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anime: *takes place in Victorian england*

anime: *has the main female character dress in a short school girl esque skirt*

Russia: My country is much closer to you than your so-called state Hawaii. 


Russia: An invasion would not be as hard as you might like to tell yourself. 

America: ….so-called…? 

the best part about this entire thing is that it took me seeing this and only this and it inspired 6k+ worth of smut, fluff, and drunk!harry being cute. so it’s really cute, then filthy, and then cute again, and then filthy one last time so it has BALANCE. also based on this blurb i posted yesterday! enjoy <3

“Think it’ll be the best night f’my life f’you go an’ catch that bouquet,” he says in answer to your earlier question, and your eyes go wide and you shake your head almost instantly. “Absolutely not – have you ever been part of a bouquet toss? Those women will claw me t’the death tryin’ t’get it,” you reason, and he pouts.

“Please, baby – promise I’ll kiss it better,” he says, and you almost give in because he’s properly pouting like a child right now, but you look over to where all the bachelorettes have gathered, and you scrunch your nose. “Y’can buy me a bouquet f’roses and throw ‘em at me, ‘f that’s really what you want t’see happenin’,” you offer, and Harry literally whines. “Baby–” he starts, and you cut him off, “No.”





It goes on like that until the final call for the girls to gather and Harry shrugs. “Fine then. I guess I’ll go,” he says, and you give him a look of confusion, your eyebrows knitted together, until you realize he means he’s joining the bouquet toss.


Harry and Y/N go to a wedding in Hawaii and he joins in on the bouquet toss when you refuse

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Hawaii teacher refuses to teach undocumented children, he says in staff email

  • John Sullivan teaches social studies at Campbell High School in Ewa Beach, Hawaii — but only to children who live in the United States legally, he said in a harshly worded email.
  • According to KITV, another Campbell High teacher sent on Wednesday a staff-wide email advising colleagues on how to deal with students being kept home from school due to fear of deportation.
  • “Their parents need to apply for immigration like everyone else,” Sullivan replied. “If they are here in the U.S. illegally, I won’t teach them.”
  • Sullivan’s response did not go over well. Principal Jon Henry Lee was quick to set the record straight.
  • “Teachers should not be using the school’s email to voice political opinions,” Lee wrote in a letter. “Sullivan will teach any student who is enrolled at Campbell High School.”
  • A spokesperson for the Hawaii Department of Education said Sullivan will be disciplined by the high school. Read more (3/9/17 12:32 PM)

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[PIC] 170406 BTS in Hawaii! Shooting for 2017 Summer Package
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Glad to know bangtan’s enjoying their time in Hawaii. <3

Also, Jungkook’s tan skin. Love’ it.

The World War II Japanese invasion of Hawaii and the Hawaii overprint note.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 7th, 1941, it was feared that the next move of the Japanese was to invade Hawaii.  One concern of a possible Japanese invasion was the possibility that the Japanese could get there hands on millions of dollar of American currency and use it to fund their war effort.  Across the Hawaiian Islands, millions of dollars worth of hard currency was held by banks, financial institutions, businesses, and private citizens.

To solve this problem, the US Federal Reserve created an emergency “Hawaii” note to replace all currency on the islands.  The Hawaii notes were only legal tender in Hawaii and were declared worthless anywhere else.  To distinguish between real US dollars and Hawaii notes, the new notes featured a brown Federal Reserve seal and the word “Hawaii” was printed in large capital letters across the back of the bill, with the addition of two small overprints on the front.  Specially issued by the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, they came in denominations of $1, $5, $10, and $20.  

On July 15th, 1942 citizens of Hawaii were ordered to turn in all their cash in exchange for the Hawaii notes. In total, around $200 million of cash was collected and burned.  In 1944, when it was clear that no invasion of Hawaii would occur, issuance of Hawaii notes was discontinued and normal cash was once again issued to Hawaii.  Recall of Hawaii notes began in 1946, although many bills were saved as curios and souvenirs.  Today surviving examples are popular collectors items.

This is what Tae bought for Jimin on thier transit stop to Hawaii. Only for Jimin. 

“V: Jimin. Jimin. Here’s yours!

JH: what about mine?

 V: huh? What?

 JM: It’s so pretty! thank u. “

At the point that thought Vmin can’t be more obvious and here they are, being more obvious. 

A majority of US states are refusing to provide info to Pres. Trump's new voting commission -- or agreeing to provide only some information. Where does each state stand? Our latest tally:

-Alabama [public info only]

-Alaska [public info only] 

-Arizona [will not comply] 

-Arkansas [public info only] 

-California [will not comply] 

-Colorado [public info only] 

-Connecticut [will not comply; request clarification]

-Delaware [will not comply]

-Florida [reviewing request] 

-Georgia [public info only] 

-Hawaii [no statement available]

-Idaho [public info only]

-Illinois [hasn’t formally received request]

-Indiana [public info only]

-Iowa [public info only] 

-Kansas [public info only]

-Kentucky [will not comply]

-Louisiana [gov’t can purchase public info]

-Maine [public info only]

-Maryland [will not comply]

-Massachusetts [will not comply]

-Michigan [only what is legally required]

-Minnesota [public info only]

-Mississippi [will not comply]

-Missouri [public info only]

-Montana [hasn’t received request but wouldn’t release any personal or confidential information”]

-Nebraska [no statement available]

-Nevada [public info only]

-New Hampshire [public info only]

-New Jersey [no statement available]

-New Mexico [have not received request, but wouldn’t release private info]

-New York [will not comply]

-North Carolina [public records only]

-North Dakota [no statement available]

-Ohio [public info only]

-Oklahoma [public info only]

-Oregon [gov’t can pay for public info] 

-Pennsylvania [will not comply]

-Rhode Island [public info only]

-South Carolina [will provide some information but not partial Social Security number or voting record]

-South Dakota [will not comply]

-Tennessee [will not comply]

-Texas [public info only]

-Utah [public info only]

-Vermont [will not comply]

-Virginia [will not comply]

-Washington [public info only]

-West Virginia [hasn’t received request but wouldn’t provide partial Social Security number]

-Wisconsin [gov’t can pay for public info]

-Wyoming [will not comply]