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Steve Rogers's x POC!Reader Headcanons part tres (its a long one guys)

Ok so part one and two are on my blog so check those out idk how to link shut on here so you are just gonna have to check out my blog anyway let’s get into it (these headcanons are kinda based on ur marriage and the proposal and shit)

-your proposal was lit

-Steve was HELLA smoove wit it

-like even u were surprised

-I mean u have to admit Steve is a pretty awkward person

-but this proposal…THIS PROPOSAL

-he had that shit planned out for months bitch MONTHS

-this wigga fuckng proposed at some huge live event just to show his love for you to the world

-Steve is so extra

-he held a freakin press conference after just to say y'all were engaged and that he loved you (who knew u could make so many analogies about loving someone)

-“I love her sooo much y'all don’t even understand…don’t interrupt me I was in the ice for this dumbass country for 70 years let me talk about my fiancée”

-he loves saying “fiancée” so much

-“and what’s the name for this order”

“fiancée please and that reminds me you wanna see a picture of my fiancé they are sooo beautiful she doesn’t like mayo so definitely make sure there isn’t any mayo on the sub”

“sir you told me all of this every single day for the past couple of weeks you don’t have to show me”

“Well then wow how unpatriotic she is a gift to this country”

“I’m sorry sir but u talk about her everyday”

“Lemme speak to your manager”

-he is THAT© guy

-“I’m so lucky”

-“iM So LuCkY”

-of course y'all had a Romantic© night later (y'all pretty much just watched world of dance and cuddled)

-everything was wonderful

-up until the moment you told the team and your family and loved ones

-your family was allllllll up in ya business about planning it

-your best friend wanted to twerk down the aisle (if that’s what ur best friend is like lmao)

-sugar papa tony wanted to pay for the whole thing (of course u let him)

-t'challa and Sam were up in arms that u were actually marrying the white boy© (I’m kidding they were really happy for you)

-Bucky and Sam were arguing over who would be Steves best man

-your nosy ass auntie wanted to come with y'all to cake tasting

-you got your period (if u get periods) the day of fuckin dress (or tux) try ons

-really the whole process to actually get married was a hard one

-but the wedding day was beautiful

-Sam caught the bouquet (you already knew t'challa was getting ready to propose to him anyway)

-zendaya and Beyoncé were at your wedding

-solange sang at your wedding

-so did frank ocean

-y'all had griot, curry chicken, fried chicken, macaroni , fuckin everything all the food was good as fuck (honestly I hate the weddings that are catered by some white people and the food tastes like water and air like I cannot)

-Bucky was twerking

-Steve cried the minute he saw you

-and was continually crying through tour the whole ceremony

-you had to pinch him as you were saying your vows cuz it was getting annoying (lol I’m just kidding)

-Steves vows were long as fuck (Bucky yawned while he was saying them)

-seriously his sappy ass had a 20 minute speech at the reception about how much he loves and adores you (u are flattered though)

-Nicky’s best man speech consisted of him insulting Steve on numerous occasions and promoting his mixtape

-Sams best man speech consisted of insulting Steve (on accident) and really heart felt words

-ur wedding themes color were whatever u wanted them to be ( i was gonna make them red white and blue but that was too cliche)

-Steve got drunk at the reception

-then made another speech that was long af while drunk

-“and when she breaks her hair things whater they called….combs! Thas when I…ME…. I know tha I Larb her she’s so beautiful like warm…no hot fresh linens when they are jus clean oh BUT when we are in the BED room she is anything BUT clean oh the thing she ca do wit tha’ m-”

-at that point you have to pull Steve away from the microphone

-ur honeymoon was Amazing

-y'all went to Oahu cuz it’s really chill there (if ur ever going to go to Hawaii go to Oahu there A LOT of things to do)

-y'all have a little private house on the beach

-Steve gets sunburned

-y'all receive word that Bruce and Thor got engaged about ten days in to your honeymoon

-and t'challa and Sam about two days into your honeymoon

-they’re all copiers tho

————— dirty things under this————-

-day one- sex marathon

-day two- sex marathon plus beach

-day three- museum and sightseeing………….and sex marathon

-day four- hiking and cuddling marathon

The rest of the honeymoon goes much the same

——————ok I’m done it wasn’t even that dirty———

-y'all are so domestic after 

-y'all o grocery shoppin and shit 

 -steve always forgets to buy toilet tissue 

 -he leaves the tooth paste uncapped 

 -he leaves the toilet seat up 

 -he eats all the damned food in one day -

“what the fuck I bought this thirty minutes ago" 

 -“in my defense the battle was very small" 

 -"steve it was a whole gallon" 

 -but you love him for his flaws 

 -and his strengths 

 -like his wizardry with a nail polish brush 

 -and his learned ability how to wash 4c hair

 -and his big heart 

 -and his compassion 

 -and his abs 

 -and dat ass 

-and he loves u too obviously (everyone at subway knows that)

 I hope y'all liked it! Love y'all ;)

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Proposing to You- Hakyeon, Taekwoon, and Jaehwan

Part Proposing to you

Part I, Part II


Hakyeon: You two had been together for the last three years. You two had been through a lot of shit. You made the relationship work even when there were a lot of problems. Hakyeon wanted to take the next step and propose to you. He had planned to propose at your four year mark, but his plan was ruined by his band member, Wonshik as he accidentally told you Hakyeon’s plan.

So, Hakyeon took you out to a restaurant as he tried to figure out his next plan. You watched him and held back laughter. After everything y'all been through, you didn’t understand how he was still so nervous. Especially to ask a question he knew you’d say yes.

(Insert gif) he grabbed the fake white flowers from the vase on y'all’s table, “Will you marry me?”

Of course, you said yes, but after you did you teased the hell out of him.

Taekwoon: He would be the most chilled and smooth guy. After six years, he knew you weren’t leaving, so he by hold off any longer. Taekwoon was definitely not planning anything to propose to you. One reason you both matched was because y'all didn’t like to make huge things out of anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Taekwoon was helping you take care of your nephew and some how he got your nephew to sleep in his arms.

“You’re amazing, babe” you had the hardest time getting your nephew to listen to you the entire time. However, as soon as Taekwoon picked up your nephew, he went to sleep. You were a bit upset when Taekwoon swooped down to press a kiss on your lips. “Don’t worry, love. Our children will listen to you.”

Your eyebrow rose, “Children? I didn’t agree to even marry you and you’re talking about kids.”

(Insert gif) He chuckle, “Don’t act as if you would have said no. I was thinking a private wedding and honeymoon to Hawaii. Maybe in June? So four months from now?”

You got on your tiptoes and kissed him, “yes, but nothing too crazy, okay?” He nodded in agreement.

Jaehwan: He was the definition of extra. Meaning he was going to go the extra mile to propose to you. Y'all had beer together 2 years and even before y'all dated, the others told him to wife you up since you were the only person who willingly put up with his extra self. Also, you were the only person who found his extra side cute.

He wasn’t going to propose once. Nah, that was too normal. He was going to propose twice. Yes, twice. The first time, he’d be so nervous and panicky.

You two were heading back to your apartment when he pulled your arm to stop you from moving.

“What’s up, Oppa?”

(Insert gif) “You’d say yes if I ask you to marry me, yes?”

You looked at him weirdly before nodding, “Of course. We’ve talked about this before.”

He instantly fell to his knees, “Then will you marry me? I’ll feed you, buy you a puppy, and I’ll even give you my voodoo doll so if I hurt you, you can get me back.”

You laughed at him as you pulled him up, “You’re so extra! Of course I will, but I’m expecting that puppy.” He didn’t even have a ring and he confessed it was a spur in the moment.

However, the next proposal came a year later. He wanted to catch you off guard, so he waited a year to ask you again. You were attending a VIXX concert when they were midway through the sets. Jaehwan appeared on stage in his suit and the venue lights turned on.

“You guys enjoying the show?” The crowd went crazy. “Great! I hope you enjoy the rest of the show!”

As he spoke to the audience, a security guard approached you and asked you to follow him. In confusion, you gathered your things and followed the guard as he led you backstage where you were greeted by the other VIXX members. They took your things and pushed you towards the stage.

“Before we go on, I need to get something off my chest. I waited an extra year to do this” he sighed. “As you know, I’ve been dating the love of my life for three amazing years, but the love I have towards her is from five years. She’s the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. And I hope that you guys, you Starlights, will support us to because she makes me so happy.” The crowd aw’d. You stood off to the side as tears slipped down your face. Hyuk pushed you on to the stage and a spotlight shined on you. Jaehwan kneeled in your direction as he pulled out a ring box, “Kim Jieun, will you marry me?”




Awkward Turtle

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Can you plz summarize the whole Hawaii Preath thing? I'm confused, is it related to the candlelit dinner?

Ok so based on what I’ve seen/read/watched around here about Tobin in Hawaii, she was just chilling. She didn’t go surfing with Kelley or Ash like we expected her to. (Unless she did, and I just didn’t see the pictures lol) [UPDATE: she went surfing with Press, apparently] so we don’t really know much about how she spent her time in Hawaii. I remember making a joke like “watch Tobin post about Hawaii AFTER the trip lmao” because she was being really quiet (which isn’t really unusual. It’s just that it was HAWAII.) so anyway. Apparently, she and Christen (and Hawaiian friend) were at the beach together at some point in the trip. [UPDATE: they were together for most of the trip] Presumably during the time Tobin posted this and this. (Plus, they all have the same yellow flower in their pictures??? It could mean nothing but also, Hawaiian friend commented on Press’ Hawaii picture with Kelley saying “Hurry back with Tobin”…..) [UPDATE: They were together when those pictures -both Press’ and Tobin’s- with the yellow flower were taken] So the pic I reblogged surfaced just now and we’re pretty sure it was taken at Waikiki beach, maybe the same night this was posted. [UPDATE: They also went swimming together just the two of them and Hawaiian friend] Soooooo that’s that. This is entirely separate from the candle lit dinner in Portland.