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Language Apps I Use

I got a lot of questions asking me what specific apps I use so here you are (in alphabetical order by language):

Arabic (Nemo Apps)
Arabic English Dictionary (iComet)
Arabic Alphabet (Hamdouchi Interactive)
Learn Arabic (Greg Vick)

The ASL App (Ink & Salt)
How to Sign Language! (Kinetix)
Signing Savvy (Signing Savvy)

Dutch (Nemo Apps)
Learn Dutch Language (Andrian Andronic)
Learn Dutch ツ (xinsight)
Learn Dutch iLang (Greg Vick)

Intense Esperanto (Chuck Smith)
Esperanto Flashcards (improvingmedia.com)

Finnish (Nemo Apps)
Learn Finnish Language (Andrian Andronic)
Learn Finnish (Innovative Language Learning)
Learn Finnish (Greg Vick)

French (Nemo Apps)
Learn French (Busuu Limited)
Learn French (MindSnacks)

German (Nemo Apps)
Learn German (MindSnacks)
Learn German (Busuu Limited)
Learn German iLang (Greg Vick)

Greek (Nemo Apps)
Learn Greek (Renkara Media Group)
Learn Greek (Innovative Language Learning)
Greek Alphabet Cards (Mulishani)
Learn Greek (Greg Vick)

Hawaii Words (BranchenKing)
Hawaiian Word of the Day (Logic High Software)

Hebrew (Nemo Apps)
Learn Hebrew (Renkara Media Group)
The AlephBet App (Russel Neiss)
Learn Hebrew (Innovative Language Learning)

Hindi (Nemo Apps)
Learn Hindi (Codegent)
Learn Hindi (Innovative Language Learning)
Learn Hindi (Greg Vick)

Indonesian (Nemo Apps)
Learn Indonesian iLang (Greg Vick)
Learn Indonesian Free (Bravolol Limited)

Irish Gaelic:
Irish Gaelic (Nemo Apps)
Irish Flascards (improvingmedia.com)
Irish by Living Language (Random House)

Italian (Nemo Apps)
Italian English Dictionary (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Italian (MindSnacks)
Learn Italian (Greg Vick)

Japanese (Nemo Apps)
Kanji Star (Aidan Povedano)
Human Japanese Lite (Brak Software)
TenguGo Kana (TenguLogi)

Korean (Nemo Apps)
Hangeul 101 (Ubik Technology)
Korean English Dictionary (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Korean Language (Andrian Andronic)
Scribe Korean (Guiix)
PopPopping Korean (Hansol Education)

Mandarin Chinese:
Mandarin Chinese (Nemo Apps)
Learn Chinese Free (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Chinese (MindSnacks)
ChineseSkill (ChineseSkill Co.)
Learn Mandarin Chinese (ChineseSkill Co.)

Polish (Nemo Apps)
Learn Polish Free (Renkara Media Group)
Learn Polish (Innovative Language Learning)

Portuguese (Nemo Apps)
Learn Portuguese (MindSnacks)
Learn Portuguese (Greg Vick)
Learn Portuguese Free (Bravolol Limited)

Russian (Nemo Apps)
Learn Russian Free (Renkara Media Group)
Learn Russian (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Russian (Greg Vick)

Swedish (Nemo Apps)
Learn Swedish Language (Andrian Andronic)
Learn Swedish (Innovative Language Learning)
Learn Swedish with Fabulo (Hallberg Ryman)
Learn Swedish (Greg Vick)

Thai (Nemo Apps)
Speak Thai (McCann Worldgroup Thailand)
Learn Thai (Greg Vick)

Turkish (Nemo Apps)
Learn Turkish Free (Renkara Media Group)
Learn Turkish (Greg Vick)
CleverDeck Turkish Flashcards (Tea Time Inc.)
Learn Turkish Free (Bravolol Limited)

Vietnamese (Nemo Apps)
Learn Vietnamese Free (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Vietnamese (Innov. Language Learning)
Learn Vietnamese Free (Thomas Hornbeck)

All of these apps are free but that works for me because I’m not extremely dedicated in any of these languages, so you may or may not like them. If you don’t, there’s plenty others out there, trust me.

lycanthrotp  asked:

Ayyy I love your writing!! Can I request 5 or 8 for the prompt meme??

5. “shh…hey shh. i’ve got you alright?”

So I got a lot of requests for prompt #5, from you and from a couple anons. I bet you all thought I was going to go angsty with it, right? Haha, wrong!  Cute fluffy modern AU set in Hawaii starts…now. <3

(ps: ‘haole’ is a Hawaiian word that is used to refer to non-Hawaiians, specifically, these days, white people. It can be used as an insult but I’ve also heard it used just as a descriptor - most people don’t use it in polite company tho)

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