hawaii picture

“...why are there so many potted plants?”

Ted the Animator: “…what?”

Carl the Animator: “I was just lookin’ at the model sheets for all the vacationers leaving….”

Ted the Animator: “And they have some potted plants?”

Carl the Animator: “More than that. Way, way too many.”

Ted the Animator: “….really?”

Carl the Animator: “It’s like every other car has one precariously strapped to the top.”

Ted the Animator: “That’s a bit bizarre.”

Carl the Animator: “They just keep driving by! A never-ending onslaught!”

Ted the Animator: “…whoa.”

Carl the Animator: “I mean, who goes vacationing with their potted plant, anyway?”

Ted the Animator: “Maybe they’re, like, souvenirs?”

Carl the Animator: “They’re all so precariously-strapped to the top, though. That kind of disregard for a souvenir plant is inexcusable.”

Ted the Animator: “Also… what with Hawaii being an island and all, I’d be interested in seeing how they intend to bring those with them on the trip home.”

Carl the Animator: “It just never ends. The potted plantpocolypse doesn’t–… doesn’t… wait….”

Ted the Animator: “Huh?”

Carl the Animator: “…hold up, why does that person have a broom and pitchfork with them?”

Ted the Animator: “Wait, what?”

Carl the Animator: “Seriously, they have an actual pitchfork.”

Ted the Animator: “I’d like to see ‘em get that thing through customs and security.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m telling you, this scene is the strangest thing I’ve seen in months, and we’re barely 5 minutes into the movie.”

Ted the Animator: “These, Carl… these are the true mysteries of Scooby-Doo.”


Smooth waves bursting with color give inside view of surfer’s paradise

Ever wondered what Hawaii’s famous waves look like from the inside? Marco Mitre, a photographer and noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Army, shares the beauty of the coast along the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The spectacular palette of colors from the waves reflecting the summer sun is enough to transport you to dreams of the tropical Pacific. (Caters News)

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