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I think I just saw Fahc!Jack Patillo

Okay hear me out, I was on the school bus riding home and out the window I saw an all Rimmy Tim purple car, and it had really orange headlights (okay that sounds like a stretch but all of the lights were orange and they were slowing down when I saw them so it was pretty prominent) but despite that when I saw the driver through the rolled down window, I was a little shocked; an older woman, maybe in her late 40’s, with short and wavy ginger hair and sunglasses. She was also wearing a kind of light blue tank top with Hawaiian flowers and patterns on it. I know it sounds crazy but I think I just saw Jack Patillo driving one of Jeremy’s cars

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Do an alolan Ditto

i had two ideas for this one!

this alolan ditto is water/grass type and made of aloe vera. it can’t transform at all but it’s very soothing on your skin and can heal burns!

this alolan ditto is a normal/grass type. it does a much better job of copying faces than your average ditto, but everything it turns into gets a hawaiian shirt pattern…

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Hello, can you please write headcannons what would Chuya or Dazai wear during hot days?

Of course I can~ Summer is approaching slowly and the hot weather will come upon us.

Osamu Dazai

  • at home, he will most likely walk around NAKED. I think he live alone, so of course nobody could see him like that. And naked is the best solution against hot weather because any form of clothing can be a pain in the ass. Though the police will visit him frequently because he was seen on the balcony waving to strangers - naked
  • on the other hand, when he has work or is around other people, his clothing will show some convienient stuff. He will wear all kinds of t-shirts (maybe even such hawaiian shirts with funny patterns) and shorts. And when I say shorts I mean something like THIS. Just imagine Dazai arriving at the ADA dressed in THAT and Fukuzawa raises an brow. “Dazai.. what is that supposed to mean? Dress properly.” and Dazai is all gonna be like: “My balls melt when I don’t put them there ;-;”
  • Well at beach when he has to wear swim shorts he is a bit more modest and wear a t-shirt that covers parts of his bandaged body. But you don’t see him much around since he always looks for shadows.

Chuuya Nakahara

  • Chuuyas fashion doesn’t allow him to suit hot weather. He doesn’t like those shirts or shorts. So when it’s hotter than usual, he only get rid of his long coat and the black vest, leaving him in his white buttoned shirt. He will not show anymore skin and even if he would die from sweating, that is Chuuyas fashion.
  • he will make an exception at beach of course, getting some black swim shorts and leaving him bare with just his choker (and hat). Though he doesn’t like being like this because all the ladies went crazy.
  • When he is alone and in his freetime, he may forget about his fashion and wear light clothes. an open white shirt and some blue shorts. Though Chuuya handles hot weather with taking cold showers at least 10 times per day. That is his way to fight the weather without looking stupid in light clothes.

Sole Party 2.0 Day 2:

The Party has started and your Sole has just arrived! What are they wearing? How was their arrival and did they bring anything to the party? 

As this is a spring time party Dread will be sure to arrive in one of his fave flashy outfits, a patterned Hawaiian shirt and slacks. His friends have dubbed this the “Dad shirt” without his knowledge.

As Dread is a flashy guy not only in style but personality, he will be sure to make sure his presence is known as he arrives. He will happily greet the host and inform them that he brought the entertainment nudging toward the drinking buddy beside him. “Not only does he provide drinks he’s got some good jokes too! You’ll love him!” Dread will then scout the room for anyone he may know. After a quick look around he goes off to mingle drink in hand hoping someone recognizes him.

sole party is hosted by @hawkfurze

day 1 [x]


Trifiesta Day 6 - Married Life / Family

In which they wear each others’ clothes.

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To summon the Jazor, I set out a sword, a skull-patterned Hawaiian shirt, a Doctor Doom mask, a box set of the original trilogy (without the weird CGI remastering stuff), and brandy (in a glass, because I'm not a fucking heathen).

Voila! The Jazor appears and gladly accepts the brandy, though he’s more of a Scotch guy, AND he would have drunk it off the floor if need be because he does what he wants and a good brandy isn’t to be wasted because it iS A GOOD BEVERAGE UNLIKE-


A deal may now be struck with the Jazor, who is probably appraising the sword, sporting the shirt, wearing the Doom mask, and preparing his VCR.

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Will smiled, looking up at Nico from his sprawled position. "You could get a bunch of Hawaiian flower patterned swim trunks. Have them in all different colours. Pay homage to that great shirt you were wearing when I first met you." There was something soft in the teasing look on Wills face, and Nico could tell he was trying to subtly ease the tension. It worked, because almost immediately Nico was laughing quietly. "I could wear the shirt with the trunks. Then I'd blend in with all you surfers."

“I think you would look great in any swim suit you chose. Heck, some people even swim naked.” Will laughed as Nico blushed. “Maybe some time before that happens,” Nico replied. Somehow, with Will right there it made the future seem a little bit closer. “But I’d like to try.” “Well, we can start small and work up. It’s your turn.” “What makes you so confident?” Nico always wondered this. Will just seemed so sure of himself.
Will only laughed again. “Wow, loaded question.” Nico started to wonder if he should take it back when Will started answering. “Well, some people need someone else to be confident for them,” Nico nodded when he realized that Will was talking about him. On a more serious note, Will also added, “being confident, it helps hide the panic and the worry and the fear. If I’m confident when something’s wrong and my siblings turn to me, they can see me and calm down. They trust me to take care of the situation. Even if I’m inwardly panicking, if I’m outwardly confident, then no problem.” Nico thought about that for a moment, imagining all the times that Will was so cool and collected when something was going terribly wrong. He didn’t think he had ever seen Will panic before. Except when they were in his cabin earlier. “So it’s a coping method?” Nico finally asked.

The thing that makes me wonder about PTA Sans is… how come Sans always swears?  Like, I don’t recall him ever swearing in any of routes… Well I mean there is the famous ‘*on these days…. kid like you… s h o u l d  b u r n  i n  h e l l’

But that’s literally the only time I can think of when Sans drops his poker face and shows some raw emotion?  I mean, I can see him being a little more vocal about it when you piss him off enough and try to hurt his family, but other than that, he’s pretty laid back?

Sans just makes sure to wear the most obnoxious Hawaiian floral pattern, telling everyone his best uncle jokes and giving Frisk boney-bear hugs despite his pudgy appearance (bc frisk is a smol still for their age and even sans can pick em up), let frisk run off to play with their friends.  

Toriel, however… would be like, twice as defensive if any of the parents speak badly about her child.  Because we KNOW Toriel gets upset on the topic of anyone messing with her children.  Like, if she gives a failing grade to Linda’s kids and she accuses her of giving Frisk ‘special treatment’ because she’s a mom.  Toby even said Toriel has swore before… and although she’s a teacher and can’t risk her dream job, she will NOT tolerate you speaking about her baby in that way!  Sans overhears from his group of audience with other parents around the table, and just being his nonchalant self approaches Linda calmly and tells her ‘sup.  linda, right?  could you do me and tori here a favor?  actually sit with your kids and help them study.  maybe you’ll learn somethin’ together instead of taking our your frustrations on my girlfriend here, who’s only doin’ her job.’ 

fake ah crew aesthetics
  • geoff: hot pink, crisp white linen, abstract art, long fingers, cleanliness, high fashion, greyscale, stacks of money, minimalism
  • jack: plane windows, freckles, blinding sunlight, hawaiian patterns, thrift stores, wide skies, blurry polaroids, bedsheets, messy hair
  • ryan: dark shadows, wasteland, plants, black blood, bare skin, messages on bathroom walls, bronze, sleek cars, roman art, smirking
  • michael: canvas wrapped around fingers, bloody knuckles, leather, burnt orange skies, alleys, lions and wolves, fireworks, expensive white sneakers
  • gavin: japanese fashion, 80's fonts, vintage patches, peeling gold paint, sunkissed skin, pale gradients, mini handmade things, glitches, scribbled handwriting
  • ray: overexposed images, rooftops, tiny tattoos, embridered poetry, legs hanging off edges, nintendo, rose gold, skateboards, pink neon, ghosts
  • jeremy: yellowing bruises, cats, storms, flowers growing in sidewalk cracks, scraped knuckles, bones showing, flexibility, daffodils, stubble
  • matt: mirrors, plaid, being unkempt, soil, mechanical parts, symmetry, faded old pictures, raw metals, overcast days, eyes screwed shut, calloused hands
  • lindsay: scuffed converse, wings, riots, mixed drinks, crimson, hidden knives, sharp canines, 90's fashion, pins, rollerblades, tigers, bold eyebrows
  • kdin: strange glitches, glowing keyboards, unreality, dark rooms, white noise, blur, clicking and tapping, bitter cold, collections
  • trevor: double exposure, brightly coloured pills, small pops of colour, bumblebees, graffiti, baby blue, stick-n-poke tattoos, undercuts, neatness
  • barbara: smoky eye, nude lipstick, purple skies, urban fashion, darkness, burnt yellow, cigarette butts, blowing kisses, gold, bleach, bitten nails, toxicity
  • meg: rich colours, sugar and venom, blood red, lingerie, pretty knives, black strappy clothes, lollipops, feral grins, claw-like nails, matte lips
  • mica: long perfect nails, lavender, black lips, ashes, cracked iphones, counting money, sparklers, jello shots, sunsets, city glimmer, sharp outlines

I sure hope so.. The heavily patterned Hawaiian I got in February took forever in quarantine to accept foods, upon which time I let her into the main tank. I just spotted her a couple weeks ago and she was rail skinny like she had forgotten Pangea is food. Been trying different foods again to entice her (different Pangea mixes, different fruits, nectar in the Pangea, etc) and I did once catch her eating. Hopefully she bounces back and finds her appetite. Unsure about her though.

My other Hawaiian I’ve had longer is doing great though, but she is not as heavily marked. Still very cute and light colored though.

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Any headcanons as to why Jack likes Hawaiian patterns?

It reminds them of vacations they used to take before settling down with a crew. It wasn’t just Hawaii either. At 18 they studied abroad in Puerto Rico. At 21 they were sipping margaritas in the Florida Keys. And who could forget the two weeks they spent with Geoff in Bora Bora?

Tropical vacations were the most memorable vacations, marking vivid turning points in Jack’s life. Between the gore and darkness that comes with a life of crime they need that reminder of the good old days.

come at me with some more fahc questions/ headcanons


TROPI-GAL - P.O.T.W. - Sally Hansen - pucker up

  • Sally Hansen - pucker up + green with envy + crushed + white on + bubblegum pink + breezy blue
  • Revlon - expresso
  • Love & Beauty - lime + clear (glitter) + sage
  • N.O.P.I. - hit the lights
  • Essie - naughty nautical

This is the second look using Sally Hansen - pucker up. Visit the CHALLENGES -> P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches!

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I want to go to Jamaica with Harry. Get drunk together, roast the others together and exchange clothes...he would be in my dress and I would be in his shorts and shirt with hawaiian pattern and end up waking up at something house and didn't know witch house is it. I want it so bad now.