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Make Strong (Shasta Dam version)

Hawai'ian singer/songwriter Hawane Rios shared this beautiful song during her visit to McCloud River country, and she gave us permission to use it to oppose the raising of Shasta Dam.

On Hawane’s Hawai'i Island her people are standing against the desecration of their sacred mountain, Mauna Kea, by the planned construction of an 18-story telescope.

– Music by Hawane Rios
– Video by Will Doolittle

Artist Satement:
“Make Strong” was written in honor of all the people around the world who are choosing to stand up for what they believe in positivity and love. “Make Strong” was inspired by the words of Papa Mau Pialug, who taught us how to voyage again, “make strong like a mountain”. It is my tribute to the Winnemem Wintu and their journey to protect their ceremonial sites.
– na Hāwane

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