Granted, thinking of it, getting high in a public aquarium probably wasnt the best or most responsible idea Ole ever had had. And on hindsight, Terry should probably have known better than to accept candy from a demon in a tasteless hawaiishirt, who he maybe knew for two days.
But that day his mortal soul saw colors humans where never meant to see, creatures humans never where supposed to know existed. Beasts formed and despawned in front of terrys very eyes, in a display of the neverending circle of life and death, not just in HD and technicolor, but in shapes and hues not even science knew existed……

They found themselves back at a beachbar, Where that doublemilkshake and the inflateable octopus came from wasn’t questioned. They also didnt question where those new shirts had emerged.
Ole needed a drink. He ordered a nonalcoholic caipirinha.
“Man. Etheral sharks are such bitches.”

Terry belongs to @jesterdraws again thanks a TON for letting me draw these two dudes together. I enjoy this greatly.
Actually, this picture kind of has a musicvideo belonging to it, though obviously I didnt make that myself: https://cheetahtroutmusic.tumblr.com/post/163553803449