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2DocWeek Day 1 Genderbends  

Quick 2doc doodle *pretend they are holding hands because i cant draw hands* 

I thought it be easy but Murodc was hard even as a lady and i hope you think she’s pretty. 

I had fun with 2D because of the Hawaiian shirt and pineapple earrings (and sideways belt) she came out cute. 


SYABM comic 38 “Chi-Fact”

Okay, someone help me out here.

I know there are a lot of “anti-racist” people who think that racism is “(institutionalized) power + prejudice”. And since white people have the power, that means that only white people can be racists. “People of Color” can only be “racially prejudiced”.

So…what was the Civil Rights movement? How did black people change anything if they don’t have any power? I know there were white folks marching with Doc King and sitting at lunch counters, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t exactly the driving force.

A lot of colleges and universities discriminate against white and Asian applications, but in favor of hispanics and blacks. It’s literally institutionalized racial discrimination. Does it only count when it’s against Asians?

What if a white person is racist, but in a way that’s not institutionally supported? Like shooting up a church? White supremacists have been basically a non-entity in the US for my entire life, and I’m typing this when a certain big-eared Hawaiian is still President. Heck, some of ‘em are rebranding to look more friendly, which is like a shark trying to lure people in by getting a boob job.

The answer, of course, is that it’s still racism. Even the anti-racist folks still call it racism. Because they don’t really believe in their definition. They only use it when someone accuses ethnic minorities of racism, to try and get some kind of moral high ground. It’s not a moral principle.

It’s just convenient.

And now some of them looking at the incident in Chicago, and desperately telling themselves that it was targeted at a disabled man, not a white man, and trying to avoid mentioning race entirely. 

Except when they say that the people talking about it hate black folks.

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Being racially ambiguous is such a weird thing.

Depending on what I wear, I somehow switch races. Put a flower on my hair and somehow I’m Hawaiian??? Puts on hoop earrings and suddenly I’m a mixed Latina??? If I braid my hair into one plait, then magically I’m Native American??? What?

Because I literally get confused for everything under the sun, I feel like a weird alien with no place, because I look like I don’t even belong to my own culture. As a result, people in my own culture push me into other cultures. It’s frustrating and confusing. I don’t feel like I have a place.