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Agent Carter fandom moments
  • like the first episode when peggy ate one scone and everyone was like SCONES
  • last year comic con when someone asked hayley who her favorite couple was and the producers banned her from saying cartinelli so she just gestured to herself and lyndsey repeatedly 
  • season 1 second to last episode that ended with the gas attack and everyone was like howard why!!!!??
  • “I know how much steve meant to you because of how much he means to me”
  • Peggy with cap’s shield
  • all the amazing cosplay 
  • when hayley called peggy “a women’s woman”
  • when hayley said she wants peggy to be bi
  • Peggy’s hat
  • “Miss Union Jack” “Never speak again”
  • Meninist Jack Thompson
  • that time peggy almost killed a man cause he slapped angie’s ass omg
  • tripping along 21 gay street
  • the griffith women and food
  • anything jarvis ever said 
  • when we actually though angie was gonna be in season 2
  • when angie was in that one episode and lyndsey just tweeted “#cartinelli lol”
  • lesbian thespian
  • the part of the fandom that really ships jack and peggy why
  • when peggy sassed Dooley, Thompson and sousa in one scene and the reaction to it
  • jarvis and the flamingo
  • when peggy rejected sousa to move in with angie omfg
  • little peggy flashback where she was saving princesses from dragons
  • the betty carver radio show and “the real thing is considerably more impressive”
  • three words: diner fight scene
  • half the fandom loving sousa and half hating him
  • jason wilkes being precious but v unnecessary
  • everyone doing all those online polls to get season 2
  • sousa’s wardrobe aka sweater vests and hawaiian shirts 
  • everything

i think about this post every day so i drew a fanart 

grantaire in the style of baz lurhmann’s romeo + juliet

because a modernization of les mis with original dialogue (+ the amis running around in hawaiian shirts) is literally everything i want in the world 


Call nā po‘e ka lani, nā po‘e moana, nā po‘e ka hōnua – the people of the heavens, the people of the ocean, and the people of the land, we’re all just one big family in how we work together in preserving everything,” says Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary volunteer Kimokeo Kapahulehua. 

Watch our video to hear Kimokeo’s story from the blue.

Ficlet from The Bridge verse

Siblings are a pain.

Amy doesn’t really see why she has to attend Mal Cobb’s birthday party. The Cobbs are more Eames’ friends than hers. She does like Mal, though (even if she’s undecided about Mal’s awkward husband Dom), and she got an invite, so she goes uptown with Eames to the Cobbs’ apartment, gift in hand.

“Mal must like having you in New York,” she says to her brother in the elevator. She doesn’t kid herself that she’s the only reason Eames chose to flee here from Canada (all things considered, she is probably quite low on the list). Eames shrugs jerkily, staring at the elevator doors.

“Let’s not bring it up.”

“Just trying to help you look on the bright side,” she grumbles, before the elevator stops and the doors open with a ding. Eames sighs and steps past her. Miserable as usual.

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Probably the coolest thing I got on Amazon Prime Day was this small ecosphere. The closed ecosystem houses four Hawaiian red shrimp, and everything they need to live happy tiny shrimp lives (bacteria and algae). They swim around, and rest on the coral, and I love them. They’re very hard to photograph, though. I would totally recommend getting an ecosphere, especially for people who work at a desk, because the algae doesn’t need much light, and the shrimp are super fun!

Look at me… Look in my eyes, okay? Listen to my voice… I love you. I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you. Not him or anyone else. You’re so important to me that I think I’d just crumble if you ever got hurt. I know what you’ve been through and I can see the heartache in your eyes. And I’m not gonna let that happen to you again. No one’s gonna hurt you again - including me.
—  Oko ninjah
55 Days of Disney: Lilo & Stitch (#42, 2002)

“Read the charges.”

Mild spoilers in this one, also an extra paragraph to explain something.

So remember when I mentioned that Atlantis was just too ambitious for its own good? Well, enter the team of writers from Mulan: Chris Sanders (later of The Croods) and Dean DeBlois (later of Sigur Rós rockumentary Heima, together both would later co-direct the How to Train Your Dragon franchise). See, these guys know how to tell a story, impress with production value, and tug at your heartstrings all at once. The end result of their collaboration here is Lilo & Stitch, finally released from development hell (more like stasis, really…) since 1985. Far better received than its predecessor, it had the misfortune of coming out the same year as Spirited Away and thus missing out on the Oscar, but it sure is a good movie. 

I normally say that the story is the weak point in a lot of these movies, but here it’s the absolute strongest element. Story-wise, actually, I feel that this film is one of Disney’s best, and certainly its most human. At its core, it’s about family. Sure, it’s got the aliens, the sci fi, the slapstick, the Hawaiian everything, and Bubbles, but it’s about family. And it speaks to the strength of its story that the film displays a family for what it is more often than not in real life - an imperfect arrangement of very different people. 

Second are the characters. Nani and Lilo are absolutely some of the most realistic and just plain alive characters in any of these Disney movies. Honestly, there’s nothing quite like them; Zootopia’s Judy and Nick come to mind as a close second, but they’re so different it’s really hard to draw a good comparison here outside of how real they feel. They live and breathe, and the core of the film’s story being based in their unique and heartbreaking family situation is what makes us, or, well, me, get completely taken in by the story.

Which is a shame when it takes us out of it. So much of the film is spent exploring Stitch’s antics and chaos, and it just gets exhausting after a while. Though it’s necessary to set up his eventual change, I feel that the film makes an error there: his transformation from living destruction to, uh, not that, happens at an awkward point of the film and is alternately ignored and acknowledged for about 15 minutes afterwards. There’s a moment where he’s run away from home, and all looks lost, but then his true colors shine through. Instead of acceptance, he’s rejected even further due to destruction that was not his fault, and it feels as if the moment in which he turns around is misplaced. I don’t know - I always found it odd. Stitch is a wonderful character, and when he stops destroying and learns the meaning of family, he’s so, so well written.

I really could go on forever - about the wonderful animation, the incredible character of David (who is one of the most genuinely good characters I’ve seen in a film in a while), the eclectic music (”He Mele No Lilo” is my favorite opening sequence after The Lion King). But I want to mention one last thing. I grew up in a non-standard family arrangement that, as a child, I was very insecure and unhappy about, especially as every friend I had was lucky enough to have a stable and supportive nuclear family. This film, which I saw in theatres near my 11th birthday, helped me understand and accept that (to paraphrase Stitch) my small, broken family could still be good. So thank you, Lilo & Stitch. Thank you.

9.5/10. So, so close to “perfect,” but there’s just a few things that don’t quite push it over the edge for me.

Next time, Treasure Island in SPACE!


also, our buyer is working on getting me a pair of these, we just picked up thorocraft as a brand–we got more sedate styles, but i saw these and asked very very nicely if there was any possible way he could grab a pair (crossing my fingers)

They’re also really comfy–we have the same shoe in blue-and-white striped canvas