hawk and animal


beginning to feel magickal again! i charged all of the crystals in my fibonacchi bowl with my intentions, & i opened myself up to my guides for more healing & knowledge. after Ember found that tiny hawk feather on our walk the other day, i feel called to work with my spirit animal again. i also want to rearrange my altar a bit, which i am going to do tomorrow. i feel some creativity coming on! excited to manifest even more love~ 🌿🌞💚✨💚🌞🌿

I was casting a spur-of-the-moment spell when all of the sudden...

a red tailed hawk landed on my kitchen widow seal. I hadn’t bothered to cast a protective circle before hand, and I guess someone got curious. The bird surprised me, I’ll admit. I wasn’t expecting a bird of prey to pop in and be like “Hi! Whatcha casting’?” I squeaked out a small hello and she flew off. I finished my spell and wondered if it would work since I was so distracted. I did. Now I wonder if the hawk helped out…I just don’t know. Probably never will. 


Wow, what a rare boy!
This is a Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk!
Leucism is a genetic condition in which parts or all of an animal’s body surface lack cells capable of producing any type of pigment. This is not quite albinism, but a tad similar.
This beauty is being cared for my Nature World Wildlife Rescue. We rehab, resvue, and release sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife.