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I didn’t finish high school. I dropped out freshman year. I just started college this year after a bit of homeschooling (that wasn’t legit).

My mom never finished high school, she runs multiple businesses, a flower shop in Hawaii, graphic design online, her own jewelry line, she taught painting/pottery/glasswork, she owned an art studio and started up her own collective gallery TWICE before selling them both. Now, my mom is a freelance art teacher and is a foster parent because her husband is well off and works at NASA and they wanted kids, but my mom miscarried 3 times.

My family had previously been pretty poor to the point where my single mom, my sister and I had to sleep in a friends attic when we left my moms abuser. We’ve been homeless multiple times, to try and get out of debt we lived on a sailboat (because it’s tax free if you’re not docked/anchored) while my mom ran her business.

When I was a baby my mom was on food stamps, which means I can’t use food stamps in my future if needed. We didn’t own a car for YEARS. We each had a bicycle, and we biked everywhere. I biked to my school in 1st grade. Until I was in 6th grade we never had a tv or a mobile cellphone. We did laundry at a coin laundromat and it was the biggest luxury to sit in the air conditioning. Sometimes they had nice bathrooms as well where my sister and I could wash our hair.

Even before my mom remarried, she never stopped trying to get a foot in the door. While we lived on a boat, we had multiple pet rats. They were amazingly well cared for, and that spiked my whole relationship I have now with animals. My mom has always been pretty great about impressing “pets are a luxury, not a right” on my sister and I. So when we moved off the boat, we realized we couldn’t get more rats until things got better. When we moved from Hawaii to Florida, we had to leave 4 cats and our dog behind. We didn’t have enough money to bring them with, and continue proper care for them. So we gave them away.

My point is, you don’t need a high school education to do great things with your life. As long as you keep trying, keep your head up, and do the best you can, things can always get better. And sometimes, the best thing for your animals, is to let them go (metaphorically). Give them away to friends or family, adopt them out, place them in a shelter if needed. If you can’t properly care for your animals, you need to do the right thing for them, by not having animals. Another time you may have enough resources to have animals again.


Leila & Lizzie take on the North Shore of Oahu, HI.
Vans Surf’s Leila Hurst and Vans Skate’s @lizziearmanto took advantage of lay day during Vans Triple Crown (that’s surf speak for a non competition day) to go exploring around Oahu.

On Leila: Adolescence Flannel  //  Sk8-Hi Slim
On Lizzie: Boyfriend T-Shirt  //  Authentics