hawaii scenes

  • RM, watching the sun set: wow..it looks like the sun is bathing in the sea
  • Jin, watching the same sun set: it looks like an egg yolk

bts getting excited over a cute baby, and when jimin HELD THE BABIES HAND 😤


“I am genuinely scared for your health, I lay up at night, I’m sick about it.., I can’t sleep. I almost called that therapist to try and get another session.”

“Why didn’t you say something to me?”

“What am I going to say to you? That I’m stressed about the fact that you are not taking this thing seriously about your own health? I’m not gonna do that, I’m not gonna put that on you, that’s my own thing. What am I gonna say to you?”

“I’m scared too. I know I don’t show it but deep down I’m scared. Do you think I don’t wanna live a long life? Do you think I don’t wanna get married some day? Have my own kids? I love your kids, Charlie, Gracie, I wanna watch them grow up…”