hawaii artist

PRAYorities:: Sleep, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Sunshine & Creation. (((Giving thanks for the divine guidance that has lead me to where I am in this N:OW))) Inspiration is EVERYWHERE here!!!
✨One road, cruising along the ocean waves. Distant islands on the horizon. I am my breath. Slowing rolling in and out as I breathe in the elements. I am all of creation. Reflecting myself in all vibrations. I tune in. To the creator. I remember who I am. Inhaling love as I fill my lungs. Metal bar in my chest. Yes. I remember my body. This vessel. This temple. My duty is to serve. To create and share my journey. The story of Tori. The pain, the paint and the glory! I am every color of the rainbow! Finding balance. Learning and growing each mOMent that passes. Making choices. I exhale blockages and B.S. (belief systems) that are no longer serving my divinity as creator of my own reality. I choose to use my chi. To channel visual creation. Flowering towards the light. My highest self. Trusting and following my heART! I open my sketch book and START.✨
Art and writing by: Tori Pope
(( @jah-feel))