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H50 tonight was perfect.

I loved Danny’s sister and their relationship. I also loved that it was basically “Steve this is my sister. Sis, this is my husband.”

And then Bridget saying how much she’s heard about Steve and how Clara said he was a catch.

Seriously it was perfect. I loved it so so much. I love seeing more of Danny family and how they interact with Steve. Give me more of this please.

Another fantastic Hawaii Five-0 episode!!! This season is already a billion times better than season 6. I don’t have time to fully write out everything I want to say but Steve and Danny were in basically every scene together and their relationship was back to normal! The banter was loving and not tense. We’ve already gotten and “I love you”, a SuperSeal, and now a Caveman in just two episodes.

And it’s not just the mcdanno relationship that’s back to normal but the h50 group is better too. The feel the show is back to normal and I hope it continues.

The only thing I haven’t enjoyed is this whole “Catherine is the only one I ever let in”, “I lost Catherine cause of the job” thing that keeps coming up. It’s all bullshit. I have a feeling this might lead to them getting back together in the 150th and I DON’T WANT THAT!! Catherine is not good for Steve. She’s fucked him over too many times. They better not get together again.

Ahem. Anyway. I’m really enjoying this season so far. I hope it continues

Fake relationships is my favourite trope and I am what? Weak. So there you go.

Also called: Karen can’t talk to old people, and writes silly stories instead.

Danny believes that, in retrospect, he will find the whole thing hilarious. Chin certainly does, if the wide, closed-mouth grins he keeps throwing them is any indication.

If anything, Steve now has three new Faces, all of which cause Kono to make this really cute expression, all scrunched up and trying not to openly cackle in her boss’s face, so Danny’s choosing to count it as a win.


Here’s what happens:

What happens is, between the unnecessary explosions, car chases, property damages, and general disrespect of basic police procedures, the good Governor of Hawaii hasn’t been very fond of 5-0 lately. Sure, they get the job done, but then it falls to him to smooth the many, many feathers ruffled in the process. So when he strides into HQ at 8am, positively fuming, looking around the place with wild eyes, well, it doesn’t bode well.


Steve walks out of his office, eyebrows raised, face open, the picture of innocence.

“Good morning, sir. Can I help you?”

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