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Christmas Day With My Honey

Request: (Same jimin anon haha) can i also request a Scenario where you spend Christmas Day with jimin? Thank you again !!! ~~

I’m sorry this took so long but I wanted to wait to post it! I hope you like it in time for Christmas :)

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You woke up to the feeling of a finger poking into your cheek over and over again. You groaned once you were conscious enough to make any noise and swatted the hand away. You heard the sigh of an impatient Jimin and couldn’t help but peak at him. He was staring at you with a frown and his perfect bed hair sticking out in all directions. He scrunched up his face when he noticed your open eye and jumped on you.

“I saw that jagi!” Jimin exclaimed, clinging onto your body on top of the covers that kept you warm.

“Doesn’t mean I’m getting up,” you groaned under him.

“But… but… It’s Christmas…” Jimin said softly into your ear. You opened your eye again and couldn’t believe you had forgotten. You had been wrapping presents all last night since half of them were last minute. It was hard looking for things for seven different boys especially since one of them was extra special to you. You also had to get your family presents and other friends and you swore you were broke or at least close to it.

“Well, then cuddle me for Christmas would you?” you finally told him. You got a smile out of him and he slipped off the fuzzy socks he had put on earlier you guessed.

“I told the guys we would be over in an hour by the way,” he said to you as he let you wrap yourself around him.

“I’ll go in my pajamas,” you mumbled into the dark green sweater he wore.

“I also told them we would bring something for breakfast,” Jimin spoke quickly thinking it would make you less grouchy.

“You better get cooking then,” you answered him, keeping yourself from getting annoyed.

“Oh! C’mon! Let’s bake something together!” he begged you. You had finally started to open both eyes and you looked up at him from where your head was rested on his chest.

“You’re lucky I love you,” you told him before forcing yourself to sit up.

“Wear the matching sweater!” he said excitedly as you got out of the bed. He grabbed the other dark green sweater that was draped on the small chair in the corner of the room. He tossed it to you so you quickly changed right there. “Was that my Christmas present?”

You narrowed your eyes on him and shook your head but couldn’t help a small laugh from escaping your lips. “Hurry up or we’ll be late!” you rushed him. He quickly ran up behind you and picked you into a back hug but continued to walk with you in his arms until you reached the kitchen. “What should we make? I have plenty of ingredients from holiday cookies and pastries.”

“Cinnamon rolls!” Jimin cheered, putting his arms in the air as if he had won something.

“Yeah, we’re going to be late for sure,” you told him as you scanned through the recipe on your phone.

“Did I say an hour? I meant two. So, we have plenty of time,” he smiled widely.

You looked up at him from your phone and glared. He kept on smiling so you just decided to go ahead and get started on baking. You made sure that Jimin didn’t sneak away and even though some of the ones he rolled up were ugly you fixed it when he wasn’t looking

Once you had finished preparing them you slipped them into the oven for about thirty minutes. As you waited, Jimin put on some holiday music which you didn’t mind. He sang along to every other lyric and danced around you in a silly manner.

“Do you want to open presents here? I want you to open mine,” you asked him as you poured yourself a glass of juice.

“I thought you’d never ask! I want to open yours last though so let’s open the others first,” he cheered.

“Ok,” you agreed and joined him on the floor in front of your Christmas tree. He searched under the branches and brought out one big present.

“It’s addressed to both of us,” he told you as he read the label on top.

“Then let’s rip it open!” you exclaimed as you grabbed an opening of the wrapping paper from the top and brought it down with you as you sat back down, ripping the paper. The two of you opened the present happily and stared at a box and a plain one at that.

“I’ll get the scissors,” Jimin grumbled as he picked himself up and ran to the kitchen. You waited for him to find them in the drawer you threw them in last. He shuffled back into your small living room with the large pair of scissors and carefully began to cut the tape keeping the brown box closed. “Who’s this from anyways?”

“Uh… Your parents,” you answered as you read the name off of the ripped wrapping paper.

“Oh…” Jimin muttered as he cut off the last piece of tape. “If there are more boxes in here then I will cry.”

You got onto your knees so you could see inside of the box. You let Jimin move the tissue paper out of the way and gasped when you saw what was inside. “These are gorgeous!” you said as you pulled out the curtains from the box. You and Jimin had recently gotten an apartment together and you had been complaining about getting curtains for the longest time. “I love useful presents.”

“There’s more,” Jimin shouted as he grabbed matching hats and sweaters from the box for the two of you to wear.

“That’s so cute!” you beamed, taking the soft winter hat from Jimins hand. “Christmas is starting well.”

“Next gift!” Jimin declared as he rolled back over to the tree and grabbed two carefully wrapped gifts. “This one’s for you,” he told you as he handed you one.

You read the name, it being from an old family friend. You peeled away the wrapping and grinned at the pretty necklace in your hand. “What did you get?” you asked Jimin.

“Look!” Jimin said in awe. He showed you the large shark tooth and you just smiled. They lived near the beach so it was no wonder they got jimin something like that. “I love it!”

“Good,” you nodded. You then looked back over at the tree and lunged for the gift from your parents. It was another tapped box so Jimin went at it. When he finally got it open the timer for your cinnamon rolls rang so you ran to the kitchen. You took out the hot pastries and let them sit out to cool.

“Ok! Let’s see the the parents have sent,” you said excitedly as you looked inside. There were plenty of cookies and blankets inside and even more gifts once you searched. There was one for the both of you and two for each of you. You impatiently opened your gift and was happy to find some earrings you had been needing. Jimin had received plenty of socks and he was happy with it. You got to the shared gift and cheered when it was a toaster. Yes. A toaster. Ever since you had moved in together you had been lacking things and this was one of them. “Now I can enjoy toast.”

“Will you open mine now?” Jimin asked you. You nodded since there wasn’t much more to open. He ran back to your room and came back with two gifts.

“You got me two?! Jeez,” you chuckled as he put them in front of you.

“Three actually but you’ll see,” he beamed at you. You took the first gift and opened it, not knowing what to expect. You gave him a questioning look when you saw it was a pair of flowery sunglasses. He pushed you to keep on opening the gifts. You grabbed the bigger one that when you opened it it was a plain box. “I see the resemblance to your parents,” you told him, making him roll his eyes. He handed you the scissors so you could open it. You gave him another look when you found a medium sized suitcase within the box. “It’s cute but where am I going with this exactly?”

Jimin reached into his pocket and handed you your last gift. It was an envelope and you opened it, starting to wonder what it was. You reached inside the envelope and your eyes doubled in size when you saw what was inside.

“Are you serious?!” you jumped up in shock.

“Yeah!” Jimin smiled brightly. You tackled him in a hug making him laugh.

“You’re taking me to Hawaii?!” you cheered waving the plane tickets around in the air.

“Not until next year but yes,” he chuckled at your reaction.

“How am I supposed to give you your gift after this?” you pouted. “But seriously this is amazing!”

“I’ll love whatever you have to give me,” he told you reassuringly. You sighed and reluctantly went to go get your gift for him. For some reason the two of you had hid your gifts until Christmas.

Yours hadn’t been wrapped because you didn’t know how to wrap it. You brought out the white leather jacket and gave it to him. “Oo! This is really nice,” he said genuinely.

“Turn it over,” you told him. He looked at you in confusion but did it anyways.

“Wait… No way! You got it signed?! How?!” Jimin asked, excitement rising in his voice.

“I have my ways,” you shrugged.

“And you said your gift wasn’t as good,” Jimin scoffed. “I can’t believe you got Big Bang to sign it!”

“I know you’re such a fanboy when it comes to them so I had to.” Jimin reached for you and kissed you sweetly.

“Best Christmas ever,” he nodded.

“Agreed,” you nodded with him.


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