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Monday is here! Back to work!
It’s so good to see how well Moana is doing at the Box Office :D!!
Here’s another painting from underwater.
It was really fun to do and with a different light than usual.

Thanks once again for all your great comments and support!! It means a lot. I’m surrounded by the best people! :)

Let me know if you have any questions about these paintings or in general and I’ll be happy to answer :).

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Please Read This (not asking for money)

Please please please go see Moana. It is an amazing movie made by amazing people. Here’s a list of reasons to go see it,

-The music is amazing (it was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, you know, the Hamilton guy)

-Moana has no romantic interest in the film! I have always felt like a lot of the romantic plots of movies feel forced or stupid and finally there is a disney movie that just said ‘screw it’ and left it out and I think that made the film so much better than trying to force a romance in there

-Whenever Moana’s dad tells her that she can’t do something it is NEVER because she is a girl

-Moana and Maui have such a beautifully written friendship, it’s rocky and realistic but they have each others backs

-When Moana is not allowed to do something in her village it is NEVER because she is a princess, it is because of village rules that no one can break

-Moana has a realistic body, it’s not stick thin like the other disney princesses

-When Maui tells Moana that she can’t do something because she is a princess (implying that she is too delicate) she proves him wrong and totally kicks ass

-The animation is so good, especially since there is so much water in the film

-A LOT of the people that worked on this film are POC

-Auli’i Cravalho (the voice of Moana) is such a  sweet, bright, and fun person and I want her to get the recognition she deserves because she did a great job in this movie, also she is a Hawaii native

There is other stuff that I’m sure I’m forgetting so feel free to add to the list. Overall this movie is so beautiful and amazing! It is different from a lot of stuff Disney has done before. By not seeing it you are just telling Disney that you just want the same helpless damsel in destress skinny white girl that gets saved by a prince. I don’t know about you but, I’m sick of those kind of plots. It’s time for a princess to save herself and Moana does just that!

therock Where else can I drive down a jungle dirt road and find @nickjonas, @karengillanofficial, @kevinhart4real callin’ me a motherf*cker and Jack Black happily enjoying ice cream. 😂

Luv these guys. What a motley crew we’ve assembled. Havin’ a blast.

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The Signs As Things Akabane Karma Has Done
  • Aries: stolen gelato from his teacher
  • Taurus: gone to space
  • Gemini: got suspended from school
  • Cancer: stuck wasabi up a guy's nose
  • Leo: actively encouraged his best friend to crossdress
  • Virgo: had his nails painted by a giant octopus person
  • Libra: punched Terasaka in the face
  • Scorpio: bitchslapped Nagisa
  • Sagittarius: smashed a beer bottle over a guy's head
  • Capricorn: jumped off a cliff in potential suicide at 14
  • Aquarius: went to Hawaii to watch a movie in like 10 min
  • Pisces: got perfect grades in every subject