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Steve has many annoying quirks.  Given the smallest opportunity, Danny will elaborate on them at length to anybody who asks - and even to those who don’t if he’s feeling particularly spirited.

The truth is, though, that Steve is as endearing as hell.  He’s loveable, loving, a jumbled up mess of vulnerable badass sweetheart, and Danny loves him deeply.

He’s also a complete and total goof in bed.  Oh, he’s great in bed - they’re great in bed, thank you very much - but once the show’s over, he turns into a hilarious lump of limbs, pleased as punch to be naked and satisfied.  He loves a good snuggle, and, really, Danny is more than happy to oblige.

“You’re a goof,” he says, smiling when Steve draws him in, closer, tighter, warmer.  Oh yeah.  This is some tip-top snuggling, this is.

I’m a goof?” Steve harrumphs, stretches out a kink in his back before relaxing back into the mattress.  “I’m not the one who told Charlie about my time-outs.”

“Hey!  It’s not like I gave him specifics.  What do you take me for?”


Danny rolls his eyes.  “Still, nothing.  I made it sound like I put you in a cardboard box in the corner for 30 minutes, not that I-”

“-strip me naked in 5 seconds flat?  Have your wicked way with me?  Cunningly use to your advantage the fact that I like a good catnap after sex, and if I’m asleep then I can’t be blowing anything up?”

“Well I don’t see you complaining,” Danny responds, poking a finger into Steve’s side.

Steve captures the finger, lifts it up for a kiss.  “Of course not.  I love my time-outs.”

Thank you for making this such a memorable year for me, guys. 😌👌🏼
Team Skull, derp for life.
It was cool because this silly act attracted enough attention for people to want to take pics and videos during and after! xD
I’m extremely thankful that y'all were down to do the escalator idea with me. So many of you came together, haha!

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HOW did you end up in a drum circle with Steven Tyler ? your life seems so cool

Okay, story time:

There’s this place on Maui called Little Beach which is kind of a well-kept local secret. It’s right next to the biggest tourist beach on that side of the island but there are no signs so you have to just know it’s there and you have to climb over a pile of volcanic rock to find it but basically it’s like this weird little hole in the space-time continuum where the cops just don’t go and nothing is illegal. Here’s how I ended up there: My first week in Maui I met a guy (let’s call him Eric) at this bizarro hippie fashion show where people were wearing skirts made out of coffee bags that I went to with my boss (Hawaii is weird). I told him I’d just moved to Maui for the summer and he said “I’m going to pick you up on Sunday in my bitchin’ blue Toyota and show you around.” So he did, and we ended up at Little Beach, where most people around were naked and smoking weed and strumming mandolins and just generally carrying on like it was 1967.

 After about two hours of swimming and lying around on a picnic blanket drinking beer, I look down the beach and see this tall gangly vaguely Seussian creature approaching and I said to Eric, “That guy looks like Steven Tyler,” and he just laughed because about ten seconds later I went “Okay maybe because that guy is Steven Tyler.” At which point Eric explained to me that he has a house on Maui and hangs out there a lot. Anyway, he saunters across this by now quite crowded tiny beach wearing women’s flip-flops, blue toenail polish, and an orange sarong, and because the only spare patch of sand happens to be next to us, he and his henchmen spread out a blanket and he says, “Hey, will you watch my stuff?” So we’re like, “Uh, sure, Steve.” And he mills around for a while talking to people who are apparently old regulars and then as the sun starts to go down a bonfire gets built up, and then he and a few other people start banging on goblet drums and there was some fire dancing and juggling and so on. It was really fun and totally casual and sometimes I forget it happened because it sounds like something out of a Kerouac book, but there you have it. That’s the story of the time I ended up in a fire-dancing stoner drum circle with Steven Tyler.

I'll Be Seeing You

Summary: "Brittany’s last thought as she drifts off to sleep, lazily tracing her sticky fingertips along Santana’s bare arm, is that the moon’s shining through the window, highlighting the room in silver- but all she sees is Santana in the beams.“ PREPARE FOR FLUFF

A/N: This story takes place after 5.13 and is part of The 50 Shades of Sand Brittana Vacation Fic Spectacular. Check the #Lesbowaii tag to read all the other great stories- there’s still more coming as soon as my other author friends quit procrastinating, hehehe. 

Thanks everyone for reading! Also, I’m apparently psychic. :D 


~for maximum feels, listen to the Billie Holiday song at some point

I love how people are freaking out about the universe wanting Stefan and Elena together as if it’s a bad thing for Elena. Acting like it interferes with Elena’s consent, which it clearly doesn’t, and completely ignoring the fact that even though its the universe that’s encouraging it, Stefan is still the better option.

Like are you going to go on an all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii that your boss wants you to take or are you going to sit in a feted dumpster for a week because it was your idea?

Steve/Danny + First Word Blues.

Alika’s first word arrives with the sun, one lazy Sunday morning in bed.  He’s dozing on Steve’s pillow, a tiny blanket-thief in the making, and then suddenly he’s wide awake, wriggling happily between the warmth of his fathers.

His round eyes are captivating, and Steve smiles down at him, grabs his little hand and wiggles their fingers together.  “Morning,” he says, luxuriating in the smile Alika bequeaths to him.

The baby’s attention shifts to Danny, enthralled as always by the play of golden sunshine in Danny’s hair.  They stare warmly at each other, affection filling the room, and Steve is just about to close his eyes when suddenly Alika gurgles, “Dadda,” as though Danny is the most miraculous thing he’s ever seen.

It’s a bittersweet moment.  Danny lights up like the sun, and Alika, sensing with baby-intuition that the people around him are happy, starts laughing gleefully, pleased as punch. 

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