This looks bad.

Hawkguy Christmas ornaments for our (amazing, pictures forthcoming) homemade Christmas tree! The gingerbread bodies are foam and came in a little kit with decorative elements. I made gingerKate and gingerClint first, with mostly things from the kit, sharpies, and a little bit of paint. Then, since the “girls” all had skirts, I decided it it would be fun to make Natasha, Bobbi, and Jess from Hawkeye #9. They look so rad in person, and I couldn’t be happier with how they came out.

For Natasha, the dress, boots, and “fishnets” are all sharpie. The belt is made of circles cut out from sparkly yellow foam from our turkey kit. Her hair is red cardstock, cut out and with some details drawn in sharpie.

Bobbi’s dress and boots are acrylic paints, and her hair is cut out from a shimmery yellow cardstock with details drawn in sharpie.

Jess’s dress is a combo of sharpie and acrylics. I drew all of the shapes in thin black sharpie, then did each color one by one. (The red, blue, and black are sharpie, the yellow and white are paint.) The socks are yellow paint and the shoes/details are sharpie. Her hair is cut out of construction paper, then painted over with a metallic black fabric paint and a sparkly black nail polish.

Their faces are all glittery eyes from the kit with details in sharpie. The playing cards are construction paper, painted white and then drawn on with sharpie.

Aside from the gingerbread kit, everything is made out of things I already had in the house, which is basically my favorite kind of craft! I’m sure I’ll be making more gingerheroes before the month is out, cos this was too much fun.


Guys, we started a petition today opposing Scottish newspaper, the Press and Journal’s decision to give Donald Trump a weekly column in their newspaper. Not only is Trump continually proving himself to be a bigoted, racist, divisive, anti-feminist and general all round arsehole, he’s also deeply unpopular in the North East of Scotland (where this paper is based) due to his actions during the establishing of his golf course there.

Scotland has a history of standing up to Trump and his bullying ways (a classic photo springs to mind). A lassie from Aberdeen recently started a petition asking for MPs to ban him from entering the UK that received so many signatures it had to be debated in parliament. Let’s continue this trend and clearly show that the Scottish people do not want to see Donald Trump’s dangerous and damaging views aired in the Scottish media. 

And what’s more, I’m not going to bed until we get over 100 signatures. 

So, please support the petition and my sleeping pattern! Read more about our decision to make the petition here: 


And please sign and share. 

Thank youuuuuu!!