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Steve Mcgarrett Imagine

I stepped off the plane and walked down the walk way switching on my phone and check my text to find one from oldest and dearest fried Danny Williams, telling me he would meet me at baggage claim as he was running a little late. I text back “OK” and carried on my way.

I had broken up with my now Ex boyfriend about six months ago and he had been stalking me, so lets just say it was a good choice to move here. There were phone calls, letters, emails, you name it. In the end I said, ‘fuck it’ and packed my bags and jetted of to Honolulu.

I made my way through the airport to baggage clam, where I found Danny shouting at some guy. “No, that’s not what this is and you are not about to stop this."He shouted.

"OK, OK, fine. I’ll stay out of it.” the guy shrugged laughing. He was taller than Danny by a foot or so, He had brown hair and a pair of shades on and he was very handsome. Danny seemed stressed and fed up and I found it quite funny. I ran over and jumped on his back.

“Danno!” I shouted in his ear. He laughed and shook his head.

“Y/N/N,” He laughed as I jumped off of his back onto the ground.

“Wait so she can call you Danno, but when I do it. you get all touchy?” The guy standing by Danny pouted.

“What, touchy, no I don’t get touchy.” Danny argued back.

“I’ve been calling him Danno since high school.”  told him. “Who do you think taught Gracie to call him Danno.”

“You knew Danny in high school?” Tall and handsome asked.


“That’s cool, he never mentions his time in school very often.” He told me. I looked at Danny and frowned.

“Wow, I’m hurt.” I pouted before looking at tall and handsome.“My friends, I could tell you stories that even Danny Williams doesn’t know I know.” I told him.

“Really, please tell me more.” He smiled to Danny as he extended his hand which I shook gladly. “I’m Steve.”

“Mcgarrett, I figured as much. He speaks very highly of you, and the rest of your team. As does grace, speaking of which, where is my beautiful god daughter?”

“At school where she is supposed to be.” Danny huffed.

“OK cool. Anyway. There are only three people in the world that can truly annoy Danny Williams and make his little head look like it’s about to burst. I being the first, Rachel being second and a commander Steve Mcgarrett of the Five-O Task force, and judging by the pout and redness on his face I see you must have done something bad.”

“He thought it would be a good Idea to let Rachel stay over at his house again, for the third time this week.” Steve told me, I stopped in my tracks and turned to face Danny.

“You and Rachel?”

“No, no me and Rachel, It was for the benefit of the Kids, she was home alone and both charlie and Gracie didn’t want to leave her alone so I said she could stay at my place.”

“what did you do after the kids were asleep, what time did you go to sleep?” I asked. Danny gulped and shuffled back a little.

“We stayed up and talked until she felt tired and we went to sleep at about 12:30.” He explained. I nodded and walked a little closer and pulled at his color.

“Where did she sleep?”

“I..I gave her my bed. I stayed on he couch.” He stuttered. I shook my head and sighed.

“Danny, Danny , Danny. She still has that affect on you.” I sigh walking back to Steve and looking up at him,“Right, can we get out of here please, both of you.” I asked.

“Sure, we’ll get you to Danny’s place.” Steve laughed turning to help with my bags which he refused to let me carry, and extended his arm which I took gladly.

“Wow wow, whats this.” Danny asked as Steve began leading me out of the airport.

“I’m helping the lady with her bags and escorting her to the car.” Steve shrugged.

“Yes, like a real gentleman.” I smiled up at him. “By the way, I call shot gun.”

“What, no you can’t just call shot gun this is..” Danny argued but was interrupted by Steve.

“My car and the lady called shot gun.” Steve reasoned as we came to the car. He unlocked the car and opened the door for me to climb in.

“This is ridiculous,” Danny sulked as he climbed in the back of the car.

“Oh, don’t pout Danno.” I smiled at him.

“OK, lets just get home.”

The drive home was a little boring, we just spoke a bit, catching up with their lives, although I didn’t tell Danny and Steve about my crazy Ex. We even decided I would wait a little and surprise Grace as she didn’t know I was coming.

We pulled up out side a small house, a silver car parked in the front which I guess was Danny’s car. I stepped out of the car and followed them both in to the house but stayed behind a door as Steve and Danny said hello to Grace.

“Hey Gracie.” I heard Steve say and he pulled Grace into a hug.

“Hey, Uncle Steve. Hay Danno.” I heard Grace say, she sounded so different since the last time I spoke to her in person.

“Hey, Grace, whos Y/N?” I heard Steve ask, I smiled a little as I waited for her to answer.

“She is Danno’s  best friend from high school. they grew up together and you know she’s awesome. she lives in New Jersy still though. Why do you ask?” I heard her say as she began eating something.

“Oh, I just met her.” Steve said casually, opening what sounded like a fridge.

“You did? How?” Grace asked a little shocked. This was when I stepped into the room.

“Oh, you know, princess, he was very lonely so he wished on a star and puff! here I am.” I smiled as I walked in and jumped onto the counter top right next to Grace.

“Auntie Y/N/N, you’re here” She smiled excitedly and she hugged me best she could.

“Gracie Pie.” I laughed before looking to the side of her where a small boy sat eating an apple. “And you must be Charlie. I’m Y/N, but you can call me Y/N/N, Everyone does.” I smiled at him as I jumped of the counter and knelt down to see him better.

“Are you Gracie’s auntie?” He asked.

“I am. you know if you want I could be your auntie too.” I said as he looked at me. He only nodded. I smiled and pulled him into a hug and laughed as Grace joined in.

“Ohh group hug with the monsters, I’m in.” Steve shouted as he too joined in on the hug. we all laughed and hugged until Danny came into the room.

“Y/N can you…Whats going on?” Danny said as he entered the room.

“Group hug Danno, you wanna get in on it?” Grace laughed. Danny smiled and gave us and nod before looking over at Steve. “We got a case, Y/n can you watch Charlie for a while?” I nodded and smiled.

“Sure he can come with Grace and I.”

“Where, Where are you and Grace going?”

“Oh, you know I thought I’d take her to get drinks by the pool, pick up a few guys and run a way to get married on a dare.” I joked.

“Why, why would you Joke about that” Danny stressed

“Because it is funny watching you squirm. But seriously, I’m gonna ask grace to show me around the town and then we’ll get some dinner..” I replied, trying to calm him down a little.

“OK fine. Here is some money, make sure they get something good to eat, use my car and if you have any problems call me and I see you later.” Danny said handing me a few bills, I nodded before he and Steve left waving goodbye.

“I’ll erm catch you later Y/N."Steve called.

"Yeah see you later Mcgarrett.” I called back. Gracie giving me a few funny looks.

“What?” I asked. “Well, come on, let’s go explore you and your brother change and we’ll head out.” I instructed them. They both ran off to change so I cleaned away there plates and glasses. As I picked them up I saw a small piece of paper folded up hiding under a glass. Me being the nosy girl I am I looked at it only to find it was addressed to me, I unfolded it and  read it.

*In case you wanted a proper tour around the Island.


I smiled at the note and found a phone number at the bottom of the note.

“Whats that?” Grace asked making my jump a little, I shrugged and folded the note back up.

“Just a note from Danno telling me his work number if anything goes wrong. Are you both ready to go?” I asked, placing the clean dishes in the cupboard.

“Yeah, lets go.” Charlie answered grabbing my hand.

“OK, OK I just need to grab my keys and purse.” I laughed/ I grabbed my purse and Danny’s keys before heading to the car.

I don’t know how long we drove for but Grace directed me to a few important places, the kids schools, Rachel’s house, a few place I might end up, It got to about 5:30-ish when charlie wanted dinner so grace directed me to a take out truck by the beach.

“So erm what is this place?” I asked Grace as we sat on a bench.

“Only the best shrimp around.” Charlie replied as he sat by Grace opposite me. I smiled and nodded

“Well young charlie, lets see if your telling the truth.” I laughed as I stood up to buy the three of us some dinner. I wanted in line and watched Grace and charlie until I got to the front of the cue. I looked up to see a big man with a bold hair wearing a yellow t shirt stood. “What can I get you sista?” He asked.

“Well, i’m new to the area and you come highly recommended from someone very high up in the biz, my nephew over there.” I explained pointing over at charlie who waved to the man in the truck. “Can I get three of your best meal and three cans of soda please.” I asked smiling at him.

“Of course, I will bring it straight over.” he smiled. I nodded, before walking back o the table.

“So, how is it out here, you know living in the sun?” I asked grace.

“I think it’s great, I mean Danno doesn’t like the beach and stuff but Auntie Kono showed me how to surf and Uncle Steve he likes to take us out on boats and stuff.”

“I like going fishing with Danno.” Charlie added

“Wow, it sounds awesome over here.”

“You should visit more.” Grace told me.

“Yeah I suppose you’re right but you see I have a problem.” I told Grace.

“Whats that Auntie Y/N?” Charlie asked.

“How do I visit a place I live in?”

“Live, are you moving here?”

“I am I have a place to live just have to sign a few papers and I get to move in.” I told her.“ It’s a nice place, big kitchen, Pool in the back yard and a Three bedrooms, One for me, on as a studio and one in case I by chance guests stay over.”

“ Guests like your favorite niece and nephew.” Grace asked playfully.

“Exactly” i laughed.

“What about you job?”

“I’m a photo analyst for the police back In New Jersey, I’m sure I can find another job.” I assured her.

“I know you can work with Danno and Uncle Steve.” Charlie offered I smiled and Nodded but before I can answer the man from the truck came over with food.

“Three shrimp fried rice for the Williams family.” He smiled placing the food on the table.

“Thank you,but I’m not a Williams, My name is Y/N, Y/L/N I’m a friend of Danny.” I explained as I moved aside to invite him to sit and chat. Which he gratefully excepted.

“I’m Kamekona, I own the truck there and I am good friends with Detective Williams and Commander Mcgarrett. If you ever need anything, you can call me anytime.”

“Thanks it’s good to know I have a friend already.”

“Of course, now I have a favor to ask you and grace If you don’ mind.” He asked smiling a little.

“Sure what can we do for you?”

“I’m a little swamped with orders and my cousin flipper no longer works here so could you dropped by the Five-O HQ and deliver their meals?” He asked placing another bag on the table.

“Sure, here how much do I owe you for the meals?” I asked pulling out my purse.

“No charge for Hawaii’s finest, and you are doing me a favor so it’s on me” He smiled,

“I smiled and shook my head, It’s Danny’s money anyways.” I laughed.

“In that case 35.50.” He smiled I gave Kamekona 40 and told him to keep the change.

“Well, we will get going ten, so we can get the food to them while its still hot.” I told him and shook his hand before grabbing the bags and Charlies hand, “It was great to meet you Kamekona, hope you have a great day.” I smiled at him.

“You too sista, and welcome to the island Y/N.”

The three of us waved goodbye and continued to the car. “Well Gracie, lets get to Danno’s office, where do I go.” I smiled at her as I put the key in the slot, started the engine and pulled out of the parking bay and set off it the direction Grace told me to go.

“And there it is.” Grace said happily pointing to a big building.

“OK, I’ll park and we’ll go find Danno."I smiled as I drove into the car park.

I parked up and we both exited the car. I grabbed the bags of food and we all made our way into the building, Grace and charlie leading the way.

We walked a little bit going up a few sets of stairs and down a few hall ways until we came to a set of glass doors and Charlie and Grace ran inside.

"This is where Danno works?” Charlie informed me.

“WOW, impressive” I murmured to myself. “So where is the old man?” I asked walking into the large room.

“You know, I’m only a year older than you right.” I heard Danny shout.

“Oh shush Danny, Yes you’re a year older than me, but mentally you are a grumpy old men who like to yell at the kids for playing ball in his yard.” I call back.

“You kids now days don’t respect other peoples property.” Grace mocked in a grumpy old man voice.

“Exactly.” I laughed

“ What are you guys doing here? ” Danny asked as he walked over to pick up Charlie and hug Grace.

“we bought lunch.” I replied holding up the bags of food.

“She’s funny and she brings food.” Steve smiles over at Danny. “Are you sure you’re friends with him.” He asked as he walked over taking the bags from my hands.

“I’m sorry but who is this?” Someone asked I turned to see a few people had joined us in the room.

“Everyone this is Y/N, my best friends. Y/N this is the team. Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Lou Grover and Jerry Ortega. ” Danny introduced, “And of course you know The man child over there.” He continued pointing over at Steve who just smiled a big toothy smile and waved proudly.

“It’s nice to meet you all but I think I should get home and feed these two before the food gets cold.” I reply kindly so not to offend them.

“Yes, please.” Danny instructed, handing charlie over to me.

“No, You can Join us for dinner, right guys?” Steve interrupted as he asked the others about our company.

“Of course.” They all replied.

“Come on let’s eat.” Lou called as he lead everyone to a large table with enough chairs for everyone.

“So, Y/N why don’t you tell us about Danny in high school?” Chin asked as we all began eating.

“ Well Danny was your usual teenage boy. trying to get girls way out of his league. But ultimately he was a nice guy. Helped me out a few times when I got in fights. Always the hero right Danno?” I told the team.

“No, tell the story right please, I didn’t hit on girls out of my league.”

“Milly Johnson, Katy Jones, Me."I listed, coughing when I said me.

"OK so I got turned down a couple times but it wasn’t that bad.” Danny argued

“17” I interrupted.

“OK fine, you wanna know how I met Y/N? She got into a fight with my sisters best friend. I didn’t like Jenny that much but my sister told me to break it up before she got hurt. I pulled Y/N off of Jenny and then threw her over my shoulder and carried her off to calm her down.” Danny explained laughing at me.

“Yeah, The first time I met Danny Williams the first thing I saw was his butt. He had a nice butt.” I laughed making everyone else laugh.

“Why were you fighting in the first place.” Kono asked I smiled at her and answered.

“When I was in high school I was this tomboy type girl, I loved football, video games and skateboarding. Jenny though it would be funny to spread a few rumors about me.” I told them, feeling every bodies eyes on me. “You see I was hand with a gun, my dad was in the NAVY and he had showed me how to use one. When he was home we would go down to the gun range.” I explained. “Jenny thought if funny to spread the rumor I was a Psychopath and I had gone gun crazy and killed my dad. I snapped and dove for her stupid little face.”

“I had to pull her away. It took 30 minutes to calm the girl down, I swear if I hadn’t have stopped her Jenny would be dead.”

“Too Right.” I mumbled making everybody laugh.  

 "Funny thing was my Dad wasn’t dead at the time, three weeks later we got the call. He was gunned down in friendly fire. Danno and I had become fast friends after the fight so when I got the call I ran straight to Danno. He had to stop me from ending things a few times.“ I laughed sadly at the painful memories.

"Yeah we were inseparable ever since.” Danny smiled. “My mum even thought we were dating at one point.” He continued making a face as though he had eaten something horrible.

“Rude, I do recall being asked out by one Danny Williams.” I laughed

“Oh, wow really.” Steve smirked at Danny.

“Yeah, OK, I developed a crush on my best friend sue me.” He huffed. “I asked her out she said no…no big deal. It was the best decision really.”

“We be as close as we are now if I had said yes.” I told them.

“Exactly.” Danno finished.

We spoke for a while and eat, laughing at different stories of Danny as a kid. Steve and I sort of drifted into our own concatenation after a while

“I don’t want to spoil the happy mood and all but we need to get those photos analysed before tomorrow and our usual guy is off sick.” Jerry spoke, gaining Steve and Danny’s attention.

“Right yeah we need to find someone.” Danny spoke staning up.

“Why don’t you get Y/N to look at them Danno. Thats what she does right, a photo analysis.” Grace offered I looked up at Danny and shrugged.

“I can take a look if you want, It will only take a couple minutes.” I shrugged.

“How can it take a couple of minutes, it takes our guy at least an hour on one photo, and ther are 12 to look at.” Kono asked.

“I’m one of the best in New Jersey if not the US, I have a very keak eye for noricing things and I have a photo graphic memory.” I explained.

“You can have a look if you want, just right down anything that doesn’t look right and we can take it from there.” Steve offered, I nodded and smiled

“Sure, where do I go?” I asked, Steve smiled and lead me the a room full of photos, Chin pulled up the file of photos and Kono handed me a pad of paper and a pen.

“OK, like Mcgarrett said, anything unusual or draws your eye, write it down and I’ll take it from there.” Jerry instructed.

I nodded and began flicking through the photos, writing down anything and everything I saw that I thought could be useful. The photos where of a couple who seemed to be tourists taking photos while on the island. I wrote down licence plate numbers, people holding cameras, places I could see that cold tell the location.

“OK, here this a is  what I got, I found this which does seem weird. A Black 88-93 Chevy C/K pick up, Licence plate TKE 268. A  hoodied figure sat in the front seat with a camera. The same pick up is in every photo except the last however the same hoodied figure is stood about 30 feet from the  couple holding a Glock maybe 26c but I can’t be too sure.” I told them as I pointed things out and showed them what I saw.

“Wow, that only took you ten minutes. That’s amazing.” Chin smiled over at me.

“Thanks, it’s what I do.” I smiled handing them the paper and pen.

“Right I have plans with my two favorite kids so, I’m gonna take off and get the Kids home. I hope I was some kind of help.” I smiled as I grabbed Charlie and ushered Grace out of the door, “Come on, let’s go.” I smiled as we exited the room, waving to the team.

“Hey, wait up, Y/N.” I heard Steve shout I turned to see he had followed us out. “Look we could really use someone like you on the team. Do you maybe wanna job on the team?” He asked, I smiled and shrugged.

“Can I think about it for a little bit, I only just got to the island and I haven’t technically go a home jusy yet.” I told him.

“Sure, you have my number so let me know when you make a decision.” He smiled, scratching the back of his head.  I nodded and the kids and I left to got home.

“When did Uncle Steve give you his number.” Grace asked as we got in the car, sending me a knowing look.

“He offered to give me a proper tour of the island and left his number. That’s all.” I explained not looking at her.

“Do you like him?” Charlie asked.

“Well sure, he’s Danny’s friend and you guy see him as family.” I answered, knowing that’s not what they meant.

“No, you 'like him’ like him don’t you.” Grace sang  poking my cheek a little.

I thought about for a second, I mean sure he was good looking, he annoys the hell out of Danny which is my favorite thing to do and well, he seems like a good guy.

“I don’t know him well enough to say liked him that way but he’s seems like a great guy.” I told Grace who just smiled up at me.

“He is a great guy, He looks out for us and protects Danno when they’re working and well I think he likes you, he couldn’t stop starring at you while we were waiting dinner.” Grace informed me.

“OK enough from you little miss, come on lets get home and we can watch a movie before bed.” I told her as I finally pulled up to the house. We exited the car and walked to the house where we spent hours watching TV and eating junk food until about 9:30pm when I sent Grace to bed and carried a sleeping Charlie to his bed and tucked him in.

“Hey Auntie Y/N, why are you moving here, not that i’m not happy, I was just wondering. ” Grace asked me.

“Well, I had a few things I wanted to get away from and I missed you guys, I don’t speak to my mum and you guys are the only family I got.”  I explained.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here.” she told me before she fell asleep.


*Seven Months Later*

I woke up around 6:30am and got up and showered before changing into a pair of black skinny jeans, a blue blouse and a pair of black combat boots. I put my gun holster around my waist and attached my badge to the belt, placing the gun in the Holster carefully. I pulled my hair into a high pony tale before I walked out to the room and grabbed my Keys and left my house.

It’s been six months since I came to Honolulu and I just have to say life is amazing. I have a great job with Five-O and I am now officially an officer of the law. Basically I accepted the Job with Five-O and I did a sort of exam so that I can go out in public, arrest suspects and use a gun when needed. I also have been dating Steve Mcgarrett for about six months now but we still haven’t told Danny, not until we know were things are going you know, however Grace knows. She walked in on us having a moment. oops. Since living here I had spent a lot of time with Danny and the kids, they and Steve helped me move in to my house and decorate, we all have a family meal nearly every week, and by all I mean, Me Steve, Danny, Grace and Charlie, as well as Kono, Chin Lou and his kids and Jerry.

I was brought out of my thoughts by my car engine starting, I pulled out of my drive and set of on my short journey to Danny’s house. I was only in the car for a couple minutes before I pulled into the drive, parked the car and killed the engine. I hopped out of the car and locked the car doors before I walked into Danny’s house+, using my key. being as it was only 7.15am when I arrived Danny and the kids were still sleep so I did what I usually do, I put the coffee pot on and began making breakfast. This was a usual morning for me, I woke up showered, changed and made my way to Danny’s for breakfast, where I made pancakes and coffee for us all and Steve who usually got to the house about 7:30.

As I poured my second lot of pancake mix into the frying pan I heard two alarm clocks go off. I looked at my watch to see it was 7:30 and right on que the backdoor opened and I waked Steve.

“Hey, Good looking.” I smiled at him as he place his jacket on the coat hook by the door. I turned back to my cooking only to feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

“Hey gorgeous.” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I turned my head and smiled up at him and kissed him before he pulled away and began helping me make breakfast. I cooked the pancakes while Steve Poured coffee for him Danny and I and some orange juice for Charlie and Grace. I piled the pancakes onto the plates  and turned the stove off, just as Charlie and Grace came walking into the Kitchen, dressed for school and half asleep.

“Well good morning children, how did you sleep?” I asked them both, earning a groan in return. “Oh well I guess no one wants come wake Danno up with me then.” I shrugged slowly walking out of the room, then as quick as a flash I was being followed by two energetic childlike humans and Grace. We all walked to Danny’s bedroom, quietly opened the door and I counted to three.

“One…Two…Three.” I whispered, carefully so I didn’t wake Danny. “GO!” I shouted as Grace, Charlie and I jumped on the bed singing a song I had taught them.

“OK, OK I’M UP I’M UP.” Danny laughed as we all jumped on him. “Seven months, this has been going on for seven months Y/N, how long are you going to keep this up?” He asked me sitting up, Charlie hugging him tight.

“Until you learn not to sleep through your alarm.” I shrugged standing above my best friend. I smiled a cheese grin and turned to Steve, raising my arms out in front of my so he could help. “Help please.” I asked. He laughed and came to my aid only instead of holding my hand to keep me balanced, is swept my legs from under me and picked me up bridal style and began running off with my laughing in his arms.

“I live in a mad house!” I heard Danny shout over the loud footsteps of the Kids. “OK, you can put me down now Captain America.” I laughed once we were in the Kitchen. He smiled down at me and Kissed my quick before placing me on the ground, just before the Kids came running in.

“You know you’re gonna have to tell him right?” Grace said as she sat down.

“We will when we’re ready.” I shrugged.

“Ready for what?"Danny asked as he came into the Kitchen, making me jump a little.

"To tell you she’s dating Uncle Steve.” Charlie Shouted making Grace burst out laughing and Steve and I turn bright red.

“Oh that, I already know.” Danny shrugged taking a sip of his coffee, his eyes never leaving Steve and I.

“You know? How?” Steve asked. I looked at Grace and raised an eyebrow, she had suddenly went very quiet.

“You didn’t think you could get my daughter to keep things from me did you.” Danny smiled smugly. “We have a very close relationship, we tell each other everything.” He said proudly. I shook my head and smiled over at Grace.

“How much did he pay you?” I asked her but was quickly interrupted by Danny.

“I am offended that you think I would pay my Daughter to spy on you.” He huffed only Grace soon caught him out.

“50” she laughed.

“Well, if you knew, why didn’t you say anything?” Steve asked.

“Wasn’t my place too, I figured you guys would tell me when you were ready.” He smiled. I looked at him then Steve then back to Danny.

“Ok, so, are you OK about this?” I sked him.

“Are you happy?” He asked me I nodded and smiled.

“Very.” I replied looking at Steve,

“Then I’m happy you’re happy.” He smiled standing up and walking over to kiss my forehead and hug Steve and I.

“I will admit, I was abit upset at first, I mean Y/N, you’re like a sister to me. But I kind of watched you for a while, I saw happy you both were and how he always finds little ways to make your smile bigger and brighter. I don’t want to stand in the way of that.” He explained. I smiled back to him and nodded.

“Thanks for not being wierd about it Danno.”

“Of course.”


From then on Steve and I didn’t hide our relationship from anyone. We were happy  the team were happy for us. We had our ups and downs but we always got through it, with the help of Danny and soon enough Rachel who got back together and remarried and had one more kid who both Steve and I became godparents to.

Three years after Danno found out Steve and I were married and about two years later we both had two kids, Little Daniel Johnathan Mcgarrett who obviously is named after Danny, best friend to both Steve and I and Both Steve and I’s fathers who coincidentally were both called John, and Maisie Jane Mcgarrett who isn’t named after anyone but she was named by Gracie and I.

We were a happy family all of us, the Williams and Mcgarretts and we had the best times together.


McDanno season 4 sorry there is no source and no exact date available.  As for the McG whump: Dec 2, 2016. source @badgerjones - Buddy of mine sent a pic from a while back where I got to play as an extra on Hawaii 5-0. Imagine that– a paramedic playing a make-believe paramedic with an Australian playing a make-believe cop in Hawaii… #alexoloughlin #hawaii50 #HI50 #hawaii5-0 #HI5-0 #救急 #救急救命 #救急救命士 #ハワイ #テレビ #stevemcgarrett #paramedic #EMS Season 6 finale

rhalangracie I was hiking up #MaunawiliFalls and I found myself walking through the movie set of #Hawaii5-0! Me with Scottcaan, main actor from the tv series Hawaii 5-0. He is also well known for his funny parts in the big hit movies Ocean’s 11-13.

** Posted Oct 2012


Hawaii 5-0 Season 1 Episode 3 :  Malama Ka Aina

All gifs were made by myself !


Danny: What’s that look ?

McGarrett: What look ?

Danny: The look. The look you give me when you don’t tell me what you’re thinking, and the next thing I know I’m getting shot at.

Watch on valleygirl07.tumblr.com

Love Don’t Die

A McDanno Vid


Hawaii 5-0 Season 1 Episode 7 :  Ho'apono

All gifs were made by myself ! 


Steve: He’s armed. He’s holding seven hostages, behavior’s pretty erratic.

Danny: Oh, you mean opposed to most hostage takers that are calm and composed?