hawaii slang

Ok quick Hawaii lesson in asian

In Hawaii we dont call Japanese, Koreans and Chinese those names

Japanese is Kepani

Koreans is Kolea

and Chinese is Pake

So if you guys get confused like my anon who asked because they visited Hawaii and didnt understand why he kept getting called “kepani” this is why :)

anymore slang you guys wanna know? hit me up

you read the names like in romanji so thats how it sounds like

The words are hawaiian

  • Tourist: Hello. Excuse me can you please tell me how to get to Peal City Walmart?
  • Me: K shoots...
  • Me: First get yo muli out of town. Just follow da signs dat going get u on da H1. Stay on dea for bout...tree minuets or till u see da pearl city cut off on ur right hand side. Jump on dat one. No sked when u merge, just throw da shaka at da person dat when let you in. K? Wen u pau merge get yo muli in da inner lane. Stay dea! Aftah u goin jam em chruu couple traffic light. Buggah take hundred years to turn green, but no worry Wally World not goin run away. Den just keep driving and u goin see dakine on your left side and just make one left at da traffic light wen da ting stay green.

These are the goals/things I want to do in Hawai'i. Some are things I’ve never done and some are things I’ve done and continually want to keep doing.
Successfully climb a coconut tree.
Extreme Skateboard down Tantalus drive.
Bus trip around the whole Island. <3
& Road trip around the whole Island too. (not on the same day though)
Be a tourist for a day.
Work at a shave ice stand making the bombest shave ice ever.
Perform some kind of show on the Waikiki Strip.
Scavenger hunt in Waikiki.
Hang Gliding off a mountain.
Visit all the ‘ono grinds places.
See a volcano erupt live in action.
Spend a whole day shopping in China town.
Visit Kaua'i!!
Visit Moloka'i!!
Visit Ni'ihau!!
Visit the place in Hilo that got hit by the 1960 Tsunami.
Play in the Mauna Kea snow. <3
Hike up every single mountain trail along Hawai'i Nei.
Ride a moped along Lahaina, Maui listening to “I’m Yours” By Jason Mraz making like i’m in my own music video because that song has a chill, Island, moped riding, feel to it.
Kona Shopping spree.
Swim to Chinaman Hat.
Hike up Makapu'u Light house and scream “I’m King/Queen of the world.”
Go to sea life park and zoo to live out my childhood memories.
Hike up Haleakala and watch the sun rise. <3
Surf at point panic.
Paddle the Moloka'i Channel.
Sail Hokulea to Tahiti.
Help build a Lo'i patch.
Camp down Makapu'u.
Go to Queens bath and have a pool party.
Run the Great Aloha Run.
Horse riding at Kualoa Ranch.
Attend Merrie Monarch.