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Is Chris Pratt a feedee??? Because he seems well fed lately

The actor was spotted in Hawaii sporting a noticeable belly

Chris Pratt was spotted in Hawaii looking very different as we all remember him from his recent movies. His abs are gone and instead he got a firm and round belly. Seems that he’s not returning to old Chris fat all over, he got the beefy look (a ball gut with a muscled frame).

Is well known that his body transformation from fat to fit strengthened his career in Hollywood, but also that his wife Anna Faris prefers her “fat husband” as he has stated. Chris Pratt once said about his wife “She likes abs, but she likes her fat husband better, because she gets to feed him”, and then he went further “She’s a feeder and she wants to keep me locked up in the bedroom all fat and eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Seems like their rest includes feeding sessions and even force feeding sessions, that’d explain Chris Pratt’s bloated belly and his face expression, seems that he has escaped from Anna and he’s watching her to gain some time to digest before she traps him and she continues feeding him no matter how full Chris’s belly is.

Chris Pratt previous body transformation.

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Vacation, Joe Sugg

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-No requests, just can’t wait for summer-

-You meet Joe while on vacation-


The wind blew through your hair as you laid out on your towel listening to the ocean waves crashing into the sandy beach.

You were at your regular vacation spot in Hawaii. You came here every summer to get away from your boring life at home.

You could hear the people around you laughing and having fun in the waves, but you wanted to get your tan sooner rather than later. After a few minutes of laying on your back, you decide to flip over and lay on your stomach. You became oblivious to your surroundings and began to daydream of what it would be like back at home right now.

Suddenly you were brought back from your thought when a gigantic beach ball falls and hits you right on your butt. You jump up surprised and see a bunch of young, attractive men crowded around a volley ball net motioning an apology with their hands. You laugh at their apologetic faces and grab their ball to throw it back towards them.

By this time, you figured you had done enough tanning so you got up to go grab yourself an ice cream cone from the trolly near by.  You throw on your flip flops and hop up to begin your journey.  You were in nothing but your red bikini and you could tell all the men around you were checking you out. Including the ones who had accidentally hit you with their beach ball not to long ago.

You walk slowly so you have the chance to enjoy the scenery on the beach. When you arrive you order yourself a two scoop of strawberry ice cream and they grab it for you right away.

“Mmmm, strawberry” you hear a man say from right behind you. You grab your cone and turn around to see one of the guys from earlier. “Oh hey, its my favourite” you say smiling to the stranger. “Mine too, the names Joe” he says moving ahead of you to order the same thing as you. “Hi Joe” you say nicely, “I’m Y/N”. “What a pretty name” he says charmingly. You blush at his compliment and he smiles.

“So, I was wondering if you would like to join me and my friends for a game of beach ball” Joe asks kindly. “I mean, only if you promise the team I’m against wont cry when i beat them” you say competitively. “Woah-ho-ho, you’re very competitive, aren’t you?” Joe says laughing. “I guess you could say that” you say smirking. “Well, i cant promise they wont cry but i promise i won’t" Joe says reassuring you of how tough he is. You both laugh as you finish off your ice creams, slowly arriving to the net where his friends were.

“Guys I’ve got another player” Joe says excitedly to all of his friends. The teams were uneven  so you were the one who helped to even the teams out. “By player he means girlfriend” one of his friends joke. “Oh shut up Mikey” Joe says laughing. He sends you to the opposing team where there was a blonde, a ginger, and a guy with clearly dyed blonde hair. “Y/N” you say smiling at your team. “Jack, Caspar, Josh” they all say their names at the same time.

The game began and you showed off your skills along with your surprisingly good team. Mid way through the game, your team was winning by a lot of points and the other team was frustrated every time they lost. “Come on Joe, you promised you wouldn’t cry” you say winking at Joe. “Oh come on, I’m not crying” Joe says laughing. You laugh and carry on with the game.

When your team won the game they cheered and picked you up to hold you over their heads. You laughed and were clearly having a good time. When they placed you back down you went under the net to greet Joe on the other side, sticking your tongue out at him. “I must say, good game” Joe says smiling at how happy you were. “It was an awesome game” you say lightly punching his shoulder. The rest of the boys began to pack up all of their stuff as the sun was setting quickly.

“Would you like to come get some drinks with us?” Joe asks. You look to his friends as they all nod their heads and you smile. “Yeah sure, let me just grab my stuff.” you say quickly running to your towel to gather your items.

When you return to the group, they take you to a near by bar that they had gone to every night. “You have to try this” Joe says ordering you a weird sounding drink. The bartender hands you a bright red drink and you weren’t sure if you wanted to try it or not. “Come on, try it” Joe says nodding his head. The rest of the boys had gone off talking to random girls and Joe stayed with you.

You take a sip out of the risky drink and are instantly surprised by the strawberry and alcohol mixture. “This is delicious” you say taking an even bigger sip right after. “Told you so” Joe says laughing.

For the rest of the night, the two of you hit it off really well. He showed you some of his dance skills and impressions and everything about them made you smile or laugh.

By the end of the night Joe walked with you back to your beachfront hotel. “I had fun” you say smiling at Joe. “I did too” he responds biting his lip. You lean in and kiss him lightly causing him to kiss back. Joe puts his hand on your hip and pulls you in closer kissing your forehead. “If you hadn’t been drinking, love, i would’ve made sure you didn’t end up alone tonight” Joe says in a romantic voice. “Can we meet somewhere tomorrow?” you ask sounding a bit desperate.

“Lets meet at the beach tomorrow at 4” Joe responds kissing you one last time before walking away from your hotel.

When you enter your hotel, you close your door behind you smiling. You couldn’t wait for the day to come tomorrow.

Channing Fatum!!

The actor replaced his abs with a huge ball gut

Seems that the Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum is tired of working out for the abs that make us sigh during his dancing, and instead of crunchs he decided to leave himself to food and beer, because we don’t have another explanation for that huge and round ball gut that he sports now.

He was spotted in Hawaii with his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum. The 36-years-old gained weight during some time, he was spotted once, jogging shirtless showing off what we can call his beginner belly.

Well, there’s more Tatum for all of us.

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