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Daddy’s Girl - Episode 3 (Steve McGarrett/Reader Daughter)

Hi there folks! So Daddy’s Girl was never really over. Just there isn’t a consistent story like I had. So here were are with Episodes! Same story, randomly scattered. Hope you enjoy!

Daddy’s Girl (Complete)

(continuation/sequels/snapshots) Episode 1 Episode 2

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Steve woke up to you hanging by a chain in front of him. The balls of your bare feet holding you up trying to take the pressure off your wrist and shoulders. He stared at you helpless, “Y/N…”

You looked at him beads of sweat falling down your face, “…are you okay?”

“Don’t worry…” He shook his head a little trying to focus, “If you see a way out…”

“I know…” You nodded staring at him at him as the door open. Seeing your face get worked up in fear hurt him more than anything Wo Fat could physically do to him.

Wo Fat stopped next to you staring at Steve, “Where’s my father, Steve?”

“I don’t know.” Steve looked at him as he pulled out a cattle prod from behind his back connecting it to your back making you scream. He asked again and when Steve didn’t give him what he wanted he proceeded to zap you again, “I don’t know! Stop! Please…I don’t know…”

He pulled the prod away letting your body go slack as you started breathing heavily, “She reminds me a lot of our mother…”

“Stop saying that she’s…” Steve tensed shaking as the volts of electricity ran through him. He hung his head as Wo Fat took a seat in front of him. At least his attention was on him and not you.

“You know nothing about the real Doris McGarrett.” Wo Fat told him quietly.

You looked at your dad shaking in the chair as he raised his head a little, “I know…she was assigned to kill your father…but instead your mother died in that op.”

“Yes…and she never forgave herself for killing an innocent woman who had just become a new mother.” Wo fat looked at him an unsettling calm over his features, “That pain and anguish caused he do something quite remarkable.”

You listened never hearing this before and from what you could tell it was new to Steve too as Wo Fat went on with his history lesson, “She took in that child and raised it as her own for several years. Until her superiors discovered this and forced her to…they forced her to abandon that child.”

“That was you…” Recognition went off in Steve’s eyes.

“See…your mother…” Wo fat made eye contact with him, “Doris McGarrett…was my mother, too.”

That hung in the air for a moment sinking into Steve slowly before Wo Fat stood up looking at him, “If Doris knew where my father was, she would have told me…but with your persistence, I can’t help but believe you know where your government is holding him.”

“I don’t.” Steve’s face was cold as he stared up at Wo Fat.

“That may be true…” Wo Fat face grew into a smirk, “But I need to be convinced.”

Steve’s mouth dropped open as Wo Fat gave a silent command to his associate, “I’m telling you the truth…I-I don’t know where you father is…”

You looked at Steve the quiver in his voice making you nervous. It sounded like he was breaking, “Dad…”

Steve looked away from as you saw the woman making another syringe, “No… Dad…Dad look at me!”

Steve shut his eyes hanging his head body slumping. You grabbed the chain around your wrists yanking at it, “No… dad…daddy please…don’t…don’t give up please…”

What happened next took you by surprise just as much as Wo Fat’s associate. Steve flung his head back into her face sending him crashing to the ground breaking the arm of the chair getting a hand free.

You’d never actually seen him fight before. He was terrifying and you were glad he was on your side when he wrapped a leather strap around her throat suffocating her. He finally let her go when she stopped moving. Breathing heavily, he looked to you, “…Never…”

“Dad…” You started to cry when he stood up walking to you putting his hands on your face.

“I’m right here.” He stared into your eyes nodding a little, “Listen to me…I have to leave you hanging here…okay? He’s going to come back and it needs to look like she was successful. We’re going to get out of this…”

You nodded as he turned away walking up to a pipe. He jumped up yanking it down busting it open sending water power into the room before he moved picking up a bucket propping the woman up with broken pieces scattered around the room. Once she was stationed he picked up the cattle prod on the ground looking at your bare feet, “Can you hoist yourself up?”

“I think so…” You told him and showed him when he asked you to.

“Good girl. Watch my feet, when you see them move…jump up.” He stepped up to you looking up to your wrists, “Can you do it?”

“I will.” You told him another tear falling down your cheek, “Dad…”

“I’ll be fine…” He put a hand to your cheek trying to be reassuring, “We’re leaving…”

You watched him set the chair up and take a seat again making it look like he was unconscious. You stared at him for a moment before you whispered, “Aloha wau iā ʻoe…”

He looked up at you his mouth dropping open a little. He was about to respond, but heard the click of the door handle making him drop his head once more.

You took a deep breath in feeling Wo Fat stop behind you slowly. Your eyes never left your father’s feet. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion when you saw his movement. You pulled yourself up feeling excruciating pain ripple through your shoulders. You heard the electricity rush through the water as you held yourself there until Steve stood up.

You cringed hearing bullets whiz past you as Steve used the woman as a shield. Wo Fat stood up pushing you toward Steve. You let out cry as he pushed you back using you instead of catching you. They moved past you fighting. You tried desperately to turn to help, but was not able to find enough footing to do so quickly.

“No!” You cried out when Wo Fat slammed a fire extinguisher to Steve’s head causing him to fall back. He raised it again to smash down against Steve who blocked in a way pushing Wo Fat off letting the device skid across the floor.

Steve pounced on him throwing punch after punch. They tussled, and you watched helpless as Wo Fat threw him across the floor punching him down before reaching for the syringe that had fallen to the ground earlier. You started to swing desperately trying anything to prevent the next action from happening.

But you couldn’t.

Steve cried out as the needle slammed into his neck. He fell backwards already feeling the effects of the drug hitting him. You yelled yanking against the chains. This wasn’t fair, this wasn’t right. This wasn’t how your dad was going to go down.

And it wasn’t. You watched him pick up the chair that had held him crashing it down against Wo Fat preventing him from grabbing the gun. You watched your father focus in on his prey shaking his head from the drug flooding his system as he hopped up on the bars kicking Wo Fat in the chest.

They fought hard and relentlessly slamming each other against the walls. Finally your dad body slammed Wo Fat in the ground allowing you to hear the satisfying sound of air leaving his body.

You watched Steve begin crawl on the floor away. You tried to glance over your shoulder to see Wo Fat but couldn’t get an angle on him. You watched your dad’s eyes light up as he looked past you before he scrambled for a gun. You froze as he pointed it behind you breathing hard hearing another gun cock.

“You’re not going to kill me…” Wo Fat spoke clearly, “are you brother?”

Steve stared at him for a moment before he licked his lips, “You’re not my brother.”

The members of Five-0 froze when they heard your scream. Danny’s mouth dropped open before he rushed forward his strides longer then before, “Steve! Y/N!”

“Danny!” He thought he heard right but as he got close to a door it changed, “Daddy!…Dad…dad! Dad!”

Danny opened the door gun forward. His eyes got wide seeing Wo Fat dead on the floor, you hanging from the ceiling in chains, and Steve still in front of you, “Y/N…”

“Danny…” You tried looking back at him tears dripping down your face, “Danny…dad…you have to help him. Help him please…Danny.”

He rushed forward to Steve, “Steve…”

Kono came up behind you making you jump as she touched the chains, “Hey…hey it’s okay…”

You nodded looking back to Danny who touched Steve making him jump awake adrenaline still pumping through him, “Hey hey hey! It’s us…it’s us…are you alright?”

Chin helped him sit him up, “Steve?”

“Yeah…” He nodded a little looking from Chin to Danny, “Yeah…where’s my father?”

You collapsed into Grover and Kono’s arms hearing him whisper the question again before Danny spoke, “Oh god…uh…Steve…I don’t know how to tell you this but your dad died four years ago.”

You watched as the strongest person in your life nodded before crumbling. His barriers cashing down breaking in a man who only wanted his father’s approval, “Dad…”

He looked up seeing you, but recognition came slowly. With Grover’s help you moved to the floor crawling over to him finally seeing his eyes light up, “Y/N…oh god…”

“Dad…” You wrapped your arms around him tightly crying as you felt him wrap his arms around you securely, “We’re okay…”

“I’m so sorry baby…” He spoke into your hair trying to pull you in tighter, “I’m sorry…”

Danny sighed putting a hand on Steve’s arm getting his attention, “Let’s get you two home.”

He nodded tears going down his face holding you in place a moment longer before pulling away looking at you, “I love you, Shortie…I love you so much.”

You nodded tear spilling down your cheeks over his hands that held your face, “I love you too, dad.”

He put his forehead against yours sitting there a moment longer before letting Kono and Lou help you up. Steve looked at Danny as he and Chin hoisted him to his feet, “Danny…I saw…my …dad…an..”

“I know…I know. It’s okay.” Danny looked at him reassurance in his eyes, “We will talk, but let’s get you and Y/N some help first. Let’s go home.”

“Yeah…” He swallowed as they walked out, “Yeah…let’s go home.”