hawaiin shirt

youre on my phone. you wanna scope out my music taste, so you open pandora. i have one station, a Nirvana Station. you groan cuz im probably a weirdo edgy “classics” elitist. you tap the station anyway just to listen. mamamoo’s “You’re The Best” comes up, and you realize that through a series of carefully planned up and down thumbs ive manipulated the station to be exclusively k-pop. and then you realize ive planned this all along, i saw your nosiness coming, in fact im right behind you, grinning, wearing those sunglasses that flip upwards & a “hawaiin” shirt from walmart, and tight boxer briefs. i have two girlfriends in my arms now, one of them was yours till just a moment ago. i dont even use pandora, i use spotify.


Asgore trims a hedge in the likeness of one of the greatest Royal Guards ever to live!

”Hey Pap! Come take a selfie with me and the hedge! :3″

@nerdyart13431 Thanks so much for the idea! When I read your note, it gave me an amazing idea *W* I had so much fun making this! I need to animate Asgore more. He’s so cool. :O

There’s a Disney reference in there /somewhere/. xDD (Its so blatant, but I dare not say what it is in hopes that someone can recognize it ;3 )

Also! Doing the ‘Chowder’-style clothing pattern textures are a lot of fun on Flipnote xD time consuming, but fun! :D I love Asgore’s pink hawaiin shirt. xD

Yakuza 3 is like, surgically unmemorable which I don’t know how that happens for a game about an ex-yakuza orphanage runner and father of 12 children in a hawaiin shirt and kakis fighting the CIA led by Albert Wesker but somehow they did it.

Do you ever think about how odd it would be if Harry weren’t a celebrity and still looked the way he looked? Like just try and imagine Harry walking around in heeled suede boots and half-buttoned Hawaiin shirts walking into a gas station like “yeah I’ll have a pack of gum and here’s $15 to put on pump five”. And the cashier lady would just be like “wtf man why do you look like a pretty string bean with hair?”