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2nd Gen Captains Headcanons

these are some headcanons i have for the next batch of captains (specifically Yahaba, Ennoshita, Shirabu, Futakuchi, Akaashi, Terushima, and Yamamoto) and how they are all buds. Leggo

  • Yahabu and Shirabu are actually really good friends. they decided not to be complete rivals like Ushi and Oikawa 
    • salty af bffs
  • Enno learned from the best (Suga) and learned everyone’s secrets and weaknesses before exposing his true evil self
    • they all live in fear of the day he finally loses his mind and destroys them all with the black mail he has
  • Terushim aka Captain Bisexual- is so goddamn gay for Akaashi. I mean, look at him he’s so pRETyyy!
  • Setter Skwad going on group shopping trips and looking fly as fuck
    • (Akaashi had to pick out Shirabu’s clothes for him so he didn’t ruin their aesthetic with his fucking hawaiin print shirt)
  • Teru and Yama took Enno out on a ‘the not setter skwad’ trip and Enno just spent an hour screaming into the void to prepare
  • Futakuchi is such a bitch and they have a board that counts how many days without sarcastic remark
    • it has never passed 3
  • But honestly everyone else loves him and the minute someone not in their squad insults him or threatens him they form up and prepare for battle
  • Akaashi and Yamamoto are the best of friends and they hang at each other’s houses a lot with Kenma and have sleepovers
  • Yahaba is the saltiest person on the planet but he is also the best person to go to for advice
  • Ennoshita is just waiting for death to claim him honestly
  • Akaashi and Enno go out together once a month and calmly drink shit talk their teammates and the other captains
  • Everyone teases Yahaba about his crush on Kyoutani
    • at all times
      • forever
  • Yamamoto is best friends with Tanaka and he keeps trying to drop hints that the other boy should ask Ennoshita out
  • Shirabu is not actually aware of his crush on Semi
    • the others dont’ tell him because its adorable
  • Futakuchi is too bitter for love but he enjoys making fun of Aone and Hinata’s relationsip
  • Akaashi literally never shuts up about Bokuto
    • is constantly showing them photos of his hot bf
    • “have you seen my BOYFRIEND Bokuto, look at how hot he is, he’s not wearing a shirt, look at those arms”
  • Teru talks about Hana ALL THE TIME but doesnt seem to realize his crush
  • Yamamoto is cool right now. HE’s focusing on him and his team.
  • Enno has panic attacks sometimes and when he does its always Yahaba that calms him down best
  • I love them all so much and i want the manga to continue so i can see them be captains and grow up and progress even more as characters.

And thats all the creativity i have time for tonight.

My dad is a really cool guy.  He’s very comfortable being himself, and it’s a lesson I wish I had learned from him way earlier.

I remember when I was in 4th grade and the Spice Girls were the biggest thing ever.  I was a little obsessed.  My dad bought a Spice Girls CD and as soon as we brought it home, I played it for hours.  

At one point, I decided I wanted to hang out by myself, so I grabbed the CD out of the player in the living room and was headed to my bedroom, and my dad just goes “Ummmm… excuse me?  Where are you going with my CD?”

And I was just floored, because I honestly assumed he had bought it for me.  But it turns out he’s got a huge soft spot for girly pop music, and he wasn’t ashamed of it at all.  He also loves musical theater, painting, acting, cooking and wearing brightly colored Hawaiin shirts.  While at the same time being the man who taught me how to play D&D, fish, change a tire, brew beer, and work with power tools.

I had such a good role model, sometimes it saddens me that it took me so long to get over worrying what people think about my hobbies and interests.  And also to learn that hobbies aren’t gendered.  Anyway, I love my dad.


Art School | Q&A with Luke Pelletier (LA)

Hawaiian shirts, toucans, palm trees, tiki drinks, alligators, and panthers are just a few of the characters you’ll find in Los Angeles based artist and musician Luke Pelletier’s works.  Creating fun, bold, and brightly colored scenes from an imagined paradise, Luke has done collaborations with Valley Cruise Press, Mike Vallely, and most recently with Darkstar skateboards.  We’re excited to have him in our Art School Q&A where we talk about his recent trip to Milan, his band The See Ya Laters, and his process and approach to painting. 

Portrait by Broza Photo

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anonymous asked:

Do you just have a bunch of humanoid pokemon all wearing tacky hawaiin shirts? I can only imagine a Incineroar and UB-02 Absorption keep flexing there sleeves off.

yes. not pictured: my hitmonchan trying to get out of the alola button up I duct-taped him into.