him, but Nat and Fury both has their eyes wide. If none of them were so stunned by what they just saw, they would surely laugh at each other’s faces right now. Then the live feed ended, replaced with your bio on the screen.

Fury cleared his throat “So this is what we got (Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), (D/O/B), Son of (Y/F/N) and (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N). Owner of one of the biggest winerry in the U.S. Graduated from College at 19 years old, IQ number unidentified..”

“Wait, how come IQ number unidentified ?” Clint cut him

“Because each time he took a test the number changed…” Fury explained

“Lower ?” Nat asked


“But that’s impossible..” Clint denied

“But he did…” He continue his explainations “Joined C.I.A for a law division, but after his first training in weaponery and combat he’s transferred to field agent training in The Farm. And since, he topped every single class with a stable A+.”

“And you want him… in S.H.I.E.L.D …” Clint interject.

Nick just stared at him without giving a real answer. Then Natasha broke the silence “Why ? Of course what we just saw was amazing.. but why ? Does C.I.A knows that you want him?”

“What we just saw came from a boy that spend his life with world handed to him, he doesn’t even knows how to fight before his training. Impecable archery skills, gold medal three years consecutive in high school from 13 years old. And yes C.I.A knows because I’m the one that requested him to be transferred to The Farm in the first place.” At this revelation, confusion grows in Clint and Nat’s feature “Look, I called you here not to ask about my choice, I called you here to give you an order.”

“And that is ?” Clint asked

“You are going to be his mentor Agent Barton.” At this, Natasha get off her chair and walked out of the room sending Clint her famous Black Widow smirk.

“Why me ?” Clint asked simply

“You already know the answer Barton..”

Clint sighed “So you’re sure about this… When do I start ?”

The next day, right after your score was announced, you received your mentorship order. To say you were confused is understatement, the other trainees received their mentorship with C.I.A’s best agents but you ? here in D.C in the biggest espionage organization ? You don’t know what the actual fuck is happening. But then again you remember, when was the last time your life isn’t extraordinary ? Never, so you clutched your duffle bag tighter and head inside. As soon as you reached the receptionist you were directed to go straight to the training room where your mentor is waiting for you. As you walked to the direction she told you, you muttered all profanities in your vocabullary. Training room ? really ? the first day ? your mentor must be crazy. When you reached the door of the training room, it opened automatically, you let yourself in, and begins to search for your mentor. It wouldn’t be hard because the room is basically empty. Then you heard it, the grunts, the moans he released along with his breath and the sounds of metal meeting metal. The sounds itself could make you bothered and exited in the most sinful way. You shake the feeling of, continuing your search for the mentor, bench press ? you asked yourself. You round the corner and there he is, the dirtiest blonde hair you would want to run your fingers on. His arms bulging in all the right way after his bench press, his skin… oh how it looked so smooth with those blonde soft hairs covering it. And those eyes. Oh those eyes are so blue, it has this slightly darker shade near his pupil and I swear it dilated for a few seconds. And I swear it changes color too, it is grey now that I look at it closer. Oh wait.. closer ? You gasped when he caled your name

“(Y/N)… hey you okay Kid ?”

“Uhh.. oh yeah I’m.. I’m okay you’re my mentor…” You flinched internally at your statement, real smooth (Y/N).

He laughed and I swear my heart just jumped out of my chest, this men is going to kill me. He then patted my head and walked past me. When he reached the door to the locker room he yelled “Are you just going to stand there all day or are you going to come with me?”

You stumbled in your way to the locker room where he just entered. When you’re inside you can see from the corner of your eyes that he just walked into one of the stall, and you sure you saw his petitte round butt. Oh My God what happened right now ? He’s my mentor damn it how can I feel this way ? And he such a tease…. Wait does he aware that he’s affecting me ? Oh My God that would be dissaster. Your trance were cut off by his voice ordering you to sit on one of the bench. And fuck you’re compliying him like a trained puppy.

“Hey Kid don’t need to worry about this whole mentorship, I’m not going to order you around like what those C.I.A agents does..” He said from under the sray of the shower.

“How do you know what they do in mentorship?” You asked nonchalantly

“We are S.H.I.E.L.D Kid we know everything.” He chuckles light heartedly

“Oh right I forgot…” At your response he chuckles louder by now. “Are you laughing at me ?” There your pride speaks for you, sensing that it is droped by the seconds you’ve been with this men.

“How if I say I do laugh at you?” He taunts

“Then you’re not different with all those assholes back at The Farm…”

“Assholes? I thought all of you were on a good terms even if you were all rivals ?”

“Right.. that’s what you thought but not what happened. They hated me to their bones, and they despised me, they even laugh at me when I chose bow and arrows over riffles.” There’s a sorrow in your voice, and he sensed it.

“Hey do you know who I really am ?” He asked behind the stall door.


“Have you ever heard of Hawk eye ?”

At  this revelation your eyes widened “Shut Up! Oh my God it’s an honor to meet you sir.. I” His words cut off mid sentence because of this fine ass specimen of a guy stepped out of the shower with all his muscles on show with droplets of water rolling down every ridge of his fineness. You visibly gulped hard at the sight, and God those v line and the happy trail under his navel.

When you’re busy staring him down, Clint are now sure of his suspicions, and decided to play a little game on you. He cleared his throat purposely “You’re with me Kid ?” You shakes your head and how your cheeks are shades of pink. “You’re cute” He said inside his head.

“Uh.. I’m sorry I wasn’t.. I … Um when do we start ?” You’re officialy screwed by now.

“Meet me outside in five and I’ll show you around.”

A Fucking Torturous Month Later


You’re panting hard as you rest your hands on your knees. Sweats covering your body, you’re drenched by it for God sake. When the first time you think you’re going to have some fun with your mentor you weren’t wrong. You weren’t completely right either. Training with Clint is the worst torture you could ever imagined. Not only you would see him in all his muscle glory sweating, but those muscle were also pressed tightly to your body. Of course not in the way you imagined where he pound into you to the mattress holding your both bodies close. But in the way where you got your right led meeting the back of your head while the left side of your body is trapped under his and the mattress. You tapped his arms signing your surrender yet again.

“It’s not fair… I haven’t trained close range combat for that long and you only train me that this whole month…I’m great with my weapons” You whined yet again

“You need it just in case… you were stripped out of your weapon. You’re just sour because you could never beat me (Y/N)” He teased.

You do what you think is the best idea at the moment “Let’s prove it! You, Me Bow and arrows, moving bots practice field tomorrow.”
“Okay… But let’s make it interesting. The winner get’s everything he asked from the loser.”

“You make yourself a deal old man..”

The Next Fucking Day


Oh my God I’m screwed ! You think to yourself. You came to the practice field to try to practice first, measuring all the parameters that could help you once the bots were out. And there next to the entrance displayed in the fucking human sized LCD. Barton C. 53/300, Barton C. 50/300, Romanoff N. 43/300.

“Fuck I’m screwed” You muttered under your breath, lost in your own head not noticing someone standing right behind you. It is until he whispered “halo kid” on your right ear that you jumped out of surprise. “Jessus!”

“You wanna give up now?” He smirks slyly.

“Who says that ?” With that you stride into the preparation room leaving him behind.

Clint shakes his head affectionaly “God he’s so cute.. I’m gonna make you mine (Y/N).. just you wait..”

It was hell, the bots they used here are way tougher than the ones they used at the farm. These bots needs to be shoot at the vital killing parts to deactivate them completely. That means you gotta double whatever efforts you put back in your trial at The Farm. 3oo fucking seconds you’re in the field, 51 bots down. You exit the field with thriumpant smile that makes your eyes closed. You hear Clint chuckled and quickly changed your expression to ‘How’s that Old man?’ expresion. He ruffled your hair and entered the field. These kind of gesture is one of many things that makes your heart palpitate out of control. You know he is your mentor, he probably straight too, but you can’t help it. It’s long since you already given up to resist these feelings. You accept that you are in love with your mentor Clint Barton, fucking Hawkeye. You were ready to be disowned as an apprentice when you decided to tell him after this competition. But then you remembered his smiles, his stares, and the way he ruffles your hair. Its all filled with adoration, it means he also have feelings too right ? But you couldn’t shake tose fear in your head that he might just see you as a brother.

You were lost in your head again, and brought back to reality after hearing the sirens goes off. You glanced at the door, seeing him with those smile that makes the corners of his eyes crinkled. The sight itself could make your heart explode, then you remembered what you came here for. You look at the score board above his head.

“How could you took down that many bots and not even breaking a sweat ?”

“It’s my playground Kid..” He watched in amusement as you stompped your feet like a child.

“That’s why it’s unfair. It’s my first time here and you’ve been wrecking all those bots far many times before.” You pouted, crossing your arms in front of your chest, and jutted your lower lip in habbit. When you didn’t hear any laugh from Clint you look up in time when Clint muttered ‘fuck it’ and leaned down capturing your lips on his. You goes stiff for a moment trying to process what is happening right now, and a moment later, you find your hands fly to the back of his neck. You kiss him back with as much wants as he showed, your lips moving in harmony as his hands pulled your body up. As you’re now standing, he pressed your body fulsh to his. At the the movement, you gasped and at this chance he slipped his tongue into your mouth. Lapping at every bump of teeth, every ridge of gum and how you tasted so sweet. He pulled back after sensing your breath that is getting shallower each second he kissed you. You both stares at each other while panting hard catching your breath.

“What was that for?” You panted out

“Because you’re so cute all pouting like that….” Said under his heavy breath

“So is that what you want with the bet ? A kiss ?”

“No…I want more than a kiss… I want you..”

At this request you could’ve swear your heart is speeding like a race car. “You..you want me ? why ?” You stuttered not really believing thatthis is all happening right now.

“Because the moment you stepped into the training room the first day we met, I knew already that I’m going to fall for you. And now I’m sure that I fell for you hard…. So (Y/N), would you be mine?”
At his request a tear slipped from your eyes, you nodded furiously not believing your own voice.

“Then say it.. say that you would be mine…”

“I’ll be yours.. Clint Barton I’ll be yours…” He rest his forehead on yours, and you both smiling like an idiot, then your little shit self surfacing “It’s not like I have any choise right ? I lost the bet after all.”

You both break into a fit of laughter, but not letting anyone go. “So since you’re mine, can I take you to the bedroom? Can I show you how much I want you (Y/N) ?”

Again at his question, your heart speeding up if that’s even possible. He asked you before he claim you, he’s concerned about your opinion. Oh God how perfect you made this men. “Then take me, no one’s stopping you.” You kissed him passionately and then part away to drag him to his room.

When both of you reached his room, he slamed your body closing the door, kissing you hungrier than before. You kissed back with the same force, but you give up eventually, you let him explore you, and when he moaned to your mouth, you swear all the hairs on your body are standing. His moan sends you an unexplainable feelings that makes you shiver uncontrolably. He pulled back only to reach the collar of your training shirt and rip it apart. God how hot this men can be, He then reach to your belt, and in a few swift movements yor left on your boxer.

He then grabbed your hand and throw you to his bed. This men is surely going to ruin you for other men. The way he became this hungry beast in the bedroom makes your cock even harder than before. You propped up your upper body on your elbow watchind him as he stripped himself away from his training gear. Every muscle rippled everytime hemoved, it’s the most erotic scene you’ve ever witnessed in your live. He’s on top of you at a record time. Kissing you again with more passion than earlier, you moan instinctively and he slipped his tongue. With all your clothes off, you can feel how hard his muscles really are, and his dick. Oh how you can feel it’s hardnes next to your own as he grind on you. He slowly traveled the kiss down your body. Your jaw, your neck and when he reached your pulse point you moan harder. “Got It” he murmured before bitting and sucking at the place, making you moan louder as he do it over and over. When he’s satisfied with his work, he traveled down his kiss to your nipple, sucking one, and pinching the other with his hand. You moaned louder as you arc your body to make your chest closer to him. He loved it he love how responsive you are to his touch, and his touch only. The thought of only him that get to do these things on you makes him growl on your nipple, elicting a whimper coming out from you.

Getting a little bit impattient, he ripped your boxer to reveal your hardened cock to him. The head is incredibely read, signaling how much blood that is rushing into it. All because of him. And he don’t waste any more time, lifting both of your legs and spread it apart. Revealing your pink puckered hole to him. he groaned at the sight and dive right in. God this men is a beast he eat you out like nobody does, not that you’ve beeh eaten out before because Clint is the first men that is ever get this far with you. He slipped his midle finger to your mouth, then his point finger, then his ring finger. Three fingers, God how big exactly this men is? When he pulled his fingers, they are wet with your saliva. He waste no time and insert his midle finger to you as his tongue keep licking at your hole and giving his saliva as extra lubricant. When you were relaxed enough he plunged the other two fingers inside. “Jessus !” you screamed.

“Jessus could never make you feel this good Kid” He said lowly. He thrust his fingers at a steady pace, making sure that you’ll be loose enough for his dick. When he sensed that you are loose enough, he pulled out his fingers, and reaching to his bedside drawer. Pulling out a lube, then he rid of his boxer. Boy that is the most beautiful cock you’ve ever seen. The one you will see in a high quality porn in all those paid sites, and did you said big earlier? Seeing you practically drolling at the sight of his cock, he grabbed your chin and kiss you forcefully

“Latter Kid, I’ll fuck your mouth and rouin you for good, you want that ?” You nodded furiously “Now I just wanted to feel that little hole of yours wraped around me” Oh how pathetic you look right now. God this men will ruin me for good.

The feel of the cool lubricant that he smeared on your hole could never feel any better. Then you feel it, so sudden, so hard, painful, yet pleasing at the same time. He thrust into you in one hard thrust. Your wals pulsating becaouse of it, your cock twitching ath the feel of his dick that is pressing against your prostate. He doesn’t wait for long until he pulled out completely and thrust into you agai, then he sets a brutal pace. You were screaming no wailing so loud until he silence you by thrusting his tongue into your mouth. You followed his tongue and dance in unison. His thrust never flattering with the added kiss you shared. He thrust and thrust, fast hard, and hitting you right on your prostate. Then you feel it, the rush of blood that is so fast to your lower parts, it’s coming, your release is coming, and Clint felt it too.

“You’re going to cum baby ? Without even me touching you?”

“Yeah yeah Clint…aghh so close….”

“Don’t worry me too, your tight hole is so warm wraped around my cock….Hmmm you’re squeezing me.. that close huh ?” He then angeled himself a little bit up and you’re done for, You came for the very first time untouched on ly from his dick. White spurts of your cum splashing your chest and his, seeing this, and the feel of your asshole spasming is what set him off. Spilling a month worth of his seed inside you, he thrust slowly riding both of your highs. Until he came to a stop, he remained the, seathed inside you as his dick is slowly softening. He pulled out then he once again spread your legs apart, watching as his seed flowing out of your now red puffy hole. All because of him, all his, he dived down and collects everything he could and he kissed your parting lips. Transfering his cum to your mouth, you both kissed until you swallowed everything. He then looked you in the eyes, smile lovingly at you and said “Mine…”

“Yours..” he kissed the top of your head and tuck you to his side. Pulling the covers up to veil your both naked bodies. “Clint… is it to soon if I said I love you?”

“No…No.. it’s not to soon baby, because I love you too, from the first time you set your foot in that training room..”

“I guess now I coud say that I’m Hawk-eyed..”

“Hawk-eyed?…. God you’re dork, what am I gotten myself into?” You hit his chest half heartedly. He chuckled “well you could never run from me now, because you’re now Hawk-eyed..” We both burst into laughter. We talked and talked about what possibilities that is to come to us. Until we both fell to the land of dream, dreams that we just make it true by admitting our feelings..

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Hawke getting all googly eyed and blushie. That or some more Fenhawke teeth rotting fluff

After the mess that was Chateau Haine, Hawke wasn’t taking any more excuses. No more tiptoeing around stupid social constraints he didn’t give a shit about. No more trying to fit into some ideal the nobles thought their Champion should be. He wouldn’t even entertain discussion about propriety and tradition, and the last time someone asked him what the harm was in letting people assume what they wanted, the conversation had almost ended in violence.

So Hawke was aware he was potentially making a spectacle of himself, standing in his shirtsleeves in the hallway of some noble dipshit’s countryside palace, pounding on one of the guest room doors.

“Fenris, come out!”

Hawke didn’t quite yell, but he wasn’t exactly whispering, either. Fenris had long ago agreed that accompanying Hawke to these society things was a better idea than letting him crash his way through it alone, without the guidance of someone with more than a little experience. That Fenris always dressed simply and allowed himself to be mistaken for Hawke’s manservant – or worse – was where their current argument lay. Fenris had at last, however reluctantly, agreed to put on the suit Hawke bought him.

Hawke hadn’t counted on the elf locking himself in his rooms, however.

“Fenris!” he said again in that not-quite-a-whisper-or-shout, and jerked on the door handle until he realized he was being watched.

Hawke quickly straightened, his face like stone as he nodded to two passing ladies. As soon as they were gone he bent toward the keyhole again, even going so far as to climb to his knees. He peered into the keyhole, but could see only darkness. He put his ear against it, but heard nothing. “Fenris,” he hissed, but before he could say more the door opened.

Fenris stood there, in his suit, looking down at him with a frown as he adjusted his cufflinks. “Get off the floor, Hawke.”

Hawke forgot his irritation. He forgot everything.

He’d never seen Fenris in a suit before.

“You know this is going to be a disaster,” Fenris said as he scrambled gracelessly to his feet. The elf stepped forward to repair Hawke’s attempts to tie his own tie. He smoothed his collar and shoulders, fixed a missed button. “I can see it now. You insist the nobles treat me as your equal. They don’t. You upend the punch bowl over the host’s head. We leave in disgrace, once again without the benefit of sleeping on an Orlesian mattress. We – Hawke?”

It took Hawke several tries to find his voice. He said, “I won’t upend the punch bowl,” and his voice sounded like a rasp. His face felt too hot. He couldn’t remember why they were there.

Fenris frowned at him. “Don’t lie to me.”

Hawke swallowed, licked his lips. He tried again. “I’ll try not to upend the punch bowl.”

“I suppose try is the best I can hope for,” the elf said, dryly. He reached up to brush Hawke’s hair into order, and frowned at him again. He put his hand to the mage’s cheek. “Do you have a fever?”

“No,” Hawke said.

“Then what - ?” he didn’t get to finish the question. Hawke moved forward, his arms going around him, his mouth capturing his mouth as he backed him up into the bedroom.

He barely remembered to kick the door closed behind them.

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anders couldn’t imagine what his expression must have been like. he couldn’t seem to find the words. his hand fell away from the key, and came up slowly to cover his mouth. “oh,” he said. “oh, maker.”

hawke eyed him oddly. “what’s wrong?”

“… i’ve just discovered that i’m a cradle robber,” anders said, and laughed at the expression on hawke’s face. “i’m sorry, carver, have you seen garrett anywhere?”

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to draw carver Hawke without a shirt


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Alice and Ruby look like adorable twinsies 👩‍❤️‍👩💕Since becoming besties they like to coordinate their outfits hehe

I also changed Rina’s face to the hawk eyed face in preparation for her new chuunibyou personality ku ku ku!!


“In keeping with his status as the most humane filmmaker working today on the world stage, Asghar Farhadi has given us a bevy of impeccable screen performances that elicit our sympathy without ever forsaking the complexity of character that have come to define his growing filmography. In The Salesman, Farhadi sketches two very different portraits of wounded male pride, one mapped over the course of the entire film and the other in only a handful of scenes.

As Emad, a modern-day teacher and actor who resorts to increasingly drastic measures when his wife is assaulted in their new apartment, Shahab Hosseini, who won Best Actor at Cannes in 2016, charts the alarming evolution of a good-natured everyman into a hawk-eyed vigilante without ever painting in broad strokes. Emad’s guilt-ridden slow burn is a wonder to behold as it’s the rare depiction of instability that hinges on the inner shifts of a thought process, which Hosseini delineates with a readable, clear-cut precision that silently encourages everyone in the ensemble, no matter their role, to match his innate prowess.

As a mysterious, nameless figure who wanders into the movie right around the 100-minute mark, Farid Sajjadi Hosseini supplies an excellent, crucial performance whose particulars cannot be elucidated without spoiling most of Farhadi’s third-act revelations. That being said, what Sajjadi Hosseini accomplishes is nothing short of miraculous: a thorny character study told in miniature that earns our pity without ever making any direct appeals for it. Sajjadi Hosseini ultimately comes to dominate the film, not because he lunges for our attention, but because his commitment to the part is so disconcertingly complete that it obscures our own perception of the actor’s choices. He performs with the selfless verisimilitude of a Rossellini player and, in doing so, bridges the divide between our world and that of the film, which is really the most any actor can hope to accomplish, no matter the amount of lines or scenes.” — Matthew Eng

The 10 Best Male Film Performances of Early 2017

(Source: TribecaFilm.com)

Where the Story Begins (Part Two)

Summary: After Coulson and Steve Rogers show up at your door, you realize your life is not what you remember. Finding out S.H.I.E.L.D. wiped your memories to ensure your protection, you must learn to readjust to life as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Featuring: Reader x Steve x Fury x Natasha Romanoff x Clint Barton x Maria Hill x Coulson (mentioned)

Word Count: 1186

A/N:  Thank you for reading! Part two of my first Avengers fanfic. It’s a bit of a slow start, but next chapter should be a bit better. I am planning on making this a series with possible “choose-your-own-story” situations. I would appreciate any feedback. :)

Steve and Coulson gave me a few minutes to gather a few things into my backpack. Before I knew it, I sat passenger seat in an older truck with Rogers behind the wheel. Coulson brought his own ride and took off minutes before us saying he was needed elsewhere. I was pretty sure he just didn’t want anyone else in his car. He watched me like a hawk as I eyed it from my doorway. 

With Coulson gone, the super soldier and I rode in silence. He sat tensely at the wheel, both hands gripped tightly around it. Occasionally, when he thought I wasn’t looking, he glanced over at me. Once or twice, his mouth opened as if he was about to speak, but he would close it just as quickly as it opened. He ran his hand over his hair, frustrated, as if I was making this drive more difficult than it needed to be.

Suddenly, realizing my own agitation, I broke the silence.

“What did Coulson mean when he said, ‘Come back to S.H.I.E.L.D.?’”

I figured I deserved a little bit more of an explanation. After all, I trusted him enough to get into this rickety, old truck.

Steve fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat, but words finally came from his opened mouth.

“I really should let Tony clear that one up for you. It was all mostly his idea, anyway.”

“Then, why couldn’t he be bothered to come get me himself,” I questioned further.

“He’s busy,” Steve said like it was simple as that. 

A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I dropped my head back against the headrest.
Of course I knew S.H.I.E.L.D.—the fictional agency. No place in my mind remembered it actually existing, let alone me having been there before. 

I wanted to interrogate Rogers more, but with eyes fixed on the road, he expertly ignored my existence. 

So I watched in the side mirror as the disappearing sunlight colored the sky behind us.

I woke when I realized the car stopped moving. 

Steve stood with his back against the window while he filled the fuel tank. 

I looked around for signs of where we were, but the only place around for miles was this one dimly lit gas station. 

As he slid back into the driver’s seat, Steve’s eyes gave me a once-over before he asked, “How are you?”

A laugh burst from my mouth and I quickly rushed my hands up over my face realizing how rude that laugh probably was after seeing the slight shock in Steve’s widened eyes.

“Sorry,” I said from behind my hands. “I’m just not sure how to answer that one right now.”

After all, I was not even sure I was really awake. This all couldn’t be happening … could it?

Steve shrugged and muttered a simple “fair enough,” but I caught the faintest grin crack at the corner of his lips. 

“What’s so funny,” I asked.

Steve finally loosened his hold on the wheel. His right hand gripped the top of it while he leaned against his left hand, elbow resting on the door. 

“I guess I’m just realizing how much I… we all missed you these past two years.”

“Two years,” I exclaimed. 

“That’s when things started getting messy. You were compromised—perhaps it was your too-trusting and kind nature,” he said raising his eyebrows at me.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” I said feeling slightly offended at his comment.

“Well, for starters, look at the situation you’re in right now.”

Point made. I was in a stranger’s car believing childhood stories.

“Alright, fine,” I huffed. “Keep going.”

“We didn’t know what his next move was, so we did what we needed to do to protect you.”

“Who’s next move?”

“Loki, but that’s all the further we’re going into that. Like I said, it’s Tony’s call to give you the answers.”

I watched the soldier move from his relaxed position back to his tensed driving. There was pain etched across his face, but not the kind from riding too long in the car. This was pain from the past—memories that sneak up in the quiet moments. Pain he probably suffered because of me. 

Guilt flooded over me. I may not remember, but in that moment, I knew I had somehow hurt Steve two years ago. A lump swelled in my throat and tears of frustration swelled at the corners of my eyes. 

I was frustrated that I couldn’t remember. I was angry that they took those memories from me. And I was upset that I so obviously hurt a man that I didn’t even know—or remember I knew. 

I angled away from Steve so he couldn’t see my face and I watched the trees race by the window wondering if they too remembered my face when I didn’t know they existed.

We spent hours driving down the silent road before lights started to shine in the distance. 

A fenced compound lit up the night sky growing bigger and brighter the closer we got. We passed through the security gate—Rogers simply nodded to the guard who let us through without giving me a second look. 

“Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D.” Steve said.

I followed timidly behind Captain America as we walked through the halls of the compound. 

People waved and smiled at Steve, but when they laid their eyes on me, the smiles vanished. Whispers crossed their lips as they snuck glances back at me over their shoulders. 

The bubble of nerves rolling in my stomach grew heavier with each glance making me feel more uncomfortable than before. I tried to pull the collar of my sweatshirt higher up around my neck, but there was no place for me to hide even in Captain America’s shadow. 

I stopped abruptly as I collided into the back of Steve. 

He stopped at a closed door and was allowing a small box to the right of it scan his face.  

The door slid open to reveal a large conference room. Four large windows lined the back wall, but there was no sign of the outside world—just endless rows of military-style vehicles. 

At the center of the room, sitting around a long table sat more faces I recognized from what I thought were stories.

A woman with black hair pulled into a low bun sat next to the skilled archer, Clint Barton.  Director Fury stood behind them, as the three appeared deep in conversation. 

On the other side of Maria Hill, Natasha Romanoff sat with a crooked smirk spread across her face, as she looked my way. She, unlike the others in the hallway, looked fairly pleased to see me. 

“It’s about time you get your ass back here, Agent (Y/L/N).” She said drawing the gazes from everyone in the room.

I tried to look anywhere but their faces as they all stared in my direction, but Director Fury caught my eyes. 

Across his face was a faint look of…approval? A smile? I was not sure because
it was gone in an instant. 

He spoke to the group without taking his sights off me. 

“Somebody better go fetch, Stark. He’s got some explaining to do.”

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one word and james potter making a fool of himself

this was based off of one of the headcanons on this post by: @fienfyre

so thank you for letting me use one of your headcanons and for the inspiration!!! (go look at their blog its great)

It began with meeting James in the library to study, every Wednesday at 4:00 pm. Lily thought he would be late. He wasn’t. She sat with him week after week at that little back table, the one he knew she liked, that was just far enough into the corner to be secluded, but also caught the sun filtering in from the large windows just right.  

“Lily, I’m bollocks at potions, could you help me with this?” James tapped his quill against a paper filled with scribbled out and rewritten handwriting. Lily arched her eyebrow and smiled a little.

“Oh? The Great James Potter is admitting defeat then?” James stuck out his jaw stubbornly but she could see a small smile growing on his lips.

“Oh no Evans, you’ve got me all wrong. I’m a marauder, see, I can’t be defeated I was just…” James grinned jokingly looking up towards the corner “I was just making you feel useful”.

Lily leaned back in her chair staring at him challengingly and grinning herself.

“Making me feel useful?”

“Mhm” James nodded tipping back in his chair.

“Well I appreciate your concern James, but I felt pretty useful when I beat you by 10 points on that charms essay, so you can relax and just do the work yourself then.”

James pitched forward, all four legs of the chair hitting the ground.

“Now hang on a minute…” James was cut off halfway through his sentence, by a pointed glare and a “behave yourself Mr. Potter”, from Madam Pince who was watching them hawk eyed from where she was reshelving books.  Lily dropped her head down and silently laughed to herself, valiantly trying to ignore James’ scandalized expression.  Shaking her head and smiling, Lily slowly slipped the potions paper out from under James’ hands, slid it across the desk, and began to edit.  Lily focused very hard on the paper in front of her, and was not focusing on how he wrote his L’s cursive like, or how quite endearing his handwriting was, as far as handwriting goes of course. She silently worked, only occasionally sneaking glances at him, and tried to ignore the shivers she felt run down her spine from when he had whispered “thanks evans” in her ear ten minutes ago.  

Lily dragged her fingers through her long hair which was now, thanks to her failing alarm clock, thoroughly knotted. Wrestling it into a ponytail while hopping around trying to shove a left footed shoe onto her right foot, Lily cursed whatever deity was in charge of alarms for letting hers bloody break without notice. She slammed the door and stormed down the stairs in a huff at the luck of the morning, but also more importantly, the fact that her roommates hadn’t bothered to wake her up and now she was going to miss breakfast. Lily saw a straggling first year jump at the appearance of an angry Lily Evans storming down the stairs and managed a tense smile before crossing the common room and stepping through the portrait hole.  Fingers tensely tapping on the leather strap of her bag she made it down to the dungeons in time for potions, but at that point was alright deeply entrenched in her brooding, and didn’t quite feel like letting go of her anger at fate, and alarm gods, and roommates that didn’t leave her time to eat or get dressed properly.  Lily sighed straightening her sloppily tied school tie and slipped into her desk setting her bag on the floor of the dungeons.  After a moment of glaring at Marlene, who either didn’t notice or frankly didn’t care, Lily had relaxed and was chatting with the boy who sat next to her with-the-red-hair-whose-name-she-honestly-couldn’t-remember. She supposed it was too late to ask now considering they had been in the same class for two months.  

“Psst… Lily”

Lily jumped slightly in her seat at the boy’s voice behind her. She turned around to see Peter brushing hair out of his eyes, peering back at her and grinning, not in the cocky way like James, but with more of a sweet smile, almost like he was always thanking you for something.


“James says this is for you” Peter stage whispered pressing something square and soft into the palm of her hand. Lily looked down at the piece of toast Peter had apparently smuggled, and felt her earlier sulleness suddenly disappear.

“Thanks Pete” Lily whispered back trying to quell the bubbling feeling she felt spreading through her chest.  Lily laughed quietly at the bizarre gift from James, and noticed a small note with torn edges, probably ripped straight from the top of his notes, squashed on top.

Dear Lily,

       First of all I’m disappointed.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you know, letting all of your old habits slip just because it’s seventh year… first comes skipping dining hall then comes selling drugs on the streets.  Frankly I ought to write to your mother (Cheryl and I are very close by the way, we have tea every tuesday) before this situation gets out of control. Being the incredibly mature and responsible person I am, I knicked you some toast so you won’t be too hungry.

James Potter i.e. the better Head boy/girl

p.s . don’t worry I used the raspberry jam you like so much

Lily bit her lip to keep from laughing and turned around sticking her tongue out at James, only for him to retaliate by blowing his face up like a pufferfish, which caused a small laugh to slip from Lily’s mouth.

“Mrs. Evans eyes up here” Slughorn admonished stopping in front of her desk. Lily glanced up thinking to hide her rations too late. Slughorn looked at her amused stretching out his hand.

“Now Mrs. Evans I believe you are aware of my rule against food in the classroom?” Lily nodded apologetically and handed the toast to him, trying not to let her stomach rumble loudly. After a moment she quietly passed a note to Peter to pass to James.  

I think you’re a bad influence on me…  

- CLEARLY the best Head Girl

Lily heard James dramatically gasp behind her and she laughed to herself purposefully ignoring the warmth she felt in her bones that tingled in her fingers and flushed her cheeks. She purposefully ignored Marlene’s pointed stares, and purposefully ignored the familiar fuzzy feeling her brain that seemed to take over when James was around. Maybe this morning wasn’t so bad after all Lily mused.

  It was Valentine’s weekend, and James was hunched over the chessboard in front of them chewing on his lip, and struggling to win the bet they had placed earlier that afternoon. Lily was quite pleased at this, and let her eyes lazily sweep over his face as she waited her turn. His eyes flicked across the chessboard, but at that moment Lily had forgotten to care about whatever it was he was planning to do next, because his eyes were so dark and almost calming, the sort of thing Lily felt had a lot of depth in it’s simplicity, quite like the Black Lake that lay outside the window. James was still chewing his lip, and after it’s five minutes of thorough abuse it had become red and slightly swollen. Lily shifted in her seat looking away.  

“Ah ha!” James cried his eyes crinkling at the edges and knee bouncing in excitement. James still grinning like a little kid moved his player across the board and captured her king.

“Guess who owes me thirty galleons” James smiled smugly leaning back in his chair. Lily rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, right Potter”

“Umm… excuse me? We said double or nothing, and this is our sixth game.” James spread his hands in front of him gesturing to the chess players who were currently brawling each other.  

“All very true, but I don’t have 15 galleons to give you, and even if I did I’d rather spend it on myself at Hogsmeade” Lily teased leaning across the small table towards him. James slung his bag onto his shoulder standing up and formally extended his hand towards her.

“Well my dear Evans, it has been a pleasure beating you at chess, but I promised to meet Remus in the library in five minutes, so unfortunately, instead of teasing you mercilessly about this truly embarrassing defeat-” Lily rolled her eyes “-I’m afraid I’ll have to go.”

“And leave me alone to plot revenge?” Lily retorted.

“Alone? Do you mean to tell me that it’s almost Valentines and you don’t have a date?” James feigned shock.

“Well you’re going to hang out with Remus in the library so…”

“And I’m sure I’ll be riveted by his many facts about old ugly people who died a million years ago.” James added.

“No I don’t have a proper date, I have vengeance to plot, and also no one asked me” Lily said blushing slightly. James began to walk backwards towards the portrait hole.

“Well why don’t you go with me?” he teased, grinning back at her with the goofy grin, that had become so familiar to her, yet still made her insides churn.


 James smiled over his shoulder and walked out the portrait hole. Lily sat there staring at where he had stood long after the latch had swung shut and hoped that he hadn’t heard her. She wasn’t sure which was worse if he had heard her, or if he hadn’t. Her stomach was still churning, but no longer in a good way.

 James walked down the corridor smiling to himself and scuffing his foot along the tile floor. He ran over the conversation with Lily in his head, and smiled in spite of himself, feeling as if today gravity had shifted and the world was a bit lighter. Foolishly he wondered if Lily could control gravity. “Well why don’t you go with me?” Oh god, he hoped he hadn’t offended her, after all he had only meant it half jokingly. How had she looked again? He didn’t quite see. Was she frowning or smiling? He furrowed his brow fighting to remember what she had done or said… 


 James stopped dead in his tracks, Lily’s voice echoing around his head.


 James stood stock still ignoring the people bustling around him, in complete shock, and losing all grip on the english language. It hit him knocking the wind out of his chest and buckling his knees, and he realized. No he didn’t realize, that implies something slow and thoughtful, this was a car crash, an explosion, a supernova that knocked him off his feet, and sucked the air out of his lungs, and filled the world with color.  

 okayokayokayokay Okay as in that’s a good idea, okay as in “No you’re not a complete and utter prat James Potter, okay as in yes. James whooped out loud, honest to god whooped, and turned sprinting down the hallway. Yesyesyesyes. She said yes. Oh my god ohmygodohmygod. He streaked through the corridors, and up the stairs, knocking several people to the side, and not bothering to apologize. James bounded through flight after flight to reach the Gryffindor tower taking stairs three at time, and cursed himself for being so stupid, but couldn’t manage to muster any real anger, because now there was no gravity, the laws of physics didn’t apply to him, he was 17 and infinite and one simple word made him feel as if he had lost touch with reality. He was flying, or running, he couldn’t be sure, and it was only when he burst into the common room that he came down again. He stood panting and exhausted in front of Lily who was smiling up at him with a smile he wanted to keep in his mind forever, and he just stood there.

“Err.. hello.” Hello?? Hello! Are you fucking kidding me mate? Is that the best you can say to her?

 Lily smiled at him and her smile was so soft, and her eyes were like afternoons in the library, and that time she had hexed him and he had boils for a week, and soft laughter, and suddenly James was 13 and had no clue what he was supposed to say.

“Okay.” He dumbly repeated.

 Lily stood up and leaned close, so close he could smell that shampoo that reminded him of Slughorn’s class ever since he smelled it in potions that day, and he thought that maybe he should move or blink or do something other than stand there like a complete freak. She leaned in even closer  to the point where their cheeks were centimeters from touching, and whispered “Pick me up at six.”

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I'm not sure if this has been addressed already or not since I'm a couple of chapters behind on Halcyon days, but just imagine them wanting to get a pet and Kamilah is like hmm should we get a dog? a cat? And Ana just comes home one day with a fcking hawk and is super determined to tame it and it just goes horribly, but Milah doesn't let her quit because "you brought berta home now go and get her down from the attic or you're sleeping on the couch" idk I just love them so much ok

Pet-related stuff here, here, and here!


Kamilah asks how in the fuck she managed to get a hawk, but Ana doesn’t have time to answer before the hawk tries to peck at her face. She can’t figure out how to tame Berta; it just flies around the house wrecking stuff, leaving half-eaten rat carcasses around, and pooping everywhere. Kamilah’s patience starts to wear thin and Ana willingly takes to the couch until she tames this feathered beast. But the last straw was when Ana found bird shit all over her Bey albums, and finally lets the hawk go. Where? Only she knows.

Fast forward a few years later, 4-year-old Fareeha is playing in the backyard while Ana prepares lunch. The girl bursts into the kitchen excitedly, so Ana turns around, and freezes.

What the fuck.

Fareeha is holding her hand up - which is thankfully wearing a baseball glove, because perched upon her hand is a tawny, sharp-eyed hawk. The bird is calm and quiet, merely observing the humans with its beady eyes. Ana’s mouth works in vain, until she finally finds her voice.