hawaian style

Companions react to sole planning a beach day

Ooooh Nice one! I love it <3

Cait: She’d have a simple black two peice bikini and would probably go around squirting people with a water gun. She’d busybherself woth spiking random drinks.

Codsworth: He’d be sitting in the sand, just enjoying seeing everyone especially Sole having fun and enjoying themselves he’d also be enjoying the suns rays hitting his metal body. he’d help sole plate the food.

Curie: She’d be wearing a cute blue and white striped one peice and would go around trying to find different things like shells and hermit crabs. She and Piper would be filling up plastic cups with drinks for everyone.

Danse: He’d be stubbornly sitting in a chair under a large umbrella, he thought it was a waste of time to come splash around in the ocean but secretly he wanted to join Sole and the others since they seemed tp be enjoying themselves so mich. He’d be wearing a white tank top and some navy blue swim trunks along with a pair of aviator sunglasses. He’d be the one frilling, he’d love to frill the food and he’d probably have one of those corny aprons that said something like “kiss the cook”.

Deacon: he’d be wearing light pink swim trunks and black sandals and he’d be making sand castles with MacCready and also joining in some splash wars with Sole, Piper , Preston and the others. He’d keep playing around in the water since everything was pretty much covered for the bbq stuff.

Dogmeat: He’d happily run around the edge of the water and either roll around or try and follow Sole. He’d beg danse for some food when danse started grilling and he’d be very happy when danse would actually give him food.

Hancock: He’d be wearing some red swim trunks, a black tank top and suprisingly his usual hat. He’d be lazing around under a beach umbrella laid out on a large towel enjoying the heat of the day. He wouldn’t help much with the bbq stuff unless Sole really needed him, so he stayed on the towel untill everyone started eating.

MacCready: he’d be wearing green swim trunks and he’d be making sand castles with Deacon and also joining Cait in squirting people with a water gun. He’d help Curie and Piper fill plastic cups with different drinks but he’d probably help Cait spike a few drinks just to mess with whatever poor guy or gal gets the spiked drink

Nick: He’d be wearing a hawaian styled shirt and cargo shorts woth sandals and he’d be sitting in a beach chair because he really didn’t want sand or water getting in his parts. Once the bbq was set into motion he’d help corral everyone back to the groups little area so everyone can come eat together

Piper: she’d be wearing a red one peice with gold trimming and she’d be making sand castels at one pint with sole before filling up plastic cups with drinks for everyone.

Preston: He’d be wearing light grey trunks and he’d be mostly hanging out with Sole and Piper but also would be helping out people around their little set up if he saw that they needed it. Once everyone started the bbq stuff he’d help Sole hand out the food to everyone.

X6-88: he’d be wearing a white t-shirt and black trunks. He wouldn’t be happy to be there at all and would probably just sit on a beach chair with the most stoic look on his face which kinda scared onlookers. But when it was time to cook he’d help Sole out with whatever they needed. He would be in charge of making sure segals or dogmeat would take the food or eat it.

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