hawaii scenes


In reference to this video, I can guarantee you that Steve McGarrett would not let Danny Williams drive his own car unless there was some major thing/moment about to happen, so I think in honor of staying true to their characters, we deserve approximately 5 more scenes: 

1. A scene where Danny calls Steve out on acting so weird and wants to know what his motive is

2. A scene where Steve denies it and tries to put it on Danny being sensitive and an argument ensues in the car (just like the old days)

3. A scene where the argument ends and Danny gets real and thanks Steve, and a tiny bit of awkwardness happens in which Steve still tries to be keep his macho act on, and Danny just lets the subject drop

4. A Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams sex scene (you like how I tried to slide that in there just like its like every other scene),… and lastly, 

5. A scene where Kono somehow finds out they’re sleeping together and her smirk is what makes every McDanno shipper’s life complete. Is that really too much to ask, lol?


So different and yet so alike. Two sides of the same coin.