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Hawke getting all googly eyed and blushie. That or some more Fenhawke teeth rotting fluff

After the mess that was Chateau Haine, Hawke wasn’t taking any more excuses. No more tiptoeing around stupid social constraints he didn’t give a shit about. No more trying to fit into some ideal the nobles thought their Champion should be. He wouldn’t even entertain discussion about propriety and tradition, and the last time someone asked him what the harm was in letting people assume what they wanted, the conversation had almost ended in violence.

So Hawke was aware he was potentially making a spectacle of himself, standing in his shirtsleeves in the hallway of some noble dipshit’s countryside palace, pounding on one of the guest room doors.

“Fenris, come out!”

Hawke didn’t quite yell, but he wasn’t exactly whispering, either. Fenris had long ago agreed that accompanying Hawke to these society things was a better idea than letting him crash his way through it alone, without the guidance of someone with more than a little experience. That Fenris always dressed simply and allowed himself to be mistaken for Hawke’s manservant – or worse – was where their current argument lay. Fenris had at last, however reluctantly, agreed to put on the suit Hawke bought him.

Hawke hadn’t counted on the elf locking himself in his rooms, however.

“Fenris!” he said again in that not-quite-a-whisper-or-shout, and jerked on the door handle until he realized he was being watched.

Hawke quickly straightened, his face like stone as he nodded to two passing ladies. As soon as they were gone he bent toward the keyhole again, even going so far as to climb to his knees. He peered into the keyhole, but could see only darkness. He put his ear against it, but heard nothing. “Fenris,” he hissed, but before he could say more the door opened.

Fenris stood there, in his suit, looking down at him with a frown as he adjusted his cufflinks. “Get off the floor, Hawke.”

Hawke forgot his irritation. He forgot everything.

He’d never seen Fenris in a suit before.

“You know this is going to be a disaster,” Fenris said as he scrambled gracelessly to his feet. The elf stepped forward to repair Hawke’s attempts to tie his own tie. He smoothed his collar and shoulders, fixed a missed button. “I can see it now. You insist the nobles treat me as your equal. They don’t. You upend the punch bowl over the host’s head. We leave in disgrace, once again without the benefit of sleeping on an Orlesian mattress. We – Hawke?”

It took Hawke several tries to find his voice. He said, “I won’t upend the punch bowl,” and his voice sounded like a rasp. His face felt too hot. He couldn’t remember why they were there.

Fenris frowned at him. “Don’t lie to me.”

Hawke swallowed, licked his lips. He tried again. “I’ll try not to upend the punch bowl.”

“I suppose try is the best I can hope for,” the elf said, dryly. He reached up to brush Hawke’s hair into order, and frowned at him again. He put his hand to the mage’s cheek. “Do you have a fever?”

“No,” Hawke said.

“Then what - ?” he didn’t get to finish the question. Hawke moved forward, his arms going around him, his mouth capturing his mouth as he backed him up into the bedroom.

He barely remembered to kick the door closed behind them.

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I was wondering, does the Baratie scene still happen in Tell that to the Marines? Like, does Mihawk still show up, or maybe does Kreig go, "A fearsome hawk-eyed man", then everyone just looks at Risuka and her hawk-like eyes? Sorry, it's a little messy.

I’ve got plans for the Baratie, yes. If you’ll recall, that is where the prologue is set, and Mihawk, of course, won’t exactly be able to meet up with Riskua right now given her Revilutionary/undercover status. So I can confirm he’ll be there too.

Hoenstly I’m just looking forwards to Zoro being all ’ the Hawk-Eyed man’ and then Luffy all ‘Ah! Hawk-guy! Riskua’s not here for you to kidnap!’ And while everyone looks at Luffy in surprise, Mihawk just rolls his famous eyes and is like 'what are you talking about, Strawhat, she’s right behind you.’

The Post-It Note Perpetrator

| BTS| yoonseok | i always see you in the library and i think you’re really cute so i leave you little post it notes on your work whenever you go and get a book just to see you blush AU

The business and music major was sure that no one would bother him in the seclusion of the history section, but over the last few weeks, that had proven to be untrue.

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Even if we can’t find heaven 

I’ll walk through hell with you

Inspired by this post, lyrics from the Rachel Platten song, Stand By You.

Hawke’s heart broke, too.

Hawke loved Fenris in ways that were reminiscent of a car crash; streaked across wet pavement and twitching through spine-crumbling whiplash. When Fenris left him, it took the slam of a fist on his chest and tormented prayer to breathe life into his lungs again, rebuild his body from the wreckage.

“Bad news, friend,” Varric said when Fenris returned to The Hanged Man, post-shame, post-slaughter. “Bad news.”

Hawke shrugged and slid his bag off a chair so Fenris could wordlessly sit beside him. An unspoken question blanketed them both, and Hawke side eyed Fenris, wondering – Do you still love me? Did you ever love me? Tell me.

Fenris gestured at the barmaid, and there was a flash of red. It settled on the surface of the wooden table with a quiet clatter, gauntlets then pressing into the grain. Hawke stared, returned his gaze to Fenris. He was met with Fenris’ olive indifference—such an unmoved look—those bowed lips faintly parted in his unspoken question for the mage.

“Hawke,” he said, eyebrow expectantly raised.

“Fenris,” Hawke replied and settled his arm beside the other’s.

His smile was half-hearted, the corner of his mouth uncomfortable from the force, and the same questions slithered between his pectorals before lazily wrapping around his throat. Yearning and the hope for a beautiful man with crisp words who’d kissed him as if he were dying strangled Hawke into silence; a three-year silence that would forgo every season except winter.

[UPDATED] SM New Boy Band = 9 Members from S.M.ROOKIES? + Debut Through Live Concert

So rumours have been flying around the internet about SM’s new boy band since forever..well since S.M.ROOKIES began & people have been contemplating who is going to make the final cut.

With high possibility candidates Jaehyun & Doyoung (since they were promoted as MCs) having stepped down their MC roles on “Show Champion”, signalling the debut to be round the corner, hawk-eyed SM stans have now narrowed down the candidates to 9 boys - all of which were sent to the SMTOWN Osaka to perform as a team

The rumoured team is as follows:

  • Hansol (Leader)
  • Taeil (Main Vocal)
  • Johnny (Lead Rapper)
  • Taeyong (Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Visual)
  • Yuta (Vocals)
  • Ten (Main Dancer, Vocals)
  • Doyoung (Lead Vocal)
  • Jaehyun (Vocals)
  • Mark (Maknae)

For some fans, Taeil is quite a foreign name as he is not as promoted as the other members. However, he was introduced in the first SMROOKIES event & was spotted with the 8 more heavily promoted boys in Osaka. He is also supposedly a really talented vocalist that the debut team needs.

Will this be the final lineup? Or will there be a few changes? Let’s wait & see. But for now are you liking this potential new SM boy band?

[UPDATE] It has been confirmed by SM that members of S.M.Rookies will meet fans for the first time and interact through S.M.ROOKIES Show every Saturday from August-September in SMTOWN Coex Atrium Center.

9 Moths from 9 Separate Illustrations

All are available for free download, see full manuscript pages below:

Happy National Moth Week!

I noticed yesterday that Kai’s eyes are really starting to get dark, so I put together a collage to show their color change throughout the season. They’ve gone from baby blue, to pale yellow, to light gold, to dark yellow, and now they’re showing the first hints of fiery orange. He’s growing up so fast! 

In another year he’ll have those deep blood-red eyes that give goshawks the nickname “red-eyed devil”

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A quiet neighborhood, Jesse noted. It seemed spaced out enough to have room to play, and shoot cans with a BB gun, though he already got yelled at by a neighbor for ‘accidently’ shooting a squirrel out of the tree after taking a bit of Jesse’s snack.

His father, whom he lives with after his mother ran off, had taken the only source of entertainment away for a short span, calling it a 'grounding’ though he wouldnt be home to much to enact the grounding. But as for right now, while his father was still hawk-eying him, Jesse was clueless.

He laid in the grass, looking up to the summer sky pulling the threads of green from the ground like it was a new feeling. Growing up in new mexico, near the desert, there wasnt much to do but 4-wheel in the sand and shoot off fireworks every now and again when his family would let him. But now, having most of his sources of entertainment taken from him, no, RIPPED, from him when they moved, Jesse was spiteful and cold. It felt like him and his father were against the world, until he heard kids playing.

Jesse perked up, tilting his replica stetson back to see where the noise was coming from, and with eyes landing on a park down the road, Jesse looked back at the quiet, white house behind him to see if his father was watching, and booked it down the road.

The play ground was much larger than he had expected, and busy too. Jesse ran for the obstacle course, and skidded to a stop when he accidently ran into another kid.

“Woah! Sorry there!”