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I’m gonna try the 30 day OTP drawing challenge for the first time! I probably won’t be able to do it in a month, so it’ll be an ongoing summer project!

Day 1: Steve and Danny Holding Hands ft. their adorable daughter Grace 💕 (click for better resolution!)

You Had Me At Merlot

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(Yes, that is a wine pun.)

Request: Imagine Opie missing an important event of yours. You fight and you leave.

“Will Harry be joining us this evening?”
You glanced at the empty seat next to you and back at your boss.
“He’ll be here,” You assured him with a nod.
Your boss smiled tightly and turned back to his menu.
None of them had been particularly pleased when you had said you would be bringing Opie to the work dinner. Apparently the ‘plus one’ invite was more of a formality than an actual offer. At least, when it came to your big bad biker boyfriend, that is.
Your boss had been more than happy when wives had entered with your coworkers and you had walked in alone.
But that wouldn’t last. Ope would be here. He had promised.
Barbara across the table gave you a sympathetic smile and you tried not to roll your eyes.
“You okay hun?”
You took a long sip of the wine in front of you. “Just peachy.” You flashed her a smiled.
“So anyway, we took the kids to Hawaii last summer. It was ah-mazing.”
This time you rolled your eyes, unable to hide it as you listened to Carl, one of your coworkers drone on about their Brady Bunch perfect family and their lives and all the vacations they had taken together.
“Its okay if he doesn’t come hun. Boys will be boys. You can do much better” Barbara whispered across the table.
You raised your glass in her direction, acknowledging her comment and took a long sip.
A waiter refilled your now empty glass and you thanked him.
Barbara was always convinced that every male that walked the earth was incapable of keeping his dick in his pants.
Opie, however, wasn’t like that.
Or was he?
You practically heard the clock tick by another thirty minutes and with every passing second you were becoming more agitated, the empty seat next to you making its presence known.
Barbara had lipstick on her teeth.
You should probably tell her.
it was the right thing to do. Girl code, and all that.
But you hated Barbara and her sympathetic smiles, and you were too busy feeling sorry for yourself anyway.
As if on queue she tapped her watch and threw you a knowing smile.
“Maybe you should slow down on the wine, hun.” Barbara whispered across the table.
“No can do, Barb.” You took another sip and your boss stood and walked around the table, from his spot at the head.
He stopped behind you and leant into your ear.
“Maybe we should order?”
You sighed and nodded, trying not to let the disappointment show on your face.
He had promised you.
“He’s a bad boy, hun. He can’t be tamed. Best find yourself a nice hardworking man.”
You ignored Barbara and gestured for the waiter once more.
“Can I grab another bottle?”
The waiter nodded and took the now empty bottle of wine away.
You weren’t usually a big drinker, but hey, if work was paying you may as well make the most of it.
And if you were gonna survive the rest of the night with Barb and Carl you would need all the wine you could get.
“And we just know young Toby is going to make Captain. I mean, have you seen him play?!” Carl was bragging, a smug laugh erupting from his lips.
He had a sweater draped over his shoulders and you fought the urge to leap across the table and strangle him with the cashmere sleeves.
His wife beside him laughed, although you were surprised she could even move her facial muscles, from all the plastic surgery she’d had.
“New drinking game.” Tyson whispered in your ear.
You turned to the new intern, who sat in the seat next to you.
You’d never talked to him but from the sound of his proposal he might be the only person that could keep you sane through this.
“Every time he mentions Toby we drink.”
You smirked and held out your hand for a shake.
“Everytime Barb says ‘Hun’, we drink.”
Tyson shook your hand and you both smiled at each other.
The waiter approached and placed your bottle of wine on the table.
“Shall I remove these plates, or are we still waiting on a guest?” The waiter asked.
“You can take them.” You sighed.
Lets face it.
Opie wasn’t coming.
“For the best, hun.”
You turned to Tyson, and you both raised your glasses, clinking them in the air as you laughed.

The car pulled into your street and you banged your hand on the dashboard as you neared your house, unable to speak as you were chugging back wine from the bottle in your hand.
“Here it is, Barb!” You practically yelled, a red drop of wine dribbling down your chin.
She pulled over and you took a swig of the bottle you were clinging to so desperately.
“i think you’ve had enough, hun.”
You sniggered and shook your head.
You pulled Barbara into a hug, unintentionally smooshing her face into your chest, her tight curls tickling your chin.
“Thanks for the ride, Barb. You da real MVP!”
“MV what?”
You snorted and pushed open the car door and stumbled your way out of the car.
“Will you be okay, hun?” Barb asked, leaning across the car as you swung the door shut.
“Always!” You slurred and took a step backwards, flashing barb the finger guns.
You leant forward and gave the car a good pat on the roof, signalling Barb to take off.
“Adios!” You shouted after her as she waved out the window and drove off.
You laughed to yourself as you stumbled your way to the front door, your heels in one hand and the bottle of wine in the other.
Opies bike was in his usual spot; dead centre of the driveway.
You fumbled with your keys and eventually pushed the door open.
The lights were on and you could hear the tv playing in the living room.
You dropped your heels by the door and staggered your way to the lounge.
Opie was sat draped across the sofa, a beer in his hand and his long legs stretched across the cushions. His head was resting on the arm rest and his long hair hung down the side of the sofa. He had one arm across his chest, holding his beer while the other was draped up across the back of the sofa, showing off his toned biceps.
“Did you grab some dinner babe? I’m starving.”
He didn’t bother to look up, he just took a sip of his beer and turned his eyes back to the tv.
You leant against the doorway, needing the extra support in your drunken state.
“I already ate.”
Opie frowned and finally turned to look at you.
Your hair was hanging loosely around your face and you wore a black dress. He noticed the wine bottle in your hand and from the way you were slouched against the doorframe he knew you were drunk.
“Jesus, (y/n), where have you been?”
“Could ask you the same question.” You took a swig of your wine and wiped your mouth on the back of your hand.
Opie turned the tv down and sat up, his face stern.
“I was at the clubhouse. Where were you?” His voice was firm, like he was scolding you.
“At the work dinner. The one you were supposed to be at.”
His face fell and he buried his face in his hands.
“Shit.” He stood. “Im sorry, babe. I got caught up with club shit.”
“Theres always club shit, Ope.”
He walked towards you and reached for your hips but you pushed his hands away.
“Im sorry, (y/n). I-“
“You promised.”
Opie sighed and ran a large hand over his face.
“I know, babe. But you know I gotta put the club first.”
“What about me, Ope?” You pushed him away and started walking to the bedroom.  “Ya know what, maybe Barb is right.”
“Barb? I thought you hated that crazy bitch.”
You gasped and turned back to face him, and he was taken aback by the crazy wild look in your eyes. “How dare you speak about my sweet angel like that!”
Opie sighed and shook his head.
“And whats Barb right about then, huh?”
“She thinks you don’t deserve me!” You yelled. “Thinks that you don’t treat me right.”
“Jesus christ, (y/n) I missed one fucking dinner. Its not a big deal.”
“Its a big deal to me, Ope!”
He stared at you, surprised by the anger setting through you.
“And its more than just one dinner Opie. I don’t even know how many nights Ive spent waiting up for you, cause it happens so fucking often!”
“You knew what you were getting into,” Opie warned, his voice rising to match yours.
You laughed bitterly and shook your head.
“I did, Ope. You’re right. I knew what I was getting into. But it wasn’t this.” You gestured to the space between you.
“We can talk about this when your sober, (y/n).”
“Pffft.” You took a swig of the wine in your hand, ignoring Opie as he watched you angrily, his jaw clenching.
“Will we, Ope? Or will you just stand me up again?”
He turned and headed back to the living room.
“Dont walk away from me!” You yelled, anger burning through your veins.
The volume of the tv turned up, tuning you out and steam practically shot out your ears.
“Motherfucker!” You snarled and threw the bottle of wine.
It collided with the wall of the hallway, shattering into pieces and the red liquid seeped into the carpet. You were too angry to care about the stain you knew it would leave.
You spun on your heels and marched to the bedroom.
You knelt by the bed and yanked your rucksack out from beneath it.
Then you tore around the room like a tornado, ripping clothes from hangers and from drawers and shoving them into the bag.
When you were done you slung it onto your shoulder and left the room, leaving a trail of scattered clothing and half open drawers.
Opie didn’t hear the front door open, and he didn’t hear it shut.
He didn’t hear your cab pull up.
He didn’t hear you leave.


“You gonna answer that, hun?”
You shook your head and turned over your phone, ignoring the call from Opie.
Barbara sighed and placed a glass of orange juice on the wooden dining table in front of you.
“Did you take a sick day hun?”
Barbara nodded, sympathetically, of course. She reached for her handbag and slung it over her shoulder.
“Okay hun well you know where to find me if you need me.”
“Thank you Barb.” You smiled at the older woman and leant back in the chair, twirling the glass in your hands.
Barb left the house, closing the door behind her.
You had been staying with Barb ever since you left that night. It had been six days and Opie had been calling and texting you nonstop.
You had ignored every one of them.
Maybe you were over reacting. But you were fed up. Ever since you had started dating Opie your relationship had been filled with empty promises.
You knew the club kept him busy and you understood that. You never asked him for much. But he spent countless nights away from home and he never seemed to care that you were alone in that house. It wasn’t the first date he had missed but the situation always ended the same. He would promise to make it up to you, but that promise would leave you disappointed just like all the others.
Only this time it was different.
You had no idea why you allowed him to do it to you, over and over. Each time with a new start, a new him, a new chance to leave behind the disappointment and the hurt . But you would stand in the middle of your living room in your best dress and your high heeled shoes, a hint of blush on your cheeks and you’d watch the clock above the mantel tick past and you would realise he had done it again. Your heart would sink and your anger would flare.
Never again.
You would vow under your breath. But how many times had you said that before? Too many times.
Did you mean it this time?
Barb had been kind in her offering you a place to stay. You appreciated it, but god that woman was driving you crazy.
She meant well and you knew she was only looking after you, but if you heard her say ‘hun’ one more time you might just have to smother her in her sleep.
She had never brought anything more modern than the 1970s. The walls were painted tangerine, except for the bathroom that was wall papered with a sickly floral pattern. The furniture was sparse and the furniture she did own, was covered in a sheet of plastic. There was at least one bowl of potpourri in every room. And she had cats.
You didn’t have a problem with cats. In fact you liked them.
But Barb had seven and you were surprised you’d even survived here for so long, as you had woken several times a night due to the fluffiest cat out of them all sitting right on your chest, staring you in the eyes with a look of death.
They weren’t even nice cats. They all hissed at you and none of them had let you pat them so far.
You heard a knock on the door and sighed, scraping back your chair and heading for the door.
“What’d you forget, Barb?” You sighed as you opened the door.
Only it wasn’t Barb.
It was Opie,
He raised an eyebrow at your appearance and lifted a cigarette to his lips.
Your hair was in braids and you wore an old fashioned night gown that hung down to your calves, with fluffy pink rabbit ear slippers.
Barb really was taking extra special care.
“The fuck are you wearing?”
You shrugged. “Don’t ask.”
“What are you doing here, Ope?”
“Came to bring you home.”
“How’d you find me?”
Opie took another drag off his cigarette and tossed the butt to the ground, crushing it under his heavy boot.
“I went by all your friends houses. When they hadn’t seen you I got Juice to track your phone.”
“Come in. I don’t wanna let the cats out.” You nodded and stepped back, allowing him to enter.
You had enough respect for Barb to not let her neighbours see you argue with a biker in front of her house.
He walked in and you led him to the dining room, and you sat in your previous seat and sipped at your juice.
Opie sat opposite you and reached for your hands.
“I’m sorry babe.”
You met his eye.
“I know I need to make more of an effort.”
You scoffed and looked away, knowing that if you looked into his eyes any longer you would break.
“Its just the club is so-“
“I dont care about the club, Ope.” You interrupted. “You know I love the guys, and I don’t mind that you spend so much time with them. I really dont.”
“But you cant keep standing me up. Especially in front of my colleagues.”
“I know babe.”
You sighed and twiddled your fingers in your lap.
Why was love so overpowering? You didn’t want to cave. But you loved him so goddamned much that you knew you were going to give in. Your love for him was blinding and you were almost as naive as the first time you’d had this conversation.
“I cant do this again.”
“What are you saying?”
“Im saying this is it. Your last shot.”
His face broke into a smile but you shook your head.
“I mean it Opie. If you fuck this up Im gone. And not just to Barbs for a week. I mean really gone.”
Opie nodded and slid out of his seat. He knelt in front of you and grabbed your hands, pulling you round to face him.
He cupped your face in his hands and pulled your lips towards his.
“I will fix this. I promise.”
You exhaled through your nose and nodded.
“Will you come home?”
You nodded.
He looked into your eyes and smiled warmly.
“You look like you joined a cult.”
You sniggered. “You think this is bad? You shoulda seen the underwear she left out for me.”
Opie smirked.
“Are you wearing them now?”
You bit your lip and lifted your hands, playing with your braids between your fingers.
“Im not wearing aaaanything.” You whispered.
A low growl left his throat and he pushed your knees apart, making you gasp.
He hooked his hands under your knees and you wrapped your arms around his neck.
He lifted your body off the seat and placed you on the table, his lips crashing down on yours.
“I missed you,” You moaned against his lips as his hungry hands roamed over your body.
You could feel his smile against your lips.
And by the way he made love to you, on the dining room table with all seven of Barbs cats watching, you could tell he had missed you too. And you could tel that this time,things were different.


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