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Asians in Hollywood: TV Renewed/Cancelled/Pick Up Masterlist

This list will be consistently updated until the status of TV shows starring Asians have been determined (also if we missed anything, please send us a message and we’ll add it asap).



  • American Housewife - Starring Ali Wong
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Starring Chloe Bennet and Ming-Na Wen
  • Fresh Off the Boat - Starring Constance Wu, Randall Park, Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheeler, Ian Chen, and Lucille Soong
  • Modern Family (2 seasons renewal) - Starring Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
  • Designated Survival - Starring Maggie Q and Kal Penn


  • Dr. Ken - Starring Ken Jeong, Suzy Nakamura Albert Tsai, Krista Marie Yu

Picked Up

  • Start Up - Starring Tiya Sircar
  • Inhumans - Starring Mike Moh and Ken Leung
  • Deception - Starring Justin Chon
  • Splitting Up Together - Starring Bobby Lee and Kelsey Asbille (aka Kelsey Chow)


  • Quantico - Starring Priyanka Chopra and Yasmine Al Massri



  • The Big Bang Theory - Starring Kunal Nayyar
  • Hawaii Five-O - Starring Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Masi Oka


  • 2 Broke Girls - Starring Matthew Moy


  • Elementary - Starring Lucy Liu
  • Pure Genius - Starring Brenda Song

The CW


  • The 100 - Starring Bob Morley and Christopher Larkin
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Starring Vincent Rodriguez III
  • iZombie - Starring Rahul Kohli
  • The Originals - Starring Charles Michael Davis
  • Riverdale - Starring Charles Melton (will be replacing Ross Butler in season 2)



  • Pitch - Starring Mark Paul-Gosselaar and Tim Jo

Picked Up

  • The Gifted - Starring Jamie Chung


  • New Girl - Starring Hannah Simone



  • Chicago Med - Starring Brian Tee
  • The Good Place - Starring Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto
  • Superstore - Starring Nichole Bloom and Nico Santos


  • Powerless - Starring Vanessa Hudgens and Danny Pudi

Picked Up

  • Reverie - Starring Sarah Shahi, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and Jessica Lu
Dating KJ Apa would include....

- He’s a huge goof ball and you’d laugh a lot 

- Midnight drives with the windows down and music up 

- Dyeing your hair together 

- “Awe babe, let’s do a darker shade!" 

- Dogs, dogs galore 

- "Can we get another dog, love?" 

 - "KJ, we have four. We barely fit in our bed, the dogs take it all." 

- Puppy dog eyes 

- He’d totally lay his head in your lap or your boobs when you’re reading or not giving him enough attention 

- Practicing lines together 

- He would serenade you all the time because he loves to play guitar 

- Learning all your favourite songs so he can play them for you 

- Lets be honest, your social medias would be so full of each other, the fans would go nuts 

- Being literal couple goals 

- Hanging with the Riverdale cast and just totally teasing everyone 

- Almost all of your friends have walked in on you 

- Blame KJ, he can’t keep his hands of off you 

- Cute outfits to drive him crazy 

- Which is easy because he’s almost always turned on around you 

- Cute texts

- Cliche and totally cheesy dates that you love to the end of the world 

- Dog cuddles on the couch 

- KJ does not wear clothing in the apartment 

- You’re okay with that -Especially when he makes you breakfast in bed, completely nude 

- He has watched The Magic Mikes with you and even though he won’t admit it to any of his friends, he dances for you like that 

- "God, KJ keep doing that" 

- Nicknames like love, cutie, baby, sweetheart, kitten 

- You call him things like red, dork, kiwi, babe 

- Matching outfits that just slay red carpet events 

- Having a YouTube channel for your shared adventures and the fans just love you to pieces and worship you for quality KJ footage 

- Massages like you wouldn’t believe because he has nice hands 

 - Hanging in New Zealand with his family and absolutely being adored 

- Literally everyone who hangs out with you are your personal photographers - French kisses 

- Hickeys 

- Netflix and Chill because that boy has it written all over his face 

- Fancy dinners at fancy restaurants where all you literally do is sit in a corner and people watch and laugh at the snootiness of the people around you 

- Messing around on sets 

- Pranking Cole Sprouse because why not? 

- Interviews where you’re back stage just so KJ can see your face 

- Cuddles everywhere at anytime 

- Binge watching all the old Disney shows 

- Building forts in your living room because you’re dating a large man child 

- Piggybags literally everywhere, you’re not sure why you have legs anymore ‘cause he just carries you everywhere 

- He takes you to concerts all the time because he likes to see you smile and rock out 

- KJ loves to take you to the beach and places like Hawaii and Baja for trips because he loves to stare at your body in a bikini 

- Dog walks in the park 

- Dancing in the rain 

- Sneaking into a Broadway theatre and singing on the stage just to reenact Glee 

- So many inside jokes 

- He’d be so supportive no matter what you do 

- He’s very clingy 

 - Texts and FaceTime while he’s away 

- Snapchats all the time 

- Can you imagine the group chat with the riverdale cast? 

- You’d also have a cat or four 

- KJ loves animals

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Bouquet Notes

“for someone who claims to not be alone, I always happen to find you by yourself.”

You’re trying not to roll your eyes, or laugh at the same time. But, you’re hitting him back with a, “for someone who chose to come alone, you seem to always want my company.”

In which, maybe you don’t have to be lonely when you’re both alone

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Warning: Language, kinda smutty


The day had been miserably hot. On top of that, It was very humid. But what am I to complain about in Hawaii? It’s absolutely gorgeous. What’s the one thing that could make a place like Hawaii 100 times better? My boyfriend Harry.

Yesterday Harry’s good friend Jon Geller got married. It was a very beautiful ceremony. Harry really let loose and had fun, which is really relieving for me because he’s been pretty stressed out lately.

About an hour ago Harry decided to head down to the gym and work out.

“Are ya sure ya don’ wanna come with me to the gym bug?” He asked tying his shoe laces.

“Harry If I go to the gym I’m going to immediately die of heat stroke.” I say sleepily from under the covers.

“If you say so, I’ll be back in a bit.” He says with a light chuckle.

Once he was all ready to go he came over to my side of the bed, kissed my cheek, then left.

That was an hour ago, and it’s only getting hotter by the minute. I wish I could go to the beach to cool off but Harrys exact words were,

“Stay in the room until I get back petal, don’ want the paps gettin’ pictures of ya.”

So instead of going to the beach, I think of another idea.

Quickly I take off my shirt and shorts, leaving me just in my underwear. I stand up from the bed and make my way over to the huge window in the room and open it. Immediately I’m met by the cool morning breeze. The wind on my skin feels amazing.

After a few moments of letting the breeze nibble at my skin, I lye on my stomach on the bed and doze off.

Suddenly I’m awoken by soft kisses on my ass.

I turn my head to the side to look down at harry. He had just gotten out of the shower and had a white towel wrapped lowly around his hips. I let out a small moan just looking at him, He notices that I’m awake and looks up at me with a smirk on his face.

“Good mornin’ my sleepy one.” He dips his head back down and starts kissing the small of my back.

I let out a quiet morning and bite my lip.

Suddenly Harry flips me over and starts biting my hip bones.

“Is daddy making you feel good pet?” He asked moving up to the dip in between my breasts.

Instantly I can feel my panties soak at the name daddy.

I nod my head and run my fingers through his slightly damp curly hair.

All too quickly he stops and looks at me.

“Answer when I speak.” He says running his thumb across my bottom lip.

“Yes.” I say slightly out of breath.

“Yes what?” Harry asks with lust filled eyes.

“Yes Daddy.” I say and slip his thumb into my mouth lightly sucking.

His eyes snap shut and he lets out a shaky breath.

He regains composure and pulls out his thumb from my mouth causing me to let out a whimper.

“I’m in charge okay pet?” He asks moving his head to my neck.

I moan out a yes as he hits a sensitive spot on my neck.

Harry was just about to take the towel off of his body when there was a knock on the door.

“Bloody hell.” Harry mumbles before yelling

“Who is it?”

“It’s Jeff, someone is on the phone for you and you need to talk to them right now.”

“Can it not wait?” He yells running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“If it could wait Harry I wouldn’t be standing in the hall right now, come open this bloody door!” Jeff yells.

Harry looks at me with a desperate and apologetic look.

“Don’t worry it’s fine, I’ll be here when you get back.” I say lightly smiling.

Harry lightly smiles and kisses me quickly on the lips.

“I promise I’ll be back soon, and then I’m all yours.” He says pulling a shirt over his head.

Once he’s dressed he kisses me again and leaves.

What I thought would be a few minute phone call turns into hours and I’m not sure when he’ll be back.

With every hour that passes I get more and more riled up.

All I know is when Harry gets back, he wont be in charge, I will.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! If you want a part 2 for this just let me know! I have some good ideas for a part 2…;)