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His Name

The whole time they were talking, Lance could tell his mind was some place else. Some place more important than whatever nonsense made its way out of his mouth. His mind was probably off in Hawaii, next to the resort pool, drinking cocktails and martinis with some other lover. 

Some lover that wasn’t Lance. Lance knew Shiro had been unfaithful, with his heart set on things- people- it shouldn’t be. Lance knew, knew Shiro never worked late, knew Shiro didn’t need to go for business trips that often. Most of all, he knew he wasn’t good enough. He wasn’t good enough to keep Shiro’s head on straight, to keep him looking into Lance’s eyes instead of down another man’s driveway.

But, he loved Shiro. He wouldn’t just give up. Maybe- just maybe- if Lance managed to get back Shiro’s interest they could go back to normal, how it was before Shiro came into promiscuity.

“So then-” Lance blabbered, trying to keep Shiro’s interest when suddenly Shiro’s phone buzzed, an incoming call. Shiro looked at the caller i.d. and looked apologetically at Lance before leaving the room to take the call.

It was then, as Shiro turned his back on Lance, that he realised. Things would never go back to normal, love had been drained, connection was gone. Their love was dying and Lance could do nothing but watched as it fizzled to a cold, hard stop. Fueled by nothing other than Lance’s want. A want that was slowly dying too. 

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for @taleasedubh

Pairing:  Draco/Hermione

Word Count:  1359

Prompt:  ‘Kokomo’ by the Beach Boys (1988)

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Link:  Ao3

Of all the people in all the world, both magical and not, the very last person Hermione ever imagined she’d be seeing when she stepped into the lobby of her Hawaii resort hotel was Draco Malfoy.  

Did she mention it was a Muggle resort hotel?  Because it was. It absolutely was.  

The only thing more mortifying than going on holiday with one’s middle-aged parents, was if the holiday was also a retreat for dentists.  Which this was.  

And if one was coming in freshly chucked by their fiance.  (Which she was).

And if one was all alone for the first time in years. (Which she was).

All of these things were true.  And now Draco Malfoy was here on top of it all.  

“Oh, bugger…” Hermione muttered under her breath, hoping to Merlin he hadn’t seen her.  

His gaze caught onto hers and he raised his eyebrows, crossing the floor towards her.  

So much for any help from Merlin.  Blast these dead wizards.  

Oh, that sounded awful.  

But all the same.  

“Malfoy…” she said with a falseness that belied her discomfort.  “Fancy seeing you here.”  

He smirked, crossing his arms over his spotless white shirt and shifting his weight to his other hip.  “Granger, you’re looking well.  It appears you’ve gotten lighter?  Perhaps you’ve lost about one-hundred-eighty pounds of red haired git since I’ve seen you last.”  

The mention of Ron stung more than she thought it would.  But she’d be damned if she was going to let Malfoy know that.  

She shrugged noncommittally, letting one hand slide up her hip to rest on her waist in what she hoped was a look of utter nonchalance and poise.  “I suppose.”  

“It’s a good look on you.  Might want to consider it for the long term.”  

“I did.  Consider it.  Liked what I saw.  Now I’m off to have brunch and spend the day by the pool.”  

He looked surprised.  “Really? You chucked the buffoon?  That’s…interesting…” He chuckled to himself and looked to be finished or bored with the conversation.  

Hermione tilted her head in way of goodbye and walked quickly towards the dining room.  

“Oh, Granger?”  Malfoy turned, shoving one hand into his khakis and looking all the more pretentious for doing so.  

“Hmm?” She turned back to face him.  

“It’s pouring outside.  You might want to stick to the indoor pool.”

She nodded in way of thanks and turned again to make her way to the dining room.  

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anonymous asked:

Roadtrip fics! Traveling. Cross-country. Meeting on vacation. Adventures aboard. Those types of fics please! Any recommendations for them will be appreciated

Hello! So I did one of these lists recently you can see here, and then I did a different one where they get together during summer vacation you can find here. OK, Enjoy!

4/1- aggg I forgot one! Officially added!(marked ***)

Heart On Your Sleeve: One shot. Jongin is supposed to confess on a trip they take to Hong Kong. (very adorable Jongin)

Spur of the Moment: One shot. Kyungsoo takes a trip alone to Japan and meets Jongin who is having a fight with his lover and then they spend the rest of their vacations together

NYC to Madrid, One to Two, Me to You : One shot. They meet on a cruise that they go on with their parents and find out that they have a lot in common

Lutefisk and Love: One shot. Jongin invites himself along to Kyungsoo’s vacation to Norway, much to Kyungsoo’s dismay 

***Sweet Escape: one shot Kyungsoo is having a hard time getting over his friends death and takes a trip to clear his head

Can You Keep A Secret: Complete 2 chapters Kyungsoo is famous and sits next to Jongin on a flight to Hawaii for some resort promotion and freaks out from the plane and says too much, and then meets Jongin again in Hawaii….

I Hate You (I Like You): Complete 2 chapters- another enemies to lovers fics that happened after the last list. They are high school enemies (kind of) and their parents are best friends so they are forced to go on a camping trip together

To The Beat of Our Hearts: One shot, Kyungsoo goes to Vegas for vacation and gets dancing lessons from Jongin who shows him how to put passion into his movements ^^

Vacation: one shot.  Flowers and Ink sequel, They go away together for the weekend

Taking Flight: One shot. Kyungsoo goes on a quest to find Odin and meets Jongin and Sehun who travels with him along the way

To Cherish, Love and Hold One shot, The broke up and then meet up again while on a similar trip to the Maldives