hawaiian ghost stories

So I was talkin’ about a Hawaiian!AU, right? Well, here, Kagome is a Japanese immigrant, and she meets InuYasha, who’s mother was also a Japanese immigrant, and his father was one of the sacred wild dog messengers of the Fire Goddess, Pele. And because of InuYasha’s strange nature, many of the native Hawaiians worship him, while others are wary, to say the least.

I decided the setting would be in the 1910s, because that was when there was a huge wave of asian immigrants (mostly Japanese and Korean) looking for jobs in plantations and factories, and it was also the time where Hawaiian culture was really blending with so much diversity, and there was a lot of Modern/Westernization vs. Tradition and ancient beliefs. A perfect backdrop for ghost-hunting, right? (since there are a ton of Hawaiian/Japanese ghost stories - it’s crazy)