Hamatora Christmas Headcanons

The Hamatora crew see Honey and Three celebrating christmas with the orphans and decide to read up on this tradition to see if its fun.

-Hajime learns about the food and loves it

-Birthday likes the whole “eggnog” and other alcoholic beverages part of it

-Koneko dresses up Master as Santa to try and bring more customers to the bar

-Murasaki reads up on the origins of christmas…and gets really into it. Oh and then he wants to make a christmas tree…

Christmas tree: they couldnt find the right type so they got some random shrubbery instead. They then fill the ‘tree’ with mismatched items each thought would be cool: birthday hangs a small hawaiaan dancing girl, Hajime has chibi-food items to hang, etc. To Murasaki’s horror (he was very keen on them doing this right) noone managed to buy a star and a star was essential…and then in comes Art, with a christmas star he bought for them (Nice invited him to the whole thing). Murasaki nearly hugs him.

Niceart and Birthrate bonus round: under the cut because this was getting long ^^

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