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Hawaii 5-0 Season 1 Episode 11 : Palekaiko    

All gifs were made by myself ! 


McGarrett: Take that tie off. No one on a cruise ship wears a tie.

Danny: Yes, they do. They do all the time, so they can hang themselves when they’re bored.

McGarrett: Well, put it in your pocket. You can kill yourself later.

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Love Don’t Die

A McDanno Vid


Hawaii 5-0 Season 1 Episode 14 : He Kane Hewaʻole

All gifs were made by myself ! 


Danny: Hey, it’s the CHiPs! Remember CHiPs?

McGarrett: Of course I remember CHiPs. I always thought that’d be the coolest job—you know, riding motorcycles, fighting crime…

Danny: No, no, motorcycle cops have a five-times-higher mortality rate than other cops.

McGarrett: It’s a cop fantasy, Danny; why do you gotta bring statistics into it?

Danny: Cop fantasy… In my cop fantasy, I’d be Estrada, and you’d be Wilcox.


Hawaii 5-0 Season 1 Episode 7 :  Ho'apono

All gifs were made by myself ! 


Steve: He’s armed. He’s holding seven hostages, behavior’s pretty erratic.

Danny: Oh, you mean opposed to most hostage takers that are calm and composed?

YAY! Alex is back home ready to start filming season 7 in a few days.

I believe he start July 7th.

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