Elephant Journal "Poetry, Yoga and Inner City Youth: An Interview with HawaH."

Bob: Hi, HawaH. Welcome to Elephant Journal. Tell our readers about this exciting new Poetry of Yoga project you’re working on. What’s it all about?

HawaH: I am searching for poetry from the far reaches of the globe… I’m searching for the modern day Rumis’ and Hafizs’. I want them to breathe life into this book anthology and I want this collection of poetry to be evidence and testament to the growing movement of yoga around the world. Continue Reading

It has just barely hit me...

It’s my 3rd year in Key Club…I have one more year in this amazing club. I feel like time has passed me by so fast! I remember being a freshman and walking into my very first Key Club meeting like it was just yesterday! And now it’s already my 3rd year? Wow…

Hawh I remember being in middle school and being told by my older siblings about this club. I was in 6th grade and I was always picked on. I was the quiet nerdy girl who never spoke to people unless they did first. LOL. Then my older siblings told me about this club. And that club they told me about, I instantly fell in love with. This club that I yearned to be in. This club that gave me hope. This club that did so much for me. Honestly this club has been in my life for 6 years. I feel like it’s been only 2 years. 

This club has given me so many experiences, changes, realizations, and has opened so many doors for me that I couldn’t have done on my own. Key club has been the key to most of my chances. It’s made me become a person that’s proud of herself. A person that’s more open to meeting new people. A person who is more confident in helping herself and helping others. A person who glad to help her community. 

I couldn’t of been half the person I am now if I had never joined this club. Haha I think I would still be the “super socially awkward asian geek who is always quiet and in the corner” hahaha! 

I’ll always love this precious club of mine. :) <3 Thank you for giving me all these experiences and so much more. I hope my experiences will open more in my Senior year. Thank you for everything you’ve done/given to me so far. <3 Hopefully I can pay it back to my community one day. :) Slowly but surely I will. haha <3