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I just realised... Cullen and Solas both have that pretend-we-were-the-good-guys-and-the-fandom-kisses-our-ass thing going on. Different scales obviously, but the formula is similar. Solas saw terrible shit going on and did nothing until something drastic happened (Mythal killed) and got praised for standing up for the people/slaves. Cullen saw terrible shit going on and did nothing until something drastic happened (Meredith turned on Hawke) and got praised for standing up for the mages.

You’re not the first to point it out that there are parallels to be drawn.

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Excluding the bff Varic, Inquis companions and advisors reacting to finding out that Hawke (who sided with the mages) is at Skyhold.

Cassandra: Her fists clench, her blood boils, and she sees red. Everyone sees her and bolts out of the way when they see her face, full of rage. Varric’s in so much trouble. 

Iron Bull: “Oh, shit. Varric is in so much trouble.” He’s one of the first to find out, due to his skills as a Ben-Hassrath, and he offers help to Varric and Hawke (and a drink or two) should they need it.

Blackwall: He blinks. Once. Twice. “Are… are you the Champion of Kirkwall?” he asks. “Yes.” Hawke replies. After another moment’s silence, he asks if they’d like a drink before and after dealing with Seeker Pentaghast.

Sera: She stares at Hawke for a moment, looks at Varric’s face, and knows who it is. “Well, shit. I know you. Sort of. Welcome?” She turns her attention to Varric. “Do you want help hiding from Cassandra?”

Cole: He’s among the first to greet Hawke alongside Varric. Hawke smiles at the sight of Varric, but a small bit of happiness, but he still feels their guilt and pain. Varric asks him to please not bring it up.

Solas: He greets Hawke politely and praises what they did in Kirkwall. If there’s an appropriate time, he asks them a lot of questions. “Varric did write a book about me, you know.” they remark. He persists anyways.

Dorian: He takes one look at Hawke and shakes his head at Varric. “Well, it was nice knowing you.” he says dryly to him. He extends a hand to Hawke and smiles at them. “It’s a pleasure. We’ll have to talk more some evening in the tavern.”

Vivienne: She looks out over the balcony at Hawke and Varric and looks down to see Cassandra fuming. Calmly, she turns away and simply pours herself some tea. She talks to Hawke about the events of Kirkwall later. If their choice was for the sake of siding with Anders/mage freedom, she disapproves, but if it was for defending the mages from Meredith’s insanity, she’ll be more understanding.

Josephine: She’s in a frenzy to accommodate Hawke and handle shocked visitors and people who see Hawke. The day Hawke arrives is a very busy day for her, and when she finally meets them, she’s polite and kind. Hawke does ask if she’s alright, though.

Leliana: The spymaster knows exactly when Hawke arrives in Skyhold, and her agents closely monitor the situation and update her frequently. When she sees Varric after he and Cassandra fight, she asks if he’s alright and she greets Hawke cordially.

Cullen: He stares at Hawke for several moments before just sighing and hurrying back to work. The man acts somewhat stiff around Hawke, though they eventually get to talking and reach an understanding. They’ve both changed since Kirkwall, and they try to get to know each other.

F*ck the H*wks :D

*lies on floor* 

I think that game killed me. Those last couple of minutes I’m not sure my heart was still beating???? 

To recap: 

  • When I first saw the lineup I was like, Belly? Where are you? :( And then I remembered he’d just had a baby! :D I’m so happy for that family.
  • Me @ VGK commentators: Do you know why I found a Vegas stream? It was so I wouldn’t have to LISTEN to FUCKING hawks praise. Now shut up about that piece of dog shit skating around on the ice, I s2g. 
    • They did also talk about them being on the bottom of Central and getting swept by the Preds, but still. 
  • Suuuuuuuuub
  • Listen, Reilly Smith himself looks like the generic frontman of some boy band to me, but that clean breakaway was Hot. 

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On a scale of 0-10 how good is "Jupiter Ascending"? I have not seen the movie and nor do I want to, but I love Eddie [Redmayne]. I read reviews on Instagram and Tumblr that it was terrible and not interesting. Someone even made a comment on YouTube saying "This guy was in 'Jupiter Ascending'? Someone take his Oscar away!" Considering that a user said this about Eddie who is a well respected actor I was very surprised. I'm just curious to know what you think.

I run a blog called ‘FuckYeahJupiterAscending’,so it’s obviously a given that I love the movie. I gave it a 10 on imdb, and can confidently say it’s the most fun, imaginative and fascinating film I’ve ever seen in the cinema.

When you read reviews saying the movie is “terrible” or “not interesting”, all you are reading are the opinions of other people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but no single opinion is more valid or legitimate than any other. The ultimate opinion when it comes to a film should always be your own.

The people who say Eddie gave a terrible performance are saying that because Eddie gave a deeply affected and theatrical performance. His character, Balem Abrasax, alternates between a wheezing whisper and hysterical screeching - this is because the character is millennia old, insane, absurdly privileged and riddled with with guilt. There are no real-life equivalents for a character like this, so while Eddie can play Stephen Hawking and win praise for capturing the essence of the man, the same can never be true of a character like Balem Abrasax.

If Eddie had given the same type of performance on stage in the role of, say, Ferdinand in The Duchess of Malfi, no one would have blinked an eyelid. But he gave the performance in a modern blockbuster sci-fi film, a type of entertainment where we are used to certain conventions and types of performance. Since Eddie gave a deeply atypical and strange performance (albeit one wholly appropriate for his character, and entirely in line with what his directors wanted), he was met with derision and general bafflement. 

Performance needn’t be about verisimilitude - instead, it’s about conveying certain characteristics and life experiences. Eddie gave a brilliant performance in that regard, telegraphing his character’s derangement, instability and regret with great skill. It was very impressive, but you need to be prepared for a performance that’s stylised and affected rather than naturalistic.

Becoming Hawking: How Eddie Redmayne Prepared to Play a Brilliant Scientist

In order to play the many sides of famed British scientist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything,” actor Eddie Redmayne kept a trio of images tacked up on the wall of his trailer for inspiration.

One, for genius, was a photo of Albert Einstein. Next was James Dean, because, he says, Hawking is “such a ladies man.” And third, a joker from a deck of cards. Why? So he never forgot Hawking’s wry sense of humor. “If you’re in a room with him, he’s definitely running the room,” Redmayne told the Associated Press.

The inspiration worked. Calling it “the closest I will come to time travel,” Hawking recently praised the actor’s performance in “Theory of Everything,” available to own now on Digital HD and Feb. 17 on Blu-ray/DVD. And Hawking is not alone.

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