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A.N: I’m finally back. I am so so sorry I didn’t post lately, but I will try harder now. I hope you will enjoy this. Have a good summer.

Summary: The avengers deserves some rest so Tony decide to go on a vacation to Hawaii. In Hawaii there are not just new places to see, but there’s a new love to.
Warnings:fluff, (I think that’s all)
Words count: around 4000 (sorry not sorry)


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After all, those missions and people saving, we can finally can have some vacation. Tony came up with the idea and we without thinking agreed to him. He wanted to take us to Hawaii for 10 days, because we deserve it, and he was right. Now all of the avengers are sitting on the plane, and I just had to realise, that we are not just heroes who’s saving the world from the villains, but we are actually famous. In those few hours at the airport, a lot of people came up to us to take photos with us, and ask for a signature, even on the plane. It was an amazing feeling.

Every time when I’m on a plane, I’m usually sleeping through the fly, and this time it wasn’t different. I’m not scared on the plane, I just think it’s really boring so I rather sleep. I just put in my headphones and listening some music and fall asleep. An hour later someones wake me up.

“Hey Watermelon, wake up. Do you need anything? Food, Water ?”

“Water, yes. Thanks Bucky.”

I know, it’s not the most usual nickname, but it’s perfectly fitting me, because I love watermelon, but it’s not the only reason I got that name. One day in the summer Bucky brings a whole watermelon, for us, and he put it in the fridge without any note (bad idea). A few hours later he can’t find so he asked everyone, about the watermelon, but no one had any idea. I was the only one missing, and he came to my room. He asked me if I know where the fruit is, but before I can answer he opened the door.

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30 Day OTP Challenge Day 7: Steve and Danny cosplaying as Steve and Bucky. Or maybe it’s a Marvel AU! Either way, I had a great time drawing Danny in Bucky’s gear. 


Little Snow Satan for my good friend! Snowball’s flurry and the snowflakes have glitter in them too, is super sparkly in the light. We did a trade, I’m getting a painting of Valkyrie skin Mercy. Til Valhalla! Except that Genji who wouldn’t shut up every time his health took 10points of damage. No Rez for you.

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So I’ve eventually got round to doing this. Sorry it’s taken so long but I hope you all enjoy. I may change the structure of this one day and add more people but here it is! :) 

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