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Hoseok - Hawaii

Pairing - J-Hope x Reader 

Type - Humour and fluff and lots of fluff

Warning - cringy puns ahead with a sprinkle of fluff 

Song recommended - ‘Starlight’ by Taeyeon and Dean

This for me friend @sebeuntin-ie  HOPE you enjoyed this! (see what I did there ;) )

Originally posted by smol-jims

The shrill sound of the ringtone of your phone interrupted the silence of the room. Your boss looked up at you, annoyed by the disturbance. You smiled apologetically at him. He gestured for you to leave the room to answer the call.

“This better be important Jungkook-ah,” you said just as you walked out, clicking the answer button.

“I’m so sorry Noona. I know you were doing something but I really need a minute to talk to you.” The urgency in his voice made your heart race, a million scenarios already forming in that overly complicated head of yours.

“Did something happen? Is everything okay? Are you guys okay? Is Jimin okay? Is Hose-“ you ranted off.

The boys and yourself were in The States. You were on your business trip in New York while the boys were in Anaheim. Your brain couldn’t help but form the worst scenarios in midst of the death threats Jimin was receiving and you hadn’t spoken to your dearest boyfriend, Hoseok, in two days.

You would usually schedule dates for your business trips around the time Hoseok and the boys went on tour so you guys would come home around the same time and got to spend as much time as possible with each other.

“Noona relax. Nobody is hurt. Everything is okay,” your donsaeng reassured you. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Hm go ahead.”

“The hyungs have been really stressed these last few days. I mean they’re really cheerful on stage but I feel like each of them are overworking themselves,” Jungkook replied dejectedly.

“Oh,” you whispered, instantly feeling guilty. Just the day before, yourself and Hoseok had a little spat and hadn’t spoken since. Usually the two of you never really argued. If you did, then it wouldn’t last long. But this time you knew you had struck a chord when that Skype call had ended rathely abruptly on the other end. Neither of you were wrong, just overly distressed.

A sigh escaped your lips as you massaged your forehead with your free hand. You smiled when you thought of something that not just Hoseok but all of the boys needed - a mini break.

“Yah kookie, I have a brilliant plan. Don’t worry about a thing, I’ll take care of everything. I have to go now and make some calls. Just relax till then.”

You didn’t give a chance for the boy to reply as you ended the call, excited for things might turn out.

After speaking to the boys’ managers, the staff had helped you to book tickets for everyone to Hawaii.  

You were feeling giddy with the excitement bubbling in you with each passing second. You heard loud screams as you walked to the gate of your flight. You had managed to get a flight from New York to LA and now to Hawaii just so that you could be on the same one as the boys.

With your face partially covered by the hoodie you had ‘borrowed’ from your dearest. You knew the boys were behind you when you heard almost incoherent bickering in Korean. You smiled when you realised it was Jimin and Taehyung. Just then, another rather raspy voice cut in and your heart surely skipped a few beats. It took a large amount of self control to not turn back and hug him the life out of your beloved . You breathed in deeply as you continued walking slowly, just to hear him speak.

You hadn’t seen him in two weeks since you left a week before the boys. Even though they had shows in New York, the were busy with interviews and practice while you were busy with endless meetings.

With your slow pace, you ended up between Jin and Jungkook in the line for the ticket check. Jungkook had been staring at your bag since the time he’d spotted you. His suspicions were confirmed when his eyes landed on the familiar rose gold band around your wrist which Hoseok had given. He smiled but didn’t approach you.

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