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♡ I don’t think anyone will read this but it’s okay. I got this tattoo done as a reminder that through all the storms I encounter, I will find the light and I’ll grow and blossom into something beautiful. It just gets so hard for me to look forward in life and believe that I’ll be okay. I have breakdowns and cry, even if I have no reason to. I get anxious and overwhelmed over the littlest of things. I overthink A LOT about everything. I drown in my thoughts and I can’t stop it at times. There are days where I wish I’d just disappear so I wouldn’t have to worry anyone and continuously beat myself up for all that I do wrong. I just really hate myself sometimes. But like a flower, it’ll take time for me to grow and show my full potential. And like my tattoo, I need time to heal. I know I have a lot to be grateful for and I can achieve all of things I have planned, I just have to take things day by day and I’ll slowly get to where I want to be. I’m blessed to be living this life and to be supported by someone who truly truly loves me. I know one day I’ll be okay and love all of my flaws ♡


“Characters in Moana don’t accurately resemble Polynesian people”
Honestly, I would say that if everyone were skinny and light-skinned (like the rest of Disney). But that’s not the case. Im sure there’d be just as much outrage if he were skinny with a six pack. You can’t please everyone 🤔

So, because I have 0.00 chill, I took @percyyoulittleshit ‘s idea for Jason Momoa as Hawaiian Poseidon and a young Momoa as Percy Jackson, did my research for accurate Hawaiian and Polynesian tattoos and I made ^THIS^; Percy Jackson the Hawaiian. 

Geckos are a symbol of divinity, as gods often take the form of geckos to speak to mortals. The dolphin is a common symbol of Poseidon. The shark-tooth motif symbolizes protection, guidance, and adaptability. The spear motif symbolizes warriors. The braid motif represents connections to the past through ancestry. The fish-scale motif is particular to Hawaii and represents protection. 

Do you know how hard it is to find a GOOD resource for non-Western symbolism? 

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Also, check out @yourozness and my Hawaiian Percy AU on AO3: Ka Ho'omauhala O Ke Akua Wahine

my input on taehyung and tattoos and people bashing

So I’ve seen the thing about Taehyung and tattoos going around for a while and I just want to share my input. First, I am not against tattoos nor am I saying Taehyung (or anybody else) should not get tattoos. But, I am Korean and I want to explain why some Koreans/Korean Americans view tattoos as a ‘taboo’ and why I find it so unacceptable for others to bash them.
Korea is a respect dominated country and its culture is very formal and the society is very critical of body image and physical appearance to an extreme. Koreans love pale skin because they think pure is beautiful and they like thin, skinny bodies and if you don’t match those standards, there is a high chance that you will be alienated, bullied, and judged. Taking this into consideration, obviously tattoos are going to be looked down and even hated in Korea. They have been considered controversial for several years and Koreans are taught by their families, the media, and the country’s history to relate tattoos to gangs, criminals, delinquents, and other low life images. In the Joseon (조선) Dynasty, slaves and criminals were ‘labeled’ or ‘branded’ with tattoos to visibly show that they were outcasts in the society. They had a belief that one should never mark their bodies because it was disrespectful to their ancestors who gave them their body. Because of all this, tattoos are looked down on in the culture and society and they consider tattooed bodies ‘tainted’ or ‘ruined’. Even on television, most, if not all, of the time, tattoos are blurred out or the person is required to cover it with some sort of material. Tattoos were not allowed in public baths and swimming pools until recently but they still hinder people from getting employed today.
Yes, I know. The world is changing and the number of people with tattoos in Korea is increasing, but Korea is a slow changing country and tattoos are still very much looked down upon today. Although there is no law regarding tattoos in Korea, most Koreans consider tattooing illegal. But they do monitor tattooing because they require tattooists to be licensed medical doctors.
So please take cultural and social differences into consideration (regardless of country) and stop applying western standards because it is not the same.