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Steve has many annoying quirks.  Given the smallest opportunity, Danny will elaborate on them at length to anybody who asks - and even to those who don’t if he’s feeling particularly spirited.

The truth is, though, that Steve is as endearing as hell.  He’s loveable, loving, a jumbled up mess of vulnerable badass sweetheart, and Danny loves him deeply.

He’s also a complete and total goof in bed.  Oh, he’s great in bed - they’re great in bed, thank you very much - but once the show’s over, he turns into a hilarious lump of limbs, pleased as punch to be naked and satisfied.  He loves a good snuggle, and, really, Danny is more than happy to oblige.

“You’re a goof,” he says, smiling when Steve draws him in, closer, tighter, warmer.  Oh yeah.  This is some tip-top snuggling, this is.

I’m a goof?” Steve harrumphs, stretches out a kink in his back before relaxing back into the mattress.  “I’m not the one who told Charlie about my time-outs.”

“Hey!  It’s not like I gave him specifics.  What do you take me for?”


Danny rolls his eyes.  “Still, nothing.  I made it sound like I put you in a cardboard box in the corner for 30 minutes, not that I-”

“-strip me naked in 5 seconds flat?  Have your wicked way with me?  Cunningly use to your advantage the fact that I like a good catnap after sex, and if I’m asleep then I can’t be blowing anything up?”

“Well I don’t see you complaining,” Danny responds, poking a finger into Steve’s side.

Steve captures the finger, lifts it up for a kiss.  “Of course not.  I love my time-outs.”

Thank you for making this such a memorable year for me, guys. 😌👌🏼
Team Skull, derp for life.
It was cool because this silly act attracted enough attention for people to want to take pics and videos during and after! xD
I’m extremely thankful that y'all were down to do the escalator idea with me. So many of you came together, haha!

Hawaii Five-0 Boss Offers a 'Taste' of Steve and Danny's Season 8 Adventure
Here is something fun and different for Hawaii Five-0 viewers to sink their teeth into, as the summer hiatus winds to an end: the pie-in-the-sky restaurant unofficially dubbed Steve’s may take steps closer to becoming a reality during Season 8.
By Matt Webb Mitovich

During TVLine’s Fall Preview Q&A with Five-0 showrunner Peter M. Lenkov, we asked which interpersonal dynamic, given all the between-seasons cast churn, has been “popping” for him on the dailies thus far. And his mind immediately went to a tried-and-true twosome.  “The thing that’s really fun has to do with how Danny and McGarrett (played by Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan) have talked about opening this restaurant,” he said.

With Kono off to battle sex traffickers and Chin Ho busy founding a San Francisco branch of Five-0 as Season 8 opens (Friday, Sept. 29 on CBS), “A big part of last year and this year is talking about people’s legacies and what they leave behind,” Lenkov explained, “and [Steve and Danny] sort of start this side project” — related to the aforementioned Steve’s Restaurant — “which is a lot of fun for them to be doing.”

Of course, successfully opening up a restaurant is a daunting proposition even for business partners of like minds, let alone two guys with strong, oft-clashing opinions. So don’t go booking your reservation via Open Table just yet.

“It’s a longterm thing,” Lenkov affirms. “And who knows — the way they’re sort of going at each other, and given their different points of view with regards to building this business as something to retire into, it may never even happen! Because it’s just one hurdle after another.”

But in success, I suggested, maybe the stage can be set for a workplace sitcom offshoot that would cause less wear-and-tear to Alex O’Loughlin’s famously weary joints? “Yeah, down the road,” Lenkov responded with a laugh. “Many years down the road. Season 15!”

'Hawaii Five-0' Boss Teases Season 8 Reset
Following the highly publicized exits of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, Hawaii Five-0 is going through a bit of a reset. With Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua gone, the team has enlisted new members…

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Does it feel like Season 8 is a reset in certain ways?
PETER LENKOV: It’s weird. I’ve never been asked that question, but it’s interesting. Every year, we seem to always bring in somebody, we brought Jorge [Garcia] in and we brought Chi [McBride] in, Andy Lawrence. We’ve always expanded the family. I feel this is organic to what we’ve been doing every year. It just so happens that we’re bringing three people in. Ian doesn’t really show up until episode 7, so his arc starts a little later, but I feel we’ve been doing this from the beginning. Clearly, there’s a void with Chin and Kono being gone, but we’ve always expanded every year, we’ve grown the family. So I’m not sure about a reset, but it’s an interesting question or an interesting way to look at it, but I think it’s just organic to what we’ve been doing every year.

You guys mentioned during the announcement of their exits that the premiere would address Kono and Chin’s absences, but how is the team dealing with their loss in that sense?
There’s reference that they miss them and things don’t feel the same, but I think they’re also happy for them with what they’re doing. Chin goes and is basically taking that job, starting that task force in San Francisco. And Kono is following this passion of hers, shutting down a trafficking network, that’s become her legacy. It’s weird because when we shot that show, we were so affected by the charity that we were highlighting that it became, and I hate to use the word again, but an organic way to get Kono [out], because Grace was very affected by it, like her character, that it felt like a good thing that if she was going to do something with an extension of what she did as a member of Five-0, that it would be that. It felt very real, and it felt like it was something that Grace was very passionate about, which made sense for Kono to pursue it at the end of the season. But we do mention it, we do talk about it. It’s definitely going to be a part of Adam’s arc when he returns.

Does it take a while for what’s left of the team to readjust to these new people who come in? Is there an awkward new team dynamic at first?
No, I don’t think so because we’ve played episodes where a character would go away, like Chi had actually gone away, Danny every now and then goes away, Kono’s been out of a story here and there. So it’s not like the loss of somebody in terms of a death or something that’s permanent. This is more they know where they are, they know that they’re doing good work, and I think that there is a feeling of a loss, but I don’t think it’s that profound because I think that there’s always opportunity for those characters to either return, or at least return in their mind, in the stories that we tell.

Are you leaving the door open for possible returns?
I think as long as somebody doesn’t have a bullet in them and laying flat on a slab, there’s always that possibility.

What can you tell us about Tani’s background and how she’s going to be fitting into this group?
It’s interesting because if you think about all the people that make up the family, they’re all broken toys in some way. The opportunity to work at Five-0, or the opportunity to come together as a family, came at the right time in their lives when they really needed it the most, and Tani is very similar to the way McGarrett collected the team in the first place. This is somebody who was kicked out of the Police Academy, somebody who clearly could be a good cop if given the opportunity, and McGarrett comes to her when really she needs it the most and you’ll see why in the premiere. She needs it because it’s something to do with her family, but the opportunity comes and she says yes, and it’s very similar to when we picked up Kono and Chin and Danny in that pilot. It just made sense to collect another member who needs this opportunity at this time in their life.

Kono had been around for a really long time, but you haven’t had much luck with other women on this team, from Lori Weston (Lauren German) to Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) to Jenna Kaye (Larisa Oleynik). What is it about Tani that will stick?
We’ve had luck with Catherine. We loved her so much, but she was never permanent. She was a regular recurring for so long and I think we just told that story. I think for me, I was a huge fan of the character and love Michelle. What was the other character you were talking about?

Weston and Kaye.
That was always somebody that was going to — we weren’t even sure where we were going to go with that when we first… but I think, yeah, you’re right. We definitely didn’t have luck with that character. And with regard to Meaghan, she’s just great and I think the audience is going to embrace her right away. She feels like she’s been with the team forever.

Let’s talk about Junior. We know he has a military background. Does he bond with McGarrett over that shared service?
Yeah, he’s a CO also, a younger version of McGarrett. Where McGarrett is very much of a rule-breaker, Junior’s more of a by-the-book kind of guy.

Will they then butt heads?
Not butt heads, but I just think that they approach things differently.

You mentioned Adam coming in around episode 7 and joining the team, but how will Kono’s absence color his interactions with the team?
Well, you know, Adam’s involvement with Five-0 is going to be very different from the other members of Five-0. What he’s going to be helping us with is a very specific task, so he’s not going to be another member of Five-0 wearing a badge doing case of the week stuff. He’s doing something that’s going to be built into a big season arc for him. When we first see him again, he’s coming back from the mainland thinking that Kono was going to return with him to Hawaii and she couldn’t at that time, and I think there’s a little bit of him that wishes this was all over and they could be together, because they’ve gone through such a roller coaster in terms of their relationship. It would be nice to be able to stop this thing and just finally live their lives, but that roller coaster is going to keep going for a while. The Adam story is part of a big arc involving organized crime on the island. I don’t want to give too much because it will give away what he’s doing. And it’s not the obvious. Whatever seems the obvious, it’s not.

So he’s not going undercover for them?

What can you tease about what’s in store for McGarrett this year and how the radiation poisoning is affecting him physically and emotionally?
I think it’s interesting because that radiation poisoning, everybody assumed we were killing him off and it was like the last season, which was absolutely not on anybody’s mind. I just feel like it would be unrealistic, not like everything in the show is a documentary, but it would be unrealistic to diffuse that bomb and not be affected at all. I mean, he put a car battery on his chest to prevent him from being — he had the radiation poisoning, which will protect a part of your body but won’t protect everything, so it just made sense to actually have some repercussions to doing something like that. But clearly it shows that he’s mortal, and it’s going to affect his legacy of what he wants to do, maybe post-being a cop. Danny had talked about opening that restaurant, that’s going to be a part of the arc this season of them deciding whether that’s a real viable option for the two of them is to maybe have a retirement game plan in mind down the road. And could they tolerate each other outside of being cops one day and spend the rest of their lives together as close BFFs? So legacy plays a big part in this season as well in terms of what everybody’s doing and where they see themselves in the future.

So McGarrett gets a new four-legged partner?
There is a story that’s coming up. It actually was Alex’s idea that I thought was great. I wanted to do a story where the victim left in the wake of a tragedy was a dog who lost its owner, and it’s a very emotional, really great story. It’s a dog that’s a drug-sniffing service dog that McGarrett ends up adopting, and it’s a really emotional journey, but it was his idea to keep the dog and I thought it was a great one.

So we’re going to see this dog as part of the team?

What about for Danno? What are we going to see for him aside from that restaurant storyline this season?
Well, exploring his social life, exploring his relationship with Charlie, we’re going to play more of that. His daughter is now is in a serious relationship with Grover’s son. I mean, when I say serious, it’s just teenagers that may be more than a week, so that’s a big deal to him. His relationship with McGarrett is again going to be explored in their future plans. His relationship with Tani is a big deal. He’s the one that, in some ways, bonds with her very early on.

No, no, not romantically, just in terms of like just connecting as team members I guess. Mutual respect. They bond really early, and very much like McGarrett mentoring Junior, Danny’s got that kind of relationship with Tani.

What’s in store for Jerry now that he has his badge?
Just being a super cop. I think Jerry’s goal ultimately is to be able to carry a gun, which I don’t think anybody in their right mind will give him.

Rumor has it we’re going to see some big stuff for Grover that’s outside of Hawaii.
Yeah. We hinted at why Grover came from Chicago to Hawaii. We’re going to see more of that story of what got him to leave Chicago and come to Hawaii, a very emotional story for him. With Chi, it’s always great because he’s got such a rich family life on the show that playing Samantha, playing his son, playing his wife, all those things are really great and fun to write and there’s a few of those episodes this year.

Any big guest stars this season?
Yeah, we talked about Joey Lawrence, who plays the brother of Nick Jonas. Do you remember Nick Jonas was a hacker who was on the show years ago? So he comes back. There’s a couple episodes that he’s in. We’re building the arc with his character, which is a lot of fun. Claire Forlani’s coming back in a couple episodes. That’s a big thing for us. We love her.

Is there a romance there with McGarrett?
I think that there is definitely chemistry between them and the idea of leaning in that direction is very intriguing to us, so we’re thinking about it. Chris Vance, who played a James Bond-type of character last year, he’s going to be in the second episode this year.

What about Christine Lahti? There still seems to be a treasure trove of information to get from Doris.
Yes, well, we haven’t written the episode. There is an episode that we’re talking about, but it all depends on scheduling. But yes, I mean she’s definitely a part of our world still.

You guys always do a great Halloween episode. Anything you can say about what you’re planning for this year?
Yeah, this one is probably our more grounded and scarier episode than we’ve done in the past. It’s based on Hawaiian ghost stories and it’s pretty raw and pretty scary.

Are there any themes you’re exploring in particular this year?
Well, legacy. We always do family, the romance, beauty, loss. With Junior, there’s going to be a big run about loss. There’s not one particular theme, but there’s a lot of things that are very relatable to a lot of our characters, especially something like Junior and McGarrett who basically went through a very similar experience as soldiers and then having to return home and get their sea legs back. But loss is one of those that’s going to play into their relationship and how they connect with each other.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Hawaii Five-0' Boss Says 'We're Telling Our Best Stories' in Season 8, Addresses Cast Exits
Could Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park return? 'Never say never,' showrunner Peter Lenkov tells ET.

Welcome to the new Hawaii Five-0.

Following the abrupt departures of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, the CBS action drama kicks off its eighth season saying goodbye to Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua, and welcoming new regulars Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey), BeulahKoale (Junior Reigns) and Ian Anthony Dale (returning as Adam Noshimuri, Kono’s husband).

Threads were left untied for Chin and Kono in the season seven finale – the former weighing an enticing job in San Francisco, the latter on a plane to Las Vegas to right some wrongs and fulfill her legacy as a chaser of sex traffickers. Where both characters ended up are addressed by the end of the premiere.

“Chin Ho and Kono [were] really elevated because [Daniel and Grace] were so good as actors. They did a great job,” showrunner Peter Lenkov tells ET of Kim and Park. “The audience is going to miss them and their presence is going to be missed. The show is different. The dynamic is different. It’s almost necessary [that] to keep something going is to change things up.”

“At some point, you sort of feel like those stories have been told, and Daniel and Grace’s stories we mined so much because they were given so much work over seven seasons to do. We’ve told so many personal stories and gone to hell and back,” he continues. “I’m not sure in season eight what we would’ve done. In a way, it was organic to have a change of the guard.”

In an in-depth conversation, Lenkov talks at length with ET about the “rebooted” season, the new blood and why longtime fans have nothing to worry about.

ET: There were a lot of changes in front of the camera heading into season eight. What was your directive going into this new year due to the cast shuffle?

Peter Lenkov: It’s weird that it made news. If you look at shows that have been on the air for years, there are cast changes all the time, especially as you get into into later seasons. We’ve been pretty lucky to be pretty consistent with our main cast for so many years, so really, what I wanted to do was do what we’ve normally done over the years, which is keep adding and building the family. It just so happens that this year, we had two cast members leave. The characters that did leave, we acknowledge that they left. We talk about them. Emotionally, we’ve lost a little bit of ourselves because they’re gone. [Chin Ho and Kono are] very big in terms of the canon and the mythology of the show, but nothing’s drastically changed. Whether or not Daniel or Grace came back, we always had a plan of adding to the cast.

You mentioned that Chin and Kono will be acknowledged. What did you want to honor about those characters in the premiere?

We explain where they are. I’m not sure it would make any sense to not acknowledge them not being on the show, so we do very early on at least talk about where Daniel’s character is and then later, we talk about where Grace’s character is. We talk about them for a little while in the first batch of episodes. Their presence still exists and we still acknowledge that they were a big part of our family. We find ourselves talking about them every now and then, and it feels very organic. We’re not moving on as if they never existed.

In regards to how often, is it a matter of what makes sense organically?

It becomes a bigger deal when Adam comes back into the show, because we have to acknowledge the fact that him and Kono are not in the same place and why is that? So we start bringing her up again. I’m hoping one day that, after Grace spends some very good quality time with her family, maybe we could get her back on the show someday.

What are the realistic chances you see of having Daniel and Grace back one last time?

I never say never. I think there’s always that possibility. As long as they’re alive in our world, I think anything can happen.

In the premiere, Chin is revealed to have accepted the job in San Francisco leading his own task force and Kono is said to be on the mainland shutting down a sex trafficking ring. Were these endpoints where you envisioned these characters ending up at the end of the series?

Especially with Daniel’s character, Chin, I had always hoped that he would get his own task force one day. He was on a trajectory when he was in the police department as somebody who would be a leader. I think everything that happened in his life, losing his badge and getting it back, I always thought it would be nice for him to have his own task force and taking everything he’s learned under McGarrett and Five-0 to take that in a different state. That was always an endgame that was going to happen at some point, it just happened earlier when Daniel decided to leave. With Grace, [her] story is still yet to be finished so it’s still open for me.

You also have two new additions to the Five-0 task force, with Meaghan Rath as former police academy recruit Tani Rey, and Beulah Koale as ex-navy SEAL Junior Reigns. What is the new team dynamic going to be like?

They’re representing the next generation of the Five-0 task force. It was something we had always talked about: Add some younger members who, ultimately, as our characters get older and wiser and get to the age where they can mentor somebody, it’d be nice to have some young blood come in. They’re new to this. They’re well-trained. One of them was in the police academy, the other was a navy SEAL. They’re qualified and bring different skill sets to the table, and they’re enthusiastic and they fit in naturally in our universe. The way we meet them, both of them are in need of something like this – some kind of structure in their life. They’re a little bit like broken toys, very much like the original members of Five-0 when McGarrett was collecting them. In our story, McGarrett finds them at important crossroads where this is needed and welcome in their lives.

Earlier, you mentioned Ian Anthony Dale’s return as Kono’s husband, Adam. What can you divulge about how he returns to Five-0?

The idea is that he’s supposed to be returning to the island with Kono and for reasons you discover in the [seventh] episode, he doesn’t. They’re not split up. They’re just living in different parts of the world and Adam has to realize that his wife is on this journey and this journey is her legacy and she’s got to see it through before she returns to the island. Adam is very supportive of that but he’s got to move on. He can’t just be following her around. He’s got to start his own thing.

Danno has a line at the end of the episode, where he says to Tani, “Things are changing. I’d like you to join us.” Is that the vibe you want viewers keep in the back of their minds this season?

Yeah. I want them to be open to change. When he says [that], it’s the same thing you’re saying to the audience. The show’s changing a little bit, please join us. Keep watching. I think we’re telling our best stories and I’m hoping that people accept the fact that shows can survive post-two very important characters [leaving], but hopefully they will watch the show and realize that it’s the same show, it’s just growing and aging.

Hawaii Five-0 premieres Friday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

I'll Be Seeing You

Summary: "Brittany’s last thought as she drifts off to sleep, lazily tracing her sticky fingertips along Santana’s bare arm, is that the moon’s shining through the window, highlighting the room in silver- but all she sees is Santana in the beams.“ PREPARE FOR FLUFF

A/N: This story takes place after 5.13 and is part of The 50 Shades of Sand Brittana Vacation Fic Spectacular. Check the #Lesbowaii tag to read all the other great stories- there’s still more coming as soon as my other author friends quit procrastinating, hehehe. 

Thanks everyone for reading! Also, I’m apparently psychic. :D 


~for maximum feels, listen to the Billie Holiday song at some point

Steve/Danny + First Word Blues.

Alika’s first word arrives with the sun, one lazy Sunday morning in bed.  He’s dozing on Steve’s pillow, a tiny blanket-thief in the making, and then suddenly he’s wide awake, wriggling happily between the warmth of his fathers.

His round eyes are captivating, and Steve smiles down at him, grabs his little hand and wiggles their fingers together.  “Morning,” he says, luxuriating in the smile Alika bequeaths to him.

The baby’s attention shifts to Danny, enthralled as always by the play of golden sunshine in Danny’s hair.  They stare warmly at each other, affection filling the room, and Steve is just about to close his eyes when suddenly Alika gurgles, “Dadda,” as though Danny is the most miraculous thing he’s ever seen.

It’s a bittersweet moment.  Danny lights up like the sun, and Alika, sensing with baby-intuition that the people around him are happy, starts laughing gleefully, pleased as punch. 

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I love how people are freaking out about the universe wanting Stefan and Elena together as if it’s a bad thing for Elena. Acting like it interferes with Elena’s consent, which it clearly doesn’t, and completely ignoring the fact that even though its the universe that’s encouraging it, Stefan is still the better option.

Like are you going to go on an all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii that your boss wants you to take or are you going to sit in a feted dumpster for a week because it was your idea?