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It’s been a strange year thus far, in that I’ve been so caught up in work that the things I typically tend to most anxiously—friendships, dating, exercise, staying current with The Good Wife—have fallen by the wayside. Which is not at all to say that I no longer care about these core elements of my being (Jeffrey Dean Morgan is insanely hot; I shall never forsake him), but that the tension that usually surrounds them, the questioning, the self-doubt, the relentless uncertainty, all of that has fallen away. A welcome kind of stillness has settled around me by way of exhaustion.

I’m familiar with this myopia—it’s something I saw in my parents almost every day of my childhood from age 11 on, as they navigated the waters of being work-from-home business owners. At 13, while they discussed account management over dinner, I begged them to give us thirty minutes of each day untouched by business concerns. Even still, I noticed this same fierce penchant for entrepreneurship in myself as I grew up. I loved the challenge of building something out of nothing, I loved the rigor of standing unarmored in the world and demanding of myself that I find a way to make things work. I flinch to admit it, but I loved the risk, the danger, of being made so vulnerable.

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I could not be more excited about this post, because today, in addition to giving you this awesome body scrub, for the very first time I get to give you a tiny taste of what it feels like to wander around the gardens outside my childhood home on Maui!

This is a place brimming with the buoyant natural abundance of the tropics, a place where the volcanic soil is full of minerals that make everything vibrant, alive, awake to its fullest potential. Even the avocados.

I’ve spent some of my favorite moments on this island playing under the leaves of the shell ginger, diving deep underwater at the edge of Molokini basin, and wandering these carefully tended and deeply loved gardens. When I’m not out frolicking in the garden, I like to do something I did often as a young girl alongside my mom, a consummate aromatherapist—whip up crazy body products. This Cranberry Coconut Salt Scrub will have you feeling tropical and rejuvenated in no time.

Read the full post, see more photos plus the Maui-made fruit GIF, and get the body scrub recipe here.


A beach view of my new tail! He’s hundreds of hours of work with hand stitched scales!

Thanks to Coral Reef Wetsuits for the custom zippers!

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