Teacher: The wheel is the best invention of all time.

Me: First of all, the skip intro button from Netflix is.

Monthly Reading List #Aug ‘18

Hello there!

Time flies, huh? Another month gone, the heatwave in Europe seems to be over (and I’m really mourning after it, love the heat) and it’s time again for my recommendations and praise going out to you!!!! I hadn’t much time to write my own stories (who would have thought of that) but gladly there was enough time to read. So be prepared, the list is long again ;)

Oh, by the way. Does anyone of you visit D23 Expo 2019? I’m planing to visit it, but since I can’t become a D23 Gold member anymore (since August 2018) I have to wait to buy tickets until January. So, maybe someone’s interested in chatting about D23 with me? Has anyone been there and has any recommendations at all (hotel, Expo, food, must do)? Is anyone planing to visit and likes to meet in person or maybe just meet up to not be alone at the Expo? Feel free to message me, I would love to hear from you!

For all the others: see you next month! Enjoy!

All Bad Boys Are The Same @angryschnauzer


Meet The In-Laws @avengerschatroom

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes

Against the Wall @carryoncaptainrogers

Agent Insert @lenavonschweetz

A Thousand Versions of You @sgtjbuccky

All of You @ moonbeambucky

Best. Date. Ever. @bitsandbobsandstuff

Blackmail @gaybybirth

Bucky Slump @ijustreallylovezebras

By the fireplace @doewhisper-of-windclan                              

Conversations at 3am @littlemarvelfics

Devotion @buckymcbuttfacebarnes

Feel Better @marvel-natural for @jaamesbbarnes

For Better, For Worse @moonbeambucky           

“For Worse…” @bolontiku

I Love You @violentlybarnes

I Love You Too! @cumonbucky                                        

Innocence Lost @srgntjbbarness

It’s Now Or Never @workitholland

Kiss it better @writingsoftheloser

Like Sin @theimpossibleg1rl

Marry Me At The Bottom Of The Sea @teamcap4bucky

Meetings at Midnight One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight @teamcap4bucky

Office Hours - A One Shot @stevieang

Paranoid @buckymcbuttfacebarnes

Runaway Groom @bucky-plums-barnes

Safe House @softhairbarnes

Safe Inside @buckitybarnes

Secrets @promarvelfangirl

Sharing is Caring @moondancewrites

Siren Song Masterlist @jaamesbbarnes

That One Time-Masterlist @scruffandyarn

The King’s Cook @a-splash-of-stucky

The Long Weekend @dinnafashsoldat

The Shave @sebspocketsquare

This Means War @moonbeambucky

Undercover Fiancés @samingtonwilson

Watching @dani-si

What’s Called Normal…! @lostinthoughtsandfeelings


naptime @pickledmoon

Steve Rogers

Everything I Need Is Right Here @teamcap4bucky

“I would have did anything for you…” @prettyyoungtragedy

Lost and Found @abovethesmokestacks

One Bed @kaunis-sielu

One last time …  @prettyyoungtragedy

Oneness @redgillan

Opia @iguess-theyre-mymess

The Death Of Captain America @lancefvcker

What If? - S.R @the-canary

“You’ve taken her/him back? You can’t be serious.” | Steps @writingsoftheloser


Dancing On My Own @carryoncaptainrogers

let’s dance (like we’re makin’ love) @a-splash-of-stucky

Perfect Memories @until-theend-oftheline

Quiet Time @acreativelydifferentlove

some nights (i stay up) @a-splash-of-stucky

Sinful Summer @kittenofdoomage

Somewhere That’s Ours @sebbytrash

The Stench of Pumpkin Spice Lattes @captain-rogers-beard

Two for One - Masterlist @captain-rogers-beard

Vacation @barnesrogersvstheworld


562. @winterhawkkisses

Wrong Number @winterwitch611



Vice @annathewitch

Hawaii 5-0

Steve McGarrett

“I know in my heart that she’s the one for me.” @amarabliss

Pete’s Dragon

Gavin Magary

Believe Me @musikat18

Star Trek

James Kirk

Boop! @haveyouseenmymind

Here Comes Your Man @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Imagine Jim interrupting your studying @imamotherfuckingstar-lord                  

The Back Rub @dolamrothianlady

Leonard ‘Bones McCoy

All this Mirror!Bones talk @annathewitch

Five Minute Ficlet  @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Just Perfect @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

One of those days @haveyouseenmymind

Project: Eros @musikat18

Real @mybullshitsensesaretingling

Student Loans Masterlist @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

“Who are you, my mother?” @outside-the-government

You can scream if you want… @musikat18

Leonard x Jim

1500 Follower Ficlet #9 @outside-the-government


Birthday @bonesmctightass

Bones is married to a dork @lt-sammi-matthews

Fly Me to the Moon @captainsbabysitter-blog

Fly Me to the Moon V2 @captainsbabysitter-blog

Just the way you are @pinkamour1588

Not in Love | Absolutely in LoveTogether in Love @haveyouseenmymind

Phantasmagoria @haveyouseenmymind

The Frog Captain @haveyouseenmymind

The Prince and the Peanut @auduna-druitt

Thunderstorms @pinkamour1588       

You didn’t know @pinkamour1588


Soulmates @nhasablog


All Alone @u-snavi       

The Bronze

Lance Tucker

You Wanted To See Me? @buckysforeverprincess  

The Priest

Black Hat

Captain Flap @musikat18


Jensen Ackles

That Way Again @soaringeag1e

Sebastian Stan

Caught in the Storm @angryschnauzer

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Whoever had the foresight to believe that law/crime procedure shows would be a hit was a motherfucking genius and deserves some love.

Reasons I strongly relate to Detective Danny Williams:

- Sarcastic af

- “Rationally concerned” about e v e r y t h i n g

- Small dark tunnels and places? noPE NOPE NOPE

- Never get to drive

- Constantly reminding my friends that whatever we are doing is dangerous, stupid, and probably illegal

- Go along with whatever shit my friends do anyway because someone has to look after those crazy fuckers

- Don’t like most people and think dogs are better

- Mostly interested in girls but high-key in love with Steve McGarrett


Okay, so. Let’s think about Danny Williams for a second here. This is a man who is constantly complaining about Steve putting him in harms way and blames Steve for every injury he has gotten since meeting Steve “tis but a flesh wound” McGarrett.

Now, let’s talk about the Danny Williams we see when Steve is in danger or even just plans on going somewhere dangerous.
THIS Danny is the Danny that will go to North freaking Korea b/c Steve hasn’t called him in like two hours and “that’s not like him, I know somethings wrong.”
THIS Danny goes to North Korea knowing that there’s a more than likely chance that:
●Steve is dead already
●They will all die horribly
●Some of them will die horribly
●Danny himself could die
●He will never see Grace again
THIS Danny goes with Steve to Cambodia to check out a grave site. For literally no reason that is explained in the show, Danny goes to CAMBODIA with Steve to hike (Which he hates) through forests (Which he hates) to find a dead body that might or might not have something to do with Steve’s mother (who I seriously think Danny dislikes b/c of how she treats Steve).
THIS Danny also goes to AFGHANISTAN for no other reason than to stand there and tell a guy in charge that Steve is alive b/c “trust me, I know Steve, he’s alive. I know it.” Seriously, he doesn’t even participate in the mission to save Steve! He stands there like a worried family member (wife, lbr) and watches as Steve is rescued b/c for some reason he can’t do that in Hawaii. Probably so he’d be right there when Steve is brought back so Steve won’t be alone. Even though Cath is literally two villages over. I mean… !!!!
THIS Danny will be the death of me, and possibly himself with how much risks he takes to his person every time Steve asks/needs him to.

Monthly Reading List #July ’18

Hello there!

Thank you for patience and the love and appreciation you keep sending me for making these lists! I couldn’t be any happier! This time there is nothing for me to tell. Life and work are keeping me busy and I don’t even had time to write one damn sentence about my own ideas. But it is what it is. I’m just glad about all the creative writers out there! Thank you for keeping me busy and enjoying reading faniction! And now enjoy my list!


Balancing Work and Home Masterlist @emilyevanston

Wreak Havoc - Masterlist @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan

James ‘Bucky’ Barnes

Deserve @samingtonwilson

Drinking Games @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan

Inked @theimpossibleg1rl

Inked - Masterlist @jaamesbbarnes

“Loss” @prettyyoungtragedy

Lost @softhairbarnes

Midnight Hour @tropicalcap

Stargazing @sgtjbuccky

The Proposal - Masterpost @captain-rogers-beard

To Love @happilybarnes

Steve Rogers

All That Matters @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Always Be My Baby @caplansteverogers

Caught In The Act @angryschnauzer

Heating Up @angryschnauzer

Imagine Steve having a photo of you @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

It’s Been A Long, Long Time @buckysforeverprincess

Liar Liar @promarvelfangirl

“She was my soulmate” @prettyyoungtragedy

Someone like you Part One | Two | tbc @mywritingsblog

Swipe Right | Super Like - One | Two | tbc @emilyevanston

The Boy from Brooklyn @captain-rogers-beard

Under The Blood Moon @angryschnauzer


God is a Woman @thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Summertime Part One | tbc @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan


542. @winterhawkkisses

Hawaii 5-0

Steve McGarrett

“I’m okay…” @amarabliss

Push @amarabliss

Pete’s Dragon


Stunned @fearofdeathiswhatkeepsusalive

Star Trek

James T. Kirk

Like Air @annathewitch

Records @mybullshitsensesaretingling

The Girl Friend @thatfanficstuff

Leonard McCoy

BAD DOCTOR  @musikat18 / @bkwrm523

Five Minutes Ficlet @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Five Minute Ficlet @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

“I hear you, loud and clear.” @outside-the-government


Beloved @pinkamour1588

“ Do you really think I could ever replace you?” @mckirkish

Hurt drabble @mckirkish

Jim’s Kids @auduna-druitt

Kidnapping gone weird @haveyouseenmymind

Not Good Enough @pinkamour1588

“You’re worth everything.” @captainkirkmccoy


Dean Winchester

Hips Don’t Lie - Masterlist @anotherwaywardsister

The Vampire Diaries


The Long Wait @imamotherfuckingstar-lord


Chris Evans

My Best Friends Brother - Masterlist @amor-imagines

Sebastian Stan

Making Them Jealous @imamotherfuckingstar-lord