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I have never been a big believer in hair growth vitamins so I researched natural ways to promote hair growth.

After many failed attempts at gimmicky solutions like “GROW 1 INCH IN 7 DAYS”, “BIOTIN FOR FAST HAIR GROWTH”, ” THICKER LONGER HAIR OVER NIGHT” and the ever popular Hairfinity I chose to go another route.

Hair grows at its own pace and therenisnt much you can do to speed up growth but there are a few things you can do to promote healthier, stronger, thicker hair.

In my journey I found that Tea Tree oil is a wonderful way to stimulate your scalp and blood flow to promote hair growth.

Tea Tree oil can be used to remedy things like:

◆hair growth
◆ingrown hair
◆bug bites

Along with Tea Tree oil Shea Moisture’s Thickening Growth Milk has made a world of difference in my length retention.

I have thick hair that grows at a great pace but I find that the Tea Tree oil and thickening growth milk keep my hair healthy and strong enough for it to continue to grow.

As always I am a firm believer that you schould find products that work well with your hair. If you think that tea tree oil is domething youre interested in then you should try it!