-The silence of hawks and herons.  Some silences are more profound.

-There’s a certain discipline that is gained through sanding and smoothing the places no one will ever see.

-The sting of fresh ground peppercorns and robust olive oil.

This was my day.


Did some hawk health checks today, and I got to handle our sweet old man.

This hawk–affectionately known among staff and volunteers as Old Man Red Tail–has been with our program since 1996 and already had his red tail, which makes him at least 21 years old. For those who aren’t familiar with the normal life expectancy for a red-tailed hawk, that’s pretty freaking ancient. As you can see in the last picture, he doesn’t perch terribly well–he has a bad case of arthritis in his right talon, though he’s responded incredibly well to the medication we’ve been giving him over the last year! 

His left eye is badly damaged and basically blind, and he’s somewhat brain-damaged–all the result of a car strike years and years ago. He was deemed non-releasable by his rehabber, and thus came to join our program.

Remember: Don’t throw trash by the roadside, not even biodegradable food trash. The waste will draw mice and other small rodents to the road, which in turn draws birds of prey. These visual hunters don’t look away once they’ve spotted their meal, and will swoop right in front of a car without a second thought. That impact could result in death or, like Old Man here, permanent injury and a life in captivity. 

Learn a lesson from Old Man’s story, and do what you can to protect his free-flying brothers and sisters!

Commission - Garudamon

Please note, this piece was a custom-made commission. It is not for sale nor will it be duplicated. Additionally, I am not taking any new orders for sculptures based on licensed characters. Thank you for your understanding.

Materials : Apoxie Sculpt, Sculpey Firm/Super Sculpey, Wire and Mesh Armature, Cel Vinyl, Wood Base

Dimensions : 9.5" Tall, 10" Wingspan, on a 5" base

Time Taken : 25 hours

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