hawaii design

When I was hiking with my friend in Kauai near Kalalau lookout, he told me a story about two giants fighting… and a giant rock formation in a valley somewhere was the head of one of the defeated giants…This image popped into my head after hearing the story and I had to paint it :)

I love kauai <3

As some of you know, I’m currently staying in Hawai’i for an internship! I met up with my animation mentor a couple days ago and he gave me a ton of art advice as well as advice for getting into an art school! One of the things he said to me was, “Your drawing diet for the next month is strictly animals and people.” Basically he was telling me that all I should be drawing from life are moving things. As challenging as it is to capture a moving object in one pose in less than 5 seconds, it really has started to improve my art–I see it now. My poses are becoming much more dynamic and ‘lively’. Can’t wait to keep working at it!

This is a doodle based off a sketch I did of a hula dancer today! :) (I really love Hawaiian culture, can’t wait to learn more!!)