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Re-watching Hawai’i Five-0...

…and man, the unrelenting sexual tension between this this guy

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and this guy

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I mean, damn! And I don’t ship, man. I. DO. NOT. SHIP.

But like, when they’re nice to each other it’s great–but when they fight? SO REPRESSED. MUCH TENSION. JUST KISS ALREADY. WOW.

Not to mention all the flirtatious language/behavior:

  • Danno to McGarrett: What are you wearing?
  • McGarret to Danno:  I’ll think about you the whole time I’m gone, Boo-boo (that’s a conglomeration of two lines, but YES he called Danno “BOO-BOO”)

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  • McGarrett to Danno: *removes shirt and/or pants at any opportunity*

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  • Danno to McGarrett: *complains about naked partner, stares admiringly*

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  • McGarrett to Danno: *does impressive, manly things like towing Danno back to shore in their stranded dinghy…which requires him to take his shirt off*
  • Danno to McGarrett: *refuses to admit that manly, impressive McGarrett is, in fact, manly and impressive* Why do you have to be such a Navy Seal? What is it with Navy Seals? You’re such a Navy Seal, Steven. Such a Navy Seal. *stares admiringly*
  • Danno to McGarrett: You look good when you clean up, babe. Nice suit/Dress blues/tux. Here, lemme fix your tie. 
  • McGarrett to Danno: You’re not wearing a tie! Just like I asked! *fond smile*

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  • Danno AND McGarrett, multiple times: *Interrupt each other’s attempts to sleep with other people*
  • Danno AND McGarrett, multiple times: Our marriage. Let’s talk about our marriage. This is my partner, Daniel/Steven. We are married.
  • Everyone Else: So how long have you two been married? / Hey, are you talking to your wife? (When McGarrett’s on the phone w/Danno)
  • I am not kidding. This is LITERALLY them. At couple’s counseling. Arguing about who gets to drive. 

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And Danny is just so SMOL AND ANGRY. (ง'̀-‘́)ง

And McGarrett is just so TOL AND COMPETENT, and loves his smol angry blond boy. (✿◠‿◠)

Ship sails its goddamn self, man. Sails its goddamn self.

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Awwwwweeee Joey and Daniel are so cute and hot together
I love it!!!
I wish I was there tho with my bæ (and a friend or two lol)


Can you just let them get together now come on 7 seasons of flirty banter and acting like a married couple , if Steve and Danny got together the show would get even more interesting 😉😉
Like send them on a mission together and then let the mission go bad they think there not going to make it out a live say they love you to each other go in for a hug but then accidentally kiss and then bam 💥 then and there they realise they love each other more than Just buddy’s
Wouldn’t that be amazing to watch 👌🏻

I fucking miss you. I miss your voice and how my head feels against your shoulder. I miss those simple moments when you’d just talk to me and how you’d actually care and I’d want to hear about your day too. I miss that. I miss when we were us. I miss when I’d be sure I’d see you and I miss worrying about how you’d hurt me. I really miss you. And I know you miss those things too. I know you miss me back. So just stop being a bitch and let me love you already.
—  Oko Ninjah (miss me back)
NavySEAL’s and Christmas trees

Danny: “What is this? Do I look like Charly Brown? This is a depressing twig that fell of the expensive tree!(to tree seller)

Steve: “Let it go Danny. I got a better idea. Save your money. I got you covered.”

Danny: “Whoa, wait! I changed my mind. You can’t do it.”

Steve: “It’s Christmas Danny. You and Gracie need a tree. You want a tree?”

Danny: “I do. I did, but not like this…well because this is a protected forest preserve, right? Because removing trees is strictly prohibited!”

Steve: “What do you see Danny? Lots and lots of trees. They are not gonna miss one. You know what I mean?”

Danny: “Wait! Whoa! Wait!” (too late…)

Danny: “I cannot believe you made me an accomplice to a crime.”

Steve: “A victimless crime.”

Danny: “The evidence to which is strapped to the roof of my car right now!”

Steve: “Danny, no one’s gonna know where this tree came from, all right?”

Danny: “You tainted Christmas. You know what you are?”

Steve: “Annoyed of this conservation.”

Danny: “You are a ruiner of Christmas. You are Scrooge.”

Steve: “Bah, hambug.”

Danny: “uh-huh. All right. Mm-hm. Okay.”

(Translation:Bah, hambug = I love you / uh-huh.All right. Mm-hm.Okay = I love you too.)

(Discussion is incomplete, taken from the dialogue from the show)