Olympics Voltron au

or, where Valery has spent the last week watching Olympics nonstop:

  • Lance plays for the Colombian soccer team and is always disappointed in his teammates
    • He wants his teammates to get their shit together
    • You can usually see him screaming “hIJUEPUTA” whenever one of his teammates misses a shot
    • He has a secret crush on #ElReyDavid Ospina
    • Lance thinks James Rodriguez is full of shit
    • Every time he scores a goal, he does a little dance
  • Hunk is a Samoan weightlifter who is always miles, whether he wins or loses
    • Everyone cheers for him because he’s super likeable, he gets along great with the other weightlifters
    • Every time (without exception!) a weightlifter finishes his turn, Hunk is always there to say “Wow, that was great! Hope I can outdo you, haha!”
    • Has made the other competitors question their sexuality
    • Does a little dance every time
    • Really excited to be at the Olympics!!! He’s at the Olympics!!!! Even if he loses, he lost to some really kickass guy from Uzbekistan at the Olympics!!!!!
  • Pidge is a New Zealander table tennis/ping pong player and will always kick your ass
    • Has gone to court w/the sports committee on multiple occasions because “they think she has too much testosterone” and has won
    • Is an inspiration for young nonbinary and androgynous kiddies, has signed many rackets
    • L o t s of fanmail from said kiddies saying how they’ve never seen another famous (”Famous? I didn’t know I was that big outside of New Zealand”) person like them, lots of teenagers pouring out their lives into their letters
    • Pidge makes sure to visit each one
    • Pidge also makes sure to be updated on the new Olympic memes
  • Keith is a South Korean fencer and hates how much his mask messes up his carefully stylized hair
    • Super hyped for the Olympics!
    • Loves his teammates dearly
    • At this point, he has surrendered to the mask and rarely ever brushes his hair (he washes it tho)
    • One time he body-slammed into the other fencer, but the other fencer also body-slammed into him, and the very nice Italian guy made sure he was ok
    • Is the type of person to screech every time he gets a point
  • Shiro is a Japanese boxer who can fill up a stadium with people who went there mostly because they’re Thirsty, but ends up having a bunch of fans who see that he’s actually v good at boxing
    • He’s super friendly with his fans, which garners him even moRE
    • Lets little kids beat him
    • Pays total attention to whoever’s talking to him
  • Allura is the native Hawaiian swimmer, and whenever it’s her turn to compete, the stadium is packed with girls
    • Has awakened everyone’s sexuality
    • Can kick your ass
    • Wants to high-five Katie Ledecky but doesn’t think she’d be able to handle it
    • Water-proof makeup always on point™
  • Coran is Allura’s stepdad and couch, and screams a lot when it’s her turn. He’s from Germany
    • Gets along well with Katinka Hosszú’s husband
    • Always makes the audience make a wave
    • Always films Allura swimming like a good parent
    • V proud of his Allura!

They all live in Hawaii

Lance and Hunk went to school together, so they have some history together, met Keith and Pidge in high school, and after going on a very dangerous hike met Shiro

There was a Smash tournament going on behind Walgreens near their high school, and that’s where they met Allura

They teamed up and beat everyone else, and effectively named themselves Team Voltron

Now, at the Olympics, whenever they’re not in their own competitions, they go support the other in their own race

Coran buys everyone ice cream afterwards (and when I say everyone, I mean everyone – all the fencers Keith competed against, all the weightlifters, all the boxers, both soccer teams, all the ping pong players, and all the swimmers Allura swam against)